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Chapter 33 – Ash Dog VS 4 Adventures

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Whatever Translations English Source: Re:Library

I thought I was going to fight. But it seemed that it wasn’t necessary.

 From the looks of it, it seems the 3 of them have made it there.

「Hey, that was an abnormal sound……」

「Why is there an Ash Dog in a place like this? Muri, what about the children?」

「Earlier they have left fpr evacuation.」

「All right.Lucky that we were still here, but not really for tomorrow, huh. 」

「Still, aren’t we determined to win? It’s no exaggeration that this is the strongest demon by far that we will fight.」

「Yeah…..Everyone, please don’t be reckless.」

「Got it.」

 Is it so strong? It looks like I can go bare handed.

 After the villagers took refuge, I hid in the shadows to see the battle start.

「……It comes!」

 Muri yelled. Magic forms appear in front of the Ash Dog, directing it to the 4 adventurers.

「Wind Emissions!」

 It’s Lilo’s magic. It covers the Dog. At the same time, Lilo makes a signal.

「Go now!」


「Support Magic, go!」

 Besides Orgo, Muri chanted. Muri is applying support magic to Orgo. It’s reinforcement magic.

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 Orgo struck his sword towards it.


 Orgo got struck by the foot of the Dog.


 Muri quickly chants recovery magic. The blood stops, and some of the wounds close.

「Thank you, Muri.」


 On the other hand, Ruin seems to avoiding deadly slashes. He’s still pretty good.


「Leave it to me. Flame Emissions!」

 Lili released some magic.

It took it head on. But still won’t fall.

It moved. It reduced its distance.

Moreover, he seemed to recite Wind Ball.

It aimed for Lilo. She counterattacks with the same move.

「Don’t eat me!」

 But no one noticed.

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 That Lilo had a magic formation under her.


 Muri finally noticed and casted supporting magic towards Lilo.

 But the damage was too great.


 A storm radiated as Lilo was launched into the air.

 ….This is bad.Her HP must gone down considirerably.

 All 4 of them should be around level 20.

 But by just looking at the Dog, it’s obvious that it’s a higher level.

 Anyways, no one would blame her if she scared of dying. I can’t let her die..

 I gotta help quickly.___________


 Oh good, Ruin caught Lilo on time. Well, in a princess carry~.

 No, that’s not the case.

 Ruin has the face of a demon.

「Well done Lilo. Light Emission!」

 Hmm? I never heard that before.Light…light? A white magic light was deployed under the Ash Dog.

 It got hit.

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 ……Though it seems that it wasn’t enough.

 Ruin makes eye contact with Orgo. Orgo nodded silently.

 Orgo then immediately wielded his word at it. A way to cut off the enemy.

 While Orgo is distracting it, Ruin let’s Lilo off under a distant tree.

 Muri came and desperately chanted heals. Eye-contact?

 Ruin leaves immediately and helps out Orgo.

 He released more Light Emission, but it was avoided.

 The Dog bites Orgo and starts scratching him.

 The difference in power is obvious……

「Kuu!? Dammit!」

 As expected, he accumulated heavy damage.But still, Orgo keeps on fighting, he keeps going.

 Can I go in like this?

 So I thought. The Ash dog is really agile.

 ……This is terribly bad.

 Just from feeling the air, he’s going to release a powerful Wind Emission.

 But where is the magic formation?

 It wasn’t aimed at Ruin, Orgo or Muri, it was aimed under a tree, it was aiming for Lilo.


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