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Chapter 86 – Survey and Manticore

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Fenderson English Source: Re:Library

I wake up like yesterday, eat breakfast like yesterday, and we continue the survey.

Today, we encountered a D-ranked monster… a Treant subspecies called White Treant.
This subspecies seems to be stronger than normal and it has multiple monster cores.

The Hand-san defeated it instantly.
It died without a struggle and we got 3 monster cores.

There was also one B-ranked monster.
It’s the first time I’ve seen a B-ranked monster, it’s quite different from a C and D ranked.
It looks very strong. Still, is it inferior to a Manticore?

The Manticore is probably A-ranked. No, possibly higher.

The Hand-san fought seriously against the caterpillar-like B-ranked monster.
Mid-way through the fight his skin color changed to the color of iron, apparently it was a skill called 『Iron Super Spirit』.
Apparently, it increases offense and defense by making the body like iron.

The Hand-san’s fist blows were fierce, but he still got quite a few scratches.
Well, his wounds were healed with Margo-chan’s recovery magic.

In any event, high ranked monsters are scary.

Well, after that there was nothing particularly different about what we encountered and only ordinary D-rank and C-rank monsters came out.

The next day, there were so many D-ranked monsters~ especially, ant monsters.
Ants are still OK, but if a disgusting monster like a cockroach, centipede, or house centipede1 appeared, will I cry?

I asked Margo-chan if she was OK with insect monsters, after all, I don’t want to encounter them much.
She said the worst thing ever was a crane fly 2 monster.
Certainly, crane flies are gross. Their long legs give me the creeps.

The next day, the worst happened. Yes, there was a crane fly monster.
Margo-chan and I hugged each other in fear over those long and creepy legs.
I think I was in tears.

Still The Hand-san easily defeated it.
As expected, he didn’t want to touch it with his hands, and he defeated it by using shock waves from his fist.
That surpasses human.

The next day, nothing particular happened…
It has the calm before the store feeling.

The next day, this was the fifth day that I have been with The Hand-san’s group. The survey ends today.

We woke up and had breakfast and continued the survey much like how we had been the last few days.

So far today, mostly D and C ranked monsters have appeared.
Yes, nothing much has changed so far.

I think about an hour after finishing lunch?
Suddenly, we heard nearby a sound that didn’t sound like a person nor a monster.


What? At the sound, The Hand-san quickly stopped and ordered us to not make a sound.

「T… that voice, isn’t it a Manticore…!?」
「Ma, Manticore!? Is that true? The Hand-san」
「Why would an S-ranked monster appear in this forest… Ah, but three A-ranked monsters appeared at the same time that one time…」

As expected, the Manticore was an S-ranked monster.
In a concealed tone, The Hand-san says.

「Alright? I can’t beat a Manticore. I might be able to buy us some time… Anyway, just think about running away」
「Hey, do you think maybe the Manticore is the boss of the Myrmecoleon that Gabaina-san fought before?」
「Yea, there is that sort of feeling. There are lots of insect monsters and plant monsters in this forest, but no beast monsters. But there is the Myrmecoleon, a half insect, half beast monster.」

Then The Hand-san looks like he remembered something.

「… Oh yea, I had forgotten」
「What happened? The Hand-san」
「Six years ago, this forest had a lot more plant monsters」
「Eh, but we have only encountered insect type monsters except for Treants, haven’t we? 」
「Ah, what if the insect monsters were all born of that Manticore…? 」
「But isn’t the Manticore a beast? 」

In response to that question, The Hand-san said looking surprised.

「Yea, it certainly looks that way. But that guy is a half-beast and half-insect monster, you know? 」

Both Gog-kun and Margo-chan are surprised.

「Eh… what part, what part of it is an insect? The Hand-san」
「I’ve only seen it as a picture in a book, but it’s tail is that of a scorpion.」
「Then, is it really…」
「Ah, that guy might have increased the number of insect monsters. We need to contact the guild to get an S-ranked adventurer.」

Right, the four of us quietly escape in consideration of the Manticore.

As we were doing that, a crane fly monster appeared.
But, right now we don’t have time to be concerned about it.

However, it ignored us, and rushed to where the Manticore was.

It was too late when I had thought that.
The crane fly has returned with the Manticore.



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