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Chapter 34 – Stoned

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Whatever Translations English Source: Re:Library

「Lilo! Muri!」

「Stop iiiiit!」

 Ruin and Orgo cry out. If they get hit, Muri would be unable to battle as she’s within the proximity, as well for Lilo………

  “She dies”

 ………Would I let that happen?

 I acted out as soon as the formation appeared.

 From behind, I grab a nice big stone and throw it at the demon.

 The stones flies like a bullet through the air______

 And hole the size of the stone appeared in it’s stomach. Looks like I successfully canceled it’s chant.

 Why didn’t I ue magic, it’s because I felt that I wouldn’t make it.

 I also had to adjust my power for it.

「Now! Ruin! Orgo!」


They were shocked for a moment, but immediately prepared their attack and magic.

「Well done Alim! Sword・of Eeeaaaarth!」

「Again, for Lilo……! Sword・of Liiiight!」

 They combined their swords.

 Orgo’s sword glowed orange.

As he swung his sword, he charged at the demon, compared to last time, this time his power is immeasurable.

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 Ruin’s sword is wrapped up in a white light.

 With his incredible speed, the demon received Orgo’s attack,while it was trying to get up, Ruin slashed at it.

 These are entirely different people. They must have used a ton of MP, but they are getting better at it.

 Orgo’s attack is heavy, while Riun relies on agility. So they kept up the pattern.

 They stopped attacking for a moment, Orgo launched an Earth Ball, Ruin chanted with his Light Emission.

 The Ash Dog collapsed.

 As I saw it collapse, I immediately ran towards Muri and Lilo.

「Muri! Lilo!?」

「It’s….okay…..I’m just… tired… of healing.」

 Her MP seems to be at 0. Lilo is still wavering.


「We….did it?」



 They are feeling relieved for defeating such a strong enemy.

 The village people came and started cheering for them.

「Thank you…Thank You…」

「Now, Carry them to the medical hut!」

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「You defeated..such a thing!」

「You guys are the heroes of the village!」

Voices of gratitude flooded them. Gizefu and Gerbera were also there looking concerned.

 Orgo and Ruin headed over here.

「That…….how do you say it……that was surprising……but…thank you, Thank you….. for protecting Muri and Lilo.」

「Alim….no. I won’t say it.

You saved us. Because of you…we didn’t lose anyone important. Thank you.」

Oh yeah. You guys went all out.

 But if I didn’t do that, Lilo would be in danger, so it’s fine if I don’t hide my power forcibly.

 As they took Lilo on a stretcher, Ruin, Orgo, and Muri followed behind towards the medical hut.


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