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Chapter 34 – Stone Throw

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

This chapter has been replaced with a new translation on [2024-07-10]. Comments may refer to the old translation.

“Lilo! Myuri!”

Ruin and Orgo yelled. If this Wind Emission were to hit the girls, Myuri also would no longer be able to fight, and Lilo…

“”She’ll die.””

…As if I’ll let you do that.

I started to move the moment the magic circle appeared. I left my hiding place, picked up a suitable nearby stone, and threw it at the Ashen Knight Dog with all my power.

The stone flew at ultra-speed like a bullet… and opened a hole as wide as the stone itself in the dog’s belly. It looked like I managed to cancel the magic circle.

Why didn’t I use magic? That was because I might not have made it in time with that. Incidentally, the power and control of throwing attacks1 depended on A and C.

“Now! Mr. Ruin, Mr. Orgo!”

They both were dumbfounded for a moment that I had thrown a stone, but then immediately got ready to attack and chanted magic.

“Well done, Alim! Land Aura – Sword~~!”
“I won’t let you hurt Lilo again…! Light Aura2 – Sword~!”

Both of them clad their swords in an aura.

Orgo’s sword was enveloped by an orange glow. He moved into range, readied his sword for an overhead slash, aimed at the Ashen Knight Dog, and then brought his sword down with so much force, it might split the earth. It was much more powerful than earlier.

Ruin’s sword was enveloped by a white glow. Then, he closed the gap with unthinkable speed, and rained down slashes3 onto the dog, which was trying to stagger back to its feet, after being hit by Orgo’s attack.

It was completely different from how they had fought before. They probably spent a ton of MP on it, but their movements and power were much better. The dog was assaulted by Orgo’s heavy attacks and Ruin’s speed. Then, for the finishing blow, they stopped their strikes, and cast spells. Orgo a Land Ball and Ruin a Light Ball.

The Ashen Knight Dog lay defeated.

When I saw that the dog had been killed, I immediately rushed to Myuri and Lilo’s side.

“Miss Myuri, how is Miss Lilo!?”
“She is… alright… I… used Heal… or her… a lot of… times…”

It looked like Myuri’s MP had fallen to 0 and she had been hit by the harsh backlash4. Lilo was still unconscious.

As for the two swordsmen.

“We did it… right?”

They were elated about defeating the powerful foe.

Suddenly, villagers closed in on the four of them.

“Thank you… thank you…”
“Bring her to the doctor’s hut immediately!”
“You defeated that… monster!”
“You guys are the heroes of this village!”

Those were the grateful and admiring voices of various villagers. Jisef and Gerbera also thanked them and expressed concern for their health.

While that happened, Ruin and Orgo turned to me.

“That… how should I put it…? That really surprised me, but… for now, thank you for saving Lilo and Myuri! Honestly… thank you so much…”
“Alim… you… Nah, I shouldn’t say anythin’. You saved ’em. We managed to finish it without losin’ our dear friends. Thanks a lot.”

Dang. I went too far, didn’t I? But if I hadn’t done that, Lilo would’ve been in danger, so there was no other way, right? There’s no real reason to hide it any longer.

The villagers placed Lilo onto a stretcher and, accompanied by Ruin, Orgo, and Myuri, brought her to the house of the village’s doctor.



  1. The original here is 投郷, a nonexistent word. It’s probably meant to be the word for “throwing attack”, but not sure what the proper kanji would be.
  2. Those are likely the “Nature of Earth” and “Nature of Light” spells.
  3. The original here is 連撃, most likely a typo and supposed to be 斬撃 (“slashing attack”).
  4. Looks like I was wrong in my comment in chapter 3, about the mechanic of stats being reduced when MP hits 0 never showing up in the story. Or course, at this point everyone has probably forgotten that it exists in the first place.
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