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Chapter 85 – Complicated Relations

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Fenderson English Source: Re:Library

We got up.
I am happy to get a good night’s sleep on a proper bed.

Margo-chan woke up about the same time as me.
She agreed to let me help prepare breakfast.

We made breakfast. Toast, salad, and soup
Margo-chan asked me to wake the other two up.
Wow, amazing snoring. Especially The Hand-san.
I woke the two up.

「Morning, Mika-chan」(Gog)
「Uuunnn…! I slept well」 (The Hand)
「Good morning! Breakfast is ready」 (Mika)
「Ou… that so… then, I’ll go now」(The Hand)

The three of us head to the table. Mika-chan is already seated.

「Morning! Gog! 」(Margo)
「Morning! Margo」 (Gog)
「Ou」(The Hand)
「Mo… tsun…」(Margo)

I almost laughed. She said tsun, with her mouth, she actually said tsun.
The two who probably heard yesterday’s conversation I had with the blue haired girl are desperately suppressing their laughter.

「Ma… Margo… your greeting… seriously… ha… your brother… haha… will get mad」
「Muuu~… Right now I am tsun! I am tsun at The Hand-san who doesn’t react to my marriage proposal! 」
「Th…That so… haha… is that so」

Gog-san is about to laugh. Isn’t this a little too much teasing?

We talk while seated eating breakfast.

「Today Mika-chan helped me!」(Margo)
「Hee, Mika-chan made the toast?」(Gog)
「Uun, the soup and salad. I made the toast.」 (Margo)
「Wow, amazing. Today I won’t need to worry about what we eat? Margo」 (Gog)
「Well, yea」
「Oh, hey, Margo, don’t lose to Mika as a woman, do your best」
「Yea… a, tsun」

It’s cute how she turns sideways and pouts her mouth when she says tsun.
Gog-san is resisting laughing while eating salad.
The Hand-san looks terribly amused.

We finish eating, close up the temporary home, and continue the survey.
So far in this journey, I talked a lot to Margo-chan yesterday, how about I talk to Gog-kun today?

「Gog-san, this morning you withstood laughing, right?」
「Ah, you understand?」

He replied with a grin.

「… I heard the conversation yesterday. Even though eavesdropping is bad.」
「It was totally audible. Can’t be helped.」
「That is the case.」
「But I was surprised. About the going in naked, I thought it was Margo’s hobby」
「Wont Margo-san be unhappy to hear that?」
「I don’t know about that. But, The Hand-san also heard yesterday, and he had a painful visage with a smiling mouth. Wasn’t it good that he heard it? 」
「Gog-san, do you know of a maidens heart?」
「What’s that?」

No good, this person. Even though his face is good… I can only say the face is good…

On the other hand, Margo-chan is continuously going tsun. Natural airheads…

On the journey a treant appeared, and Gog-kun and Margo-chan took it down.

Then, surprisingly to me, The Hand-san was yoshiyoshi patting Margo-chan’s head.

And then, a conversation between them begins.

「Tsun… tsun… uuuu~!」
「Hm? Why are you saying tsun? Then, I guess I should stop patting your head」

The Hand-san suddenly pulls his hand back from Margo-chan’s head.

「Because you only say tsun, I can’t rub such a daughter’s head, can’t be helped.」
「Uuu… I’ll stop with the tsun…」

Margo-chan, too simple minded! Obvious trick!
Ar-e, could it be, did I also look like a simple minded person to the others around me…

Speaking of which, when I was having conversations with Alim I get the feeling that the people around me were watching with grinning niyaniya expressions.

Hmmm, it would be nice to cherish such atmosphere before, even though I feel bad about the people that I’ve left behind… but I have already died. I guess, I don’t have to worry about it.

Then The Hand-san comes out that he heard our conversation yesterday.
Margo-chan’s face became as bright red as a lobster and she was extremely flushed.

「You… heard…」
「Yes, settle down. I understand your feelings.」
「Ee, then will you marry me?」
「No, this and that are different. You and me are separated by 12 years. You should marry someone closer to your age.」
「Age is unrelated! The Hand-san is good enough for me! Or could it be… The Hand-san you hate me? No way… do you perhaps prefer men? Is my charm that weak? 」

Gog-san bursts out laughing. That irritates me. I’d like to give him a good swift kick.
Oho, The Hand-san and Margo-san’s conversation continues.

「In any case, it’s not like you’re not important to me you know?
You’re immensely important. And you are a girl, right? But, I see you as family. That is to say like a daughter. What father marries his daughter? I’m sorry but right now… I cannot see myself… as your lover. Well… I do like you. Is that no good? 」

The Hand-san gently strokes Margo-chan’s head while saying very awkward lines.
Sure enough, Margo-chan melts. Her eyes look intoxicated.

Haa!? No way, am I also part of that group, am I also like that…….

The two’s conversation comes to a stop.

「Uuuu…. I understand… but, I absolutely, absolutely will make you see me as a romantic partner! Just wait for it」
「Aaa, I understand, good luck with that.」

Gog-kun apologizes, but he has a laughing face with tears in his eyes while doing so.

「Sorry, Mika-chan. We’ve shown you our family quarrels. Even though I protected it yesterday, we ended up showing you something strange」
「No, It’s all good.」
「About that, ever since the middle of last year, about every two months this sort of thing happens, she pouts.」
「Is that so?」
「Ah, that’s right. Usually, this is how The Hand-san usually deals with this, you know? Well, I think it is pretty funny. But…The Hand-san completely refuses… He always dodges by saying that she is like a daughter, you see?」
「Is, is that so」

S… surprising, this guy is seriously paying attention.

「Aaah, The Hand-san is already 28… and with his scary face, no woman will go after him. I think my sister is the only one that has ever gone after him… Furthermore, he has always always socialized with Gabaina-san, I’ve never seen him with a woman」
「Who’s Gabaina-san?」
「He is an old friend of The Hand-san. He’s also an A-ranker.」
「Hee, that’s amazing. By the way, Gog-san, do you have a girlfriend? 」
「I do. She’s pretty cute…」
「Ah, how nice.」
「Hm? That’s right.」

And then, well, today there wasn’t really anything else of interest.
I helped with lunch and supper, and I learned the『Cooking』skill.
It might be good to increase my skills this way.

Today as well, I imposed on Margo-san and used her room.


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