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Chapter 80 – Different World

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Fenderson English Source: Re:Library

「Uuu…. mmm…..」

A-re… What’s happened to me?
Umm, I’m sure I remember giving a farewell on my smartphone, and then, there was a truck… …

Yes, I was run over.

… so, where is this? It doesn’t appear to be a hospital.
That was because this is the middle of a forest. First of all, this might be the afterlife…

No way, it can’t be? Am I really dead?
No… nooo… there was still so much I wanted to do… …but, what I wanted to do the most was with him… but, he’s already dead…

Ahh! Mother, Father, Sakura….
Tears flow down my cheeks.
Even though I was dead, my sorrow still remains.
It can’t be helped. I have already passed into the afterlife. It is alright to morn.


After crying for a while and calming down, I noticed that my height had shrunk.
In the first place, my hair color is light yellow green. Not black.
Does one’s body change when they die?

While thinking these things, a piece of paper fell on my head out of nowhere.

What is this? This. Something is written.
I read the paper.

《To you,
You are probably surprised from how sudden things have happened.
Unfortunately, you were run over by a vehicle on earth and died. But, I am very grateful for the care that you have always shown towards me on the roadside.
This is why I have saved your soul to the best of my abilities.

The name of this world is “Anazumu.”

In truth, I wanted to prevent you from dying on Earth, but unfortunately, I do not possess that sort of power… I sincerely apologize.
Thus, I have sent your soul to a different world. I hope that you will be able to enjoy your new life in the other world and attain happiness.
Here is an explanation of the world. Do note that I was unable to give you any particular special powers, I unfortunately do not have that kind of ability. However, you will have the ability to read and write the language of this world.
Also, if you close your eyes and think [show my status] you will be able to see all sorts of information about yourself. Well, this is something every resident of this world can do.
And lastly, some advice
In your original world, you were 16 years of age, but now in this world you are about 12 years of age. Incidentally, if you die in this world, you will really pass away.
Thank you, and please take care.
Genso Jizo》

Ganso Jizo…? Ah, must be that Jizo-sama in our neighborhood? So it really was a God.

In other words, that means this is a reincarnation in a different world, like in a light novel or web novel, right?

I see, so that’s why my hair color is different.

For the time being, it would not be bad to take a look at my status, right?
I said, 『Show my status』in my mind.

– Status –

Name: Mika Level: 1 EXP: 0
HP: 10/10 MP: 10/10
A (Attack): 5 C (Dexterity): 5
D (Defense): 5 W (Magic Power): 5
S (Speed): 5 STP: 10

– Skills –

[E(X):Fire Magic]Lv – [E(X):Water Magic]Lv – [E(X):Air Magic]Lv – [E(X):Earth Magic]Lv –
[E(X):Spirit Magic]Lv – [E(X):Healing Magic]Lv – [E(X):Strengthening Magic]Lv – [E(X):Weakening Magic]Lv –
[Sword Skill★]Lv – [Physical Fighting Skill★]Lv – [Spear Skill★]Lv – [Bow Skill★]Lv –
SKP: 10

I see, this is the status… Just like in a game.
By the way, what is SKP?

Is there any explanation anywhere?

When I thought that question, letters appeared in my mind.

【This is your status. You cannot see the status of others without a special SK or badge.】

That is all for my explanation. Please grasp your own happiness.
If you have any real problem etc., be strong and pray with me in mind.
At such a time, I will cooperate as much as possible.
By Genso Jizo】

As I thought, the whole explanation was from that Jizo-sama.
In the middle of the explanation it began to feel that way.

First of all, that’s right. I think it best to use the 10 STP on raising MP at this level and use a lot of magic.

I placed 6 SKP in [Fire Magic] and 3 in [Water Magic].

…this world. It would match up with him.
Concerning about him, I put my dark feelings away, we both gave offering to that Genso Jizo-sama, so it isn’t like there is no possibility that he could also be in this world, right?
For now, I guess I will make my goal to look for him.
Before that, I need to leave this forest.

I cautiously began to walk.

And then, I wonder if I have been walking for about 5 hours?
I saw a strange creature.
It was an eerie tree with a face.

The minute the tree noticed me, it blew me away with something like a vine.

I lost consciousness.


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