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Chapter 89 – Arrival at the Royal Capital

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Fenderson English Source: Re:Library

We enter the royal capital and arrive at the inn [Hikari]. Unfortunately, my heart is too unstable to afford to explore the royal capital right now.

We are greeted at the inn by a good looking young man with black hair.

「I heard from Alim-chan. Gabaina-san. Alim-chan left this here for you.」

And then, the innkeeper took out a ruby colored liquid.
Doesn’t look like a any kind of potion to me.

「I am in your debt. Uug. Uruto-san」
「No you should be thanking Alim-chan for telling me」
「By the way, concerning Alim, where is she?」
「Huh, you haven’t heard? That girl has gone to defeat the Manticore. At the earliest I think she may return by tomorrow.」

eeeh… but we can meet if I wait. Tomorrow we can meet.
…Alim might not be Arimu 1. I know this. But.. But..

Gabaina-san had The Hand-san drink some of the red potion.
And then, surprisingly, the moment The Hand-san drank, he jumped up!
This potion, doesn’t that seem dangerous?

「Hyaahaah! I feel good!? What in the world is this!?」
「Who knows. Alim made it, so it’s definitely not poison」
「Hm? That so. Ahh, is that so. Gabaina, I’m saved, thank you」
「What are you saying. Aren’t you my old friend? You should thank Alim」

Is this a man’s friendship? They are really good friends.
The Hand-san then thanks us.

「Margo, Gog, Mika! Thank you, for taking care of me」
「All… All I could do with rub your back…」(Margo)
「I as well, could do nothing to help…」(Gog)
「I couldn’t do anything either」(Mika)
「No, It’s all good as long as we are saaafe! And Ultr… uh, Inn keeper Uruto, thank you, I have suddenly imposed upon you.」
「No, no, don’t mention it. Gabaina-san, The Hand-san, you are both my friends」
「Yea, that’s right」

Huh, is that black-haired good looking young man actually older than The Hand-san and Gabaina-san?
They are both using more formal language. But they look like they get along.

The good looking young man with black hair, Uruto-san, asked The Hand-san about me.

「The Hand… Who is this girl?」
「We rescued this girl in the middle of the forest, also… It seems as though she has lost her memory」
「That so, then… you’ve had some misfortune. What’s your name? 」

I answer with my name.

「I am called Mika」
「I see, your Mika. Your face is almost a pretty as Alim. It would be good if you two got along」

If Alim is Arimu, won’t we already be on good terms?
Am I being presumptuous? I am sure we are really good friends, it’s not just me, right?

I have gone through so much, to be able to meet Arimu again. I must, must get my feelings across…..

Ah. Everyone has spoken like Alim is a girl.

Yes, while I was thinking this, my face showed sign of disappointment, and the people around me had a worried look, at that moment the door to the inn opened.

Standing in the door was an exceedingly lovely beautiful girl with red hair.



  1. 有夢 Alim’s original name in Japan
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