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Chapter 81 – Dire Distress

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Fenderson English Source: Re:Library


I woke up. Currently, I am in a bush that I was blown away into.
That tree… …eh? That tree attacked…
It had a face it must have been a monster.

It is already sunset. I guess I fainted?
In other words…I am suddenly close to death?

Oh no… …I cannot move rashly!

A sound chased after the despair of that thought. Yes, the sound of my stomach.
That’s right… food… there isn’t any food?

On the other hand, there are only trees around here, and I can’t find anything like nuts.

The worst, I am in the worst position.

There is nothing to eat. What should I do?
I try to use [Water Magic] to produce water. I wonder if I will be able to drink it.

Good. I was able to drink it.

I have managed to secure a source of water… but I have no choice now but to fill my belly with only water.

If there is a beast, it will be troubling. So, I decided to climb a tree to spend the night.
I’m very hungry. I wonder what I should do after this.

I woke up to a bad situation. What is it?
That tree is now wondering around nearby.
As soon as I became aware, I quieted my breath.
No way, why is this happening?
For how long do I need to hide?

My stomach is going to growl in hunger. But, if I make a sound now I will die.
I desperately cover my mouth and suppress my stomach.

It seems like the tree has now passed by.

But still, I am terribly hungry. But what could I possibly eat… there are only leaves…
But if I don’t eat anything, before long I won’t be able to move.
Then I’d just starve to death and become monster prey. Absolutely not!

I eat the leaves of the tree I climbed.
As expected, it was disgusting and was unappetizingly bitter. But I still eat it…
I put the dark-green leaves in my mouth and cry as a eat them. Uuuuuuu…

I got down from the tree, hid my breath, and slowly, slowly walked away.
Really, my only salvation is that I have water to drink. Without this, I…

While walking, I heard a sound. Maybe it could be a person.

I moved in the direction that I heard the sounds from.

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Was it a person? It was far from it.
It was a fight between that tree monster and an ant like monster.

Apparently, the ant is being hunted.
While I pondered about this, the ant seems to have won against the tree’s whip.
…the ant is stronger than the tree….huh. I need to be careful.

I move away slowly so as not to make any noise.

I walk forward. And I keep on moving. How long have I walked?
Actually from a bit ago, while walking, I started getting a headache, abdominal pain, and nausea.

I feel really bad… I am really hungry… uugh…

But, but, I can’t fall down here.
Maybe he is in this world. The one… The one I love…

I want to meet Ayumu, I absolutely cannot die! Remember: Alim Nariwei was originally named 成上(Nariue) 有夢(which is Arimu or Ayumu I think) depending on how its read

I walk. I push myself to continue walking. I continue to walk until evening.
I feel pain all over my body from that whip. I clime a tree to go to sleep.

Despite resting… my headache and abdominal pain did not go away.
I feel horrible. It felt like I would die.

Ah… I remembered a time I caught a cold, and he desperately took care of me…

Normally, he was stingy with money. But then he would say 『Did you buy medicine? You can drink this sports drink.』, and then would buy things that would be helpful for a cold with his money.
At the time I was extremely happy…

After that, he caught a cold from taking care of me.

… Right now, there is no one to take care of me.

Currently, the only things I can find to eat are leaves.
Awful, bitter, the taste makes me nauseous, I don’t want to eat it, but it can’t be helped.

Haa… this is horrible, my reincarnated life.

Today again I walk.
Because of how bad I am feeling, I moving pretty slowly.

In order to leave this forest, I single mindedly walk forward, one step at a time.

Along the way, I saw a monster, but I managed to hide in the brush until it passed by.

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My hunger, headache, and nausea are even worse than yesterday.
Damnit, this is the worst.

I continue to walk forward like that.
I found something.

It… has a human face, the body of a lion, and a scorpion tail… I’ve seen this from games, it is a Manticore…

And in front of it is a large tree.
The Manticore tore the big tree in an instant.

This is really bad.
If that monster finds me, I will really die!

I must escape. I hide under the brush, crawl while fighting my hunger, headache and nausea.

The fear of dying drives me forward despite my pain.

I have no idea how far I’ve come.
But, surely, this is far enough… with that small thought of relief, I loose all my strength.

The only things that I am aware of now are that I am alive, hungry, have a headache, and nausea.

I cannot move…
If I cannot move from here, does that mean that I am going to die?
No, no way! I don’t want to die yet….

Help me… it hurts… I am suffering.. Arimu… Ayumu… Ayumu…



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