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Chapter 35 – Medicine Production

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

This chapter has been replaced with a new translation on [2024-07-11]. Comments may refer to the old translation.

*Grind*, *grind*, *grind*…

I was currently in the house of the village’s doctor, grinding down medicinal herbs and making potions together with Gerbera. I had told her that I’d like to help. Of course, she gladly agreed.

In general, you made potions by grinding down medicinal herbs and scrubbing them in hot water. The herbs grew practically everywhere in this world, and depending on how you used them and with what technique, you could create powerful items from them. In other words, there were no higher quality herbs or anything, and the effects of the products changed only with the crafting method.

…It looks like I obtained a skill called “Medicine Production★”. That’s exactly the skill I need right now.

I immediately used 50 SKP to max out Medicine Production. I then evolved it into “True Medicine Production★★★”.
To think that I’d get my hands on the second “true” skill here, right?

For the time being, I allocated 150 SKP to max it out.
I still have 3840 left, so I’m not worried.

As a result, the speed at which I created potions was a world apart from a short while ago. This was unexpectedly fun.

*Grind*, *grind*, *grind*… Huh!?

Suddenly, I no longer heard Gerbera working, so I checked what she was doing and found her looking at me, as if she was seeing something incomprehensible.

…Why? Moreover, she’s mumbling something.
“A… a Great… Potion…”

Hm? Did she say Great Potion? Now that she mentions it, those three potions I just finished shine with a rainbow color. So, are they called Great Potions? Let’s appraise them.

“Great Potion”
-Status → Best
-Quality → Highest
-Value → Treasure
-Materials → Medicinal Herb
-Type → HP Potion

Completely restores HP. Furthermore, while it cannot regrow lost body parts, any injuries, no matter how big, will immediately be closed and fully healed.

Wow… this is incredible. No wonder Miss Gerbera is flabbergasted, right? I accidentally got carried away. Well, she saw it, so it can’t be helped! Let’s continue crafting them.

“I’ll continue making potions, so could you please give these to Ruin and his friends, Miss Gerbera?” I asked her, handing her the completed four Great Potions.

Hm~, she seems to be utterly out of it. Let’s try calling out to her again.

“Miss Gerbera? Miss Gerbera!? Could you! Take these! And bring them! To Ruin and his Friends?”
“Huh…? Y-Yes! Understood, Miss!”

Why did she suddenly talk politely to me? Well, whatever. At any rate, let’s continue making potions. That’s the way to go.


“Erm… Please use these.”

I held out the Great Potions that Alim, no, the mysterious girl, had given me, to the heroes of the village.

“Huh, are these not Great Potions!? We cannot accept such expensive and precious medicine. In the first place, why do you even have four Great Potions!?”
“She’s right, y’know, they say one of these sets you back four large gold coins, don’t they…?”
“True… To use the village’s important medicine… for a group like us. You cannot afford to…”

She was right. If these potions truly belonged to the village, I only would have given one to Lilo. In any case, one of these could completely heal even someone who was about to die.


“Erm… As a matter of fact, Alim made them…”

After a short silence, everyone, the villagers, the heroes, and even my husband, let out a yell.



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