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Chapter 83 – Fast Iron

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Fenderson English Source: Re:Library

I was taught a lot by the two. I was taught about adventurers, monsters, the royal capital and various other things like basic knowledge.
It seems to me that the best way for me to live in this world is to become an adventurer. Yes, I have decided.

「Thank you very much, ummm…」
「Aah!? We haven’t introduced ourselves yet! I am known as The Hand! I am the leader of the adventurer party [Fast Iron] and foster parent to these two! Nice to meet ya」
「I’m Gog. The one cooking is my twin sister Margo. Nice to meet you Mika-chan」
「I am pleased to meet you, The Hand-san, Gog-san」

I’ve met some good people. This is the best luck I’ve had in three days.
The probability of being able to live in this world has increased.
By the way, why are these people in this forest? I asked.

「Ah, about that, it’s a survey, a survey. The country wants to put a road through this forest, but there are monsters here, ya know? So, they have us doing a survey where we report how many monsters we encounter in a week.」

A survey huh, a job from the country, that seems difficult. These people have to be pretty capable to carry it off.
In our previous talks… he said A-ranked.

Oh, yea, what should I do from here on?
I can’t keep going as I had been, can I?

「Is that so… Hmm… what should I do…?」
「Mika, for the time being, come with us! You’ll likely die if you go alone. We only have four days left for the survey. After which we can take you to the royal capital.」
「Yes, thank you very much」

Seems they will take me to the royal capital. I am really saved. I can’t thank them enough.

「The food is ready」

Apparently it is now lunch time. This will be the first decent meal since coming to this world. I hope it is delicious.
Margo-san handed me something like a stew on a plate.

「Eat up, Mika-chan」
「I will enjoy it, Margo-san」

I slurped up some of the stew like food.
Delicious! Really delicious!
I’d never have thought that I would be so happy to have something good to eat.

「It’s really delicious! Really.」
「Really? Ehehehehe, you can praise me more, ya know? How is it The Hand? 」
「Ah, it’s good. Like usual.」
「That so! Then, marry me…」
「No, I said I wouldn’t」

I see, Margo-chan is in love with The Hand-san.
Well, The Hand-san said earlier that he sees himself as their parent, so he’s unlikely to do that.

I quickly finished eating the stew and bread.

「That was good! I thoroughly enjoyed that. Margo-san」
「Good, Good, it is best if it is delicious~, how is it bro?」
「Good as always.」
「That so, that’s good」

After everyone finished, eating The Hand-san resumed the survey.
I accompanied them.

While we walked, Margo-chan taught me about using a bow.
You can use an arrow like normal with a bow but in this world you can also shoot MP instead of an arrow! Did she say enchantment…?

Margo-chan gave me a bow.
The Hand-san gave her a new bow for her birthday, so she is letting me use her old one.

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… while practicing and being careful not to use too much MP, suddenly a message appeared in my mind.

【SK1 「Bow Skill★」has leveled up】

Oooh! Yay!
I told Margo-chan about it.

「Ah! You did it! 」
「Yes! 」
「But, using too much MP is dangerous. Pay particular attention not to run out of MP, okay? 」
「Yes, I’ll be careful」

After that, Gog-kun taught me some about magic. The basics of magic in this world appear to be attribute + skill name. For example, I can now cast water ball and fire ball. The next steps are emission, cannon, and finally Matchless.
The rest are recovery magic, support magic, and skill specific magic.

Also, magicians usually use a cane but Gog-san uses a transverse flute.
Apparently, they raise the magic power output.

After we walked in the forest for a while, we encountered the tree monster with a face.
I remember the pain I experienced from that trees strike.
So, I assumed a weary stance.

Upon seeing me, Margo-chan smiled and said

「Ahahaha, you don’t need to be so weary, Mika-chan. That’s a Treant. It is a D-ranked monster, and The Hand-san can defeat such a monster in an instant. Just watch! 」

Hearing that I watched The Hand-san
The treant traumatized me… D-ranked is 3rd from the bottom.

I find it quite scary, how will they beat it?

The Hand-san approached the treant.
But he had no sword, or bow or cane.
Looks like he has something like an American Boxing Glove, so maybe he fights with his fists?



Transverse Flute

  1. *aside note (footnote?)* Previously I’d translated their name ファストアイアン as Fist Iron, but my dictionary seems to say that ファスト (fuasuto) which I though sounded like fist, was fast. When I first read it, I thought it said “fist I am” **

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