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Chapter 88 – Successful Escape

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Fenderson English Source: Re:Library

From the carriage, a man came down in a hurry and said,

「Hey, The Hand! I just got here. Now, get in the carriage! 」

The Hand-san stopped running, and gently let us down, then boarded the carriage.
As soon as he gets in the carriage, The Hand-san begins to moan. It looks like he is in some pain.
Is this the side effect of stacking? Margo-chan rubs the back of The Hand-san who is suffering.
The man says to The Hand-san,

「Hey, The Hand. No way, did you stack the same auxiliary magic multiple times? 」

To this, Gog-kun replied,

「Yes, Gabaina-san. The magic was stacked… The Hand-san said there was no other way…」

Apparently this person is Gabaina. Gabaina-san continues,

「But, well. I was surprised to suddenly receive a message saying 『Bring a carriage to the entrance of Hell Forest』… have you reported to the client?」

The Hand-san still seems to be in pain. He jerkily shakes his head.

「I see. Well, can’t be helped. Endure for now. I will take you to that girl, she will be able to relieve your pain.」

In response to Gabaina-san, Gog-san asked,

「That girl… is she the ≪ Heavenly Sword Girl≫? Can she relieve side effects? 」
「Oh, that’s right Gog. She is amazing. I will contact her now.」

≪Heavenly Sword Girl≫!?
That name totally stinks of 8th grader’s syndrome. (chuni)
After a while Gabaina-san said the contact was done, then said,

「Hmm, she has acknowledged me, but apparently she is busy right now. She will leave a potion with the owner of [Hikari] inn, so we will be going there. Be patient, The Hand」(source says Gabaina but it’s Gabaina speaking… I think it’s a typo and should be The Hand)

I ask Gog-kun what sort of person the ≪Heavenly Sword Girl≫ is.

「Remember the battle tournament we talked of before? She was the winner of the A-ranked section, and was promoted to S-rank… She is below the age of maturity, only being twelve years old. And that girl excelled at extremely strong magic and used a magic sword. That’s why she’s called ≪Heavenly Sword Girl≫. Furthermore, recently she protected the princess form an S-ranked monster, apparently she took it down in an instant. The Hand-san was there and saw it, they protected the royal family and she and The Hand-san where commended by the country. Already a living legend.」

At the same twelve years age as me… and already a legendary person… huh.
A really amazing girl is it. I guess a genius?
While I had that on my mind, Gabaina-san finally noticed me and spoke to me,

「Hmm? You girl, by the way, who are you? 」

Gog-kun answered in my stead.

「We protected this girl in the forest. For some reason she had fainted in the middle of the forest…. and she didn’t have any memories…」
「… yet again… something strange. By the way, girl, what is your name? Do you remember your name? 」

I replied with my name.

「I am called Mika…」
「Oh, Mika…. Mika? I think I’ve heard that name before… or it is my imagination? How old are you?」

He had a questioning expression. Is there another person named Mika?
Well, it’s probably in Gabaina-san’s imagination.

「I am 12 years old!」
「That so, then you’re the same age as Alim」

Alim…? Oh, I heard that name recently… where was it?
Was it from Gabaina-san?

「Umm… who is Alim?」
「Hmm? Ahh, she’s the one known as ≪Heavenly Sword Girl≫. We have worked together before. Since then we have talked a number of times.」

That so, so Gabaina-san can get in contact with her.
The Hand-san said that sending a telepathic message only works with those you have spoken to a number of times.

While I was recalling that, Gabaina-san seemed surprised and said,

「Speaking of which, Alim is also 12 years old and has amnesia. She received help in the middle of the woods. Twelve years old, memory loss, lost in the woods… So many points in common that it coincidence seems unlikely. Mika… Mika?」

Yes, yes, that’s it!
Right now, now, I remember!

Alim… Yes, Alim was his game username…
Same twelve years old, found in the woods without memory… Not being able to remember, the same deception as me…

No way, no way, Alim… am I dreaming…!?

Gabaina-san adds even more surprise as he answers his question.

「What’s wrong Mika? Mika… Oh yea, where I heard Mika. I remember! While working with Alim, she was sleep talking saying 『Mika』over and over. She also mentioned, mama and papa… and Kanata? It sounded like she was having a nightmare… Anyways, she was calling out like that… there is enough in common. And perhaps, Mika, you should go meet with her? Consider it.」

….Kanata!? …that’s the name of his brother…

He is in this world! My dream came true!
Aaaaa! God…
My dream, my dream again…!

I tremble with joy at living in this world, and want to cry, but I hold in my tears.

「Hmm? Mika, what’s wrong? Not feeling well? …. we are almost at the royal capital. When we arrive at the inn, you should lie down in the lobby.」

I feel like I am dreaming.
As we approach the large walls, I feel joy at meeting him well up within me.

The Hand-san seems to be anticipating as well. (???)
I can’t wait to arrive.


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