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Chapter 79 – The Girl in Hell Forest

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Fenderson English Source: Re:Library

So… it has been three days since I attended the banquet at Mephirad Castle with a girl called Alim.

At the countries request, my party [Fist Iron], is currently investigating the [Hell Forest]. With me, The Hand, are my followers Gog and Margo.
Well, this is the first time I’ve received a request as an A-ranker.

The request is to investigate the monsters that appear in this forest for a week. This is wanted because they wish to establish a better road though the forest as a shortcut between Parukiini and the capital.

My bosom buddy Gabaina-san told me a scary story earlier about three Myrmecoleon coming out at the same time during his work.

Maa, even if something like that were to happen, I would make sure that these two got away.

Incidentally, that Alim girl seems to be the one who took care of the Myrmecoleons. At that time, Alim… was only a D-ranker. Amazing. Truly.

By the way, my two subordinates are both D-rank, ya know?
Both Gog and Margo are 16 years old. It’s not the same as Alim’s case…
In the first place, when I met them, they were already 13.

Gog is a wizard. He hadn’t learned any magic when I met him. Gog doesn’t use a staff, instead activates magic with a whistle. Well, that’s not particularly unusual.

Margo uses a bow and she’s Gog’s twin sister. She cried when she first met me. Now she is all grown up, and furthermore, has even the nerve to ask me for marriage.

Well, I don’t plan on doing that. Gog and Margo are like my children. What parent will marry their child? Being single is just right for me.

And that’s what I’ve said over and over… however, she’s probably thinking that I was being shy and is hiding it, you know? It is really annoying, seriously.

By the way, can you guess the reason that I was interested in the tournament and rank?
That’s, well, I was interested in the money and skill card because I wanted to give Gog a skill card and Margo a new weapon for their birthday.

Sure enough, A-rank is troublesome.
Furthermore, after the banquet Faust passed away, Alim and me where honored, and lots of things happened.
I in particular was so nervous that I could not speak well, but as soon as I was commended by the King, I was more relaxed and was able to speak properly. That’s what happened. It wasn’t as bad as I had expected.

Margo was desolate. Therefore, for the sake of cheering her up, I gave her a new bow as a present using some of the prize money. She cried and was upset about something in return. I just don’t get women.
Gog was quite pleased with the new skill and immediately allocated SKP. He then proceeds to practice until he was out of MP.

However, Margo was just being ridiculously.
I don’t ever want to experience that again, her breaking into my room completely naked. I thought my heart would stop at that moment.

I recall these things as we perform the request until evening.

Today’s outcome was 5 D-rank and 2 C-rank.
Of those, 3 D-rank and 2 C-rank were defeated. Margo dismantled them.
This request does not require us to defeat the monsters.
It is just a survey.

Gog leveled up. He seems to have used all his SKP in the skill, 『Explosion』 that I gave him.
Really, it’s good that the party members receive a similar amount of experience points.

We use a magic room as a quick dwelling that I carried in my backpack. We use it to prepare food, eat, and sleep.

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This time I made sure to warn Margo not to rush into my room.

「Wake up, The Hand-san」

I woke up to the sound of a voice. Did Gog come to wake me up? Ain’t he a good kid?

Margo is preparing breakfast.

「Ohh! Margo, you’ll make a good bride! 」
「Then… The Hand-san… and me…」
「How do you jump to that conclusion? I already said to give up! 」
「Puu~… darn」

Haaah, this is reaction is a real pain.
It looks like Gog was finding this hilarious. You know that I’m really troubled about this, right?
Certainly, Margo is good looking, has a good personality, and is good at domestic chores. But how many times do I need to say it? She’s like a daughter to me.

We put away our temporary housing and resume our survey. Yup, we need to seriously do our work.
Isn’t it good to properly perform our work?

When noon was close, I was looking for a place to set up a pseudo kitchen in an open area, It’s should be around lunch time already?

But… in that place… there was a person who had fallen down.
Gog was the one who noticed.

It was a girl about the same age as Alim, with light, pale yellow-green long hair.

「Hey, hey, Young lady, are you alright?」

Normally one wouldn’t find a person in the middle of this forest. When picking up the girl it was obvious that she hadn’t eaten anything in quite some time.

…her physique was emaciated.
What exactly happened to you? Who is this mysterious girl?


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