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Chapter 33 – The Ashen Knight Dog vs. the Four Adventurers

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

This chapter has been replaced with a new translation on [2024-07-10]. Comments may refer to the old translation.

I was about to launch an immediate counterattack… but it looked like there was no need for it. Maybe because they heard the howling wind, the three other members of Seinforce1 had already arrived there.

I shouldn’t get involved, I guess.

“Yo, I came because I heard that strange noise…” Orgo told them.
“Why is there an Ashen Knight Dog in a place like this!?” Ruin asked. “Myuri, what about the kids?”
“I asked Alim to have the kids and villagers take shelter,” she replied.
“Understood. It’s a good thing we’re still here. Tomorrow, we would’ve been gone.”
“Still, it’s not a sure thing that we’ll win, right?” Lilo pondered. “It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this is the strongest magic beast we ever fought.”
“You’re right… Everyone, please don’t act reckless,” Ruin told them.
“That goes for you especially,” Orgo commented.

…Is the dog this strong? As I am now, I could beat it barehanded, you know.

After having the residents take shelter, I was currently watching the fight from a nearby hiding place.

“…It is coming!” Myuri exclaimed.

A magic circle appeared in front of the Ashen Knight Dog, and from there a gale shot towards the four adventurers.

“Wind Emission!”

That was Lilo’s magic. It superbly struck the dog’s magic and cancelled it out. At the same time, Lilo gave a signal.

“I will be casting support magic!

Orgo and Myuri reacted to it. Myuri placed support magic onto Orgo. This was probably magic that strengthened him.

*Slash*… Orgo stabbed the Ashen Knight Dog with his sword.


Still, it looked like it also big Orgo’s leg.

“High Heal!” Myuri chanted healing magic.

The blood stopped flowing and I could see even from here that the wound was healing to some extent.

“Thanks, Myuri!”
“It is nothing.”

Meanwhile, Ruin slashed at the dog, but it managed to evade.
Hm~, his swordsmanship is pretty good.

“Leave it to me! Flame Emission!”

This time, Lilo was the one to cast magic. The dog was marvelously struck by the Flame Emission. Still, it looked like it was far from being defeated.

The Ashen Knight Dog moved. It took some distance from the four youths. Furthermore, it looked like it was casting a Wind Ball. Its target was Lilo. She also chanted a ball spell, and they cancelled each other out once more.

“Don’t underestimate me!”

However, there was something no one noticed. A magic circle had appeared at her feet.


When Myuri became aware of it, she immediately cast support magic on Lilo. Still, even with that, the damage seemed to be great.


At the same time as a gale shot out, Lilo was knocked into the air.
…This is bad. She probably lost a ton of HP from that single attack, since it hit her perfectly.

The four members of Seinforce were likely around level 20. I was never struck by an emission spell from an Ashen Knight Dog, so I didn’t know how strong it was, but judging from what I could see, it’s power was probably rather severe for someone at level 20.

At any rate, if she drops back onto the ground like this, I’m afraid she might die. I can’t let that happen.
I’ll quickly save…


Oh, great. It looks like Ruin skillfully caught her. In a princess carry, oh my~. No, this isn’t the place and time to entertain such thoughts.

“How dare you hurt Lilo…!” Ruin yelled with a furious expression. “Take this, Light Emission!”

Huh? I haven’t heard that one before. Light… as in ray of light?

A white magic circle expanded at the Ashen Kight Dog’s feet, from which a white beam emerged. It clearly scored a hit.
…However, it looked like it was insufficient to defeat the dog.

Ruin made eye contact with Orgo. The latter nodded silently. That instant, Orgo turned to the Ashen Knight Dog and swung his sword. He used it to keep the opponent at a distance.

While Orgo took the attention of their foe, Ruin placed Lilo under a tree some distance away. Myuri also rushed there and frantically cast healing magic.

Did they signal to stall for time, just with eye contact?

Ruin immediately left the two girls and went to support Orgo. He shot off another Light Emission, but it looked like the dog managed to dodge. The Ashen Knight Dog bit Orgo again and scratched him with its claws. This probably wasn’t as powerful as the emission spells, but…

“Gah!? Damn!”

It seemed like considerable damage was piling up, after all. Still, Orgo’s attacks also reached the dog, and I could see damage accumulating on it, too, little by little.

Won’t they manage if it goes on like this?

When I thought that, the Ashen Knight Dog made a conspicuous movement.
…This might be bad.

From the magic power in the air, I could see it was about to cast another Wind Emission.

But where was the magic circle? It wasn’t where Ruin or Orgo were, but under a tree. The tree where Lilo and Myuri were.

TL notes:
I did what I should have done for all the chapters after seeing chapter 22, and decided to translate from scratch instead of trying to build onto another translation that honestly has nothing to build upon, which, of course, is way too late since after this one, there’s only two chapters remaining from that translator.

Also, I might be wrong about the speakers at the start, I’m pretty sure about Lilo and Myuri’s lines, but it’s possible I mixed up Ruin and Orgo.



  1. It just says “three people had already gathered” in the original. I assume that means the other three members of Seinforce in addition to Myuri, who was already there, showed up.
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