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Chapter 84 – Fist

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Fenderson English Source: Re:Library

The Treant attacks when The Hand-san approaches.
But none of the attacks hit The Hand-san.

Is he taking his time? He raises his arms in a fighting stance.

After two thrusts of his arms, the treant stopped moving.

「… amazing」

I reflexively murmur.
Indeed, the rank is different.

Are all adventurers so strong?
Seeing my surprised state, Margo-chan said.

「Hehehe! The Hand-san is amazing! That’s the power of an A-ranker! Although, I am still weak enough to struggle with a treant…」

As expected, people with high rank are strong.

The Hand-san rejoins us.

「How was it? Mika, this is an adventurer’s battle! 」
「A, amazing!」
「Haha~! Isn’t it? 」

Isn’t he quite happy to be told that it is amazing?

We collected the treant materials and continued the survey.

During the survey, we encountered a C-rank mantis like monster. The Hand-san clad himself in flames and defeated it by punching and kicking it about 6 times.

We went through the forest in such a fashion until it was evening.

「Alright! It’s ready! 」

For dinner, we had steamed vegetables and grilled meat with bread.
Delicious… I wonder if I will help cook tomorrow?

After I finish eating, I’d like to take a bath. But this temporary dwelling doesn’t have a bath, but thankfully it does have a body cleansing item.

I used it with Margo-chan. Seems it is fine to use it without removing any clothing.
Standing merely a few seconds in the magic circle was enough to feel refreshed like taking a bath.

I will be sleeping in the same room with Margo-chan. A spare bed has been prepared. I talk with Margo-chan.

「Umm, Margo-chan… sorry for intruding on your room.」
「Yea, Don’t worry about it. I’m gonna head out and sneak into The Hand-san’s room.」

Something surprising came out…a girl of age sneaking into a man’s room?
… I’ve also done it once before to ayumu so I can’t really say anything about what she’s doing…

「Eh, The Hand-san’s place… is it?」
「Right! My dream is to become The Hand-san’s bride! 」

Speaking of marriage! She mentioned it earlier.
Why does she like The Hand-san so much? I wonder if I can get her to tell me how they’ve met.

「He~, eeh… Oh yea, how did Margo-chan and her brother get to know The Hand-san?」
「…three years ago, The Hand-san saved us, we have been together ever since then!」

She says while showing a slightly pained expression. Something must have happened 3 years ago.
I am curious but I shouldn’t dig too deeply.
Let’s change the topic.

「By the way, what do you like about The Hand-san Margo-san?」
「Hmm, It’s hard to say everything… His face is scary. But The Hand-san is so kind… My bow you know? He bought it for me for my birthday. It was really expensive! He entered the tournament specifically to get money to buy it! 」

Amazing, despite having such a rough face, he’s pretty cool.
Margo-chan got super into talking about him.

「The thing is, that day, I was so happy, that I barged into his room right after taking a bath completely naked. I completely forgot to put on clothes.」
「Eh… naked…?」

Forgetting to wear cloths is a picture of a clumsy girl.
I could never imitate that…
No, that might be a good idea for Ayumu… I will have to think that over.

Margo-chan continues.

「Yes, naked! At the time I thought 『I can’t be a bride! 』. And then, my face was so red that I thought a fireball would come out… I was severely scolded over that… haha, but, I did receive a harvest.」
「A harvest…?」
「Yes. At the time The Hand-san hurriedly turned away. But his ears were bright red, and he appeared extremely agitated… hahaha, it is great that he sees me as a woman, right? 」

Certainly, Margo-chan’s face and body build are good. There isn’t anything awful.
However, if one goes before a man naked, wouldn’t most people act that way?

「Yes… that’s right. Maybe… But The Hand-san is ignoring your approach, right? 」
「That’s why at every opportunity I am saying 『Marry me』! Otherwise, he won’t notice because of his thick headedness! I am completely serious…」

That’s true. That is one way of showing love. She said it six times today.

「Hey, Mika-chan! Tell me what you think about this? Hey, hey? 」
「Oh… yes… but I think that if you say 『Marry me』 too often then it’ll become flippant, you know?」
「Become flippant…, what would be good to do?」
「How about being cold and hostile to him?」
「I see… cold and hostile, I will have to try that out tomorrow!」

With all that said, we finally went to bed late at night.

But you know, The Hand-san and Gog-kun are sleeping in the room next door.
This conversation, I wonder if they could hear the whole thing. Fufufu…


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