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Chapter 32 – Moment

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Whatever Translations English Source: Re:Library

Good morning, right now it’s a nice morning.

 I ate breakfast, changed my clothes and went out for the day.

 The kids were playing with the bamboo figures I made yesterday. Even Muri is playing, that’s rare.

「Good morning! Muri!」

「Oh, good morning Alim-chan! I heard from the children that you have made this amazing thing.」

「Yeah, I was looking at falling leaves and birds….」

 Well. That’s what reminded me of dragonflies.

「Wow~ Who knew you had a talent for this Alim!」

  Let’s try to change the subject.

「Hehe ~! Thank you! Oh, by the way, why is Muri the center of recovery magic?」

「Oh? Well….Back then I was going to be injured, but then Orgo stepped in and protected me instead. In return he got injured. He still has that scar. Although it isn’t really visible, it crosses along his right palm. I have been focusing on healing to cure that scar thanks to Orgo, I suppose!」

 I wonder how Orgo would have felt. I don’t want to imagine him sad, but I hope he does his best.

 Crap, let’s change the topic again.

「Oh yeah! ……Do you perhaps like Orgo?」

「Oh…eh…Hah?!I mean….it’s not that I don’t like him. Huuuuh. Like a friend? But in a good way…wait….but…huh?…But also…..」

Oh? Did I hit the mark? What a cute creature.

「Is your face red?」

「Aaaah!, It because you said….that..I like…Orgo.」

「I’m sorry. I love you.」

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「Muu~…Please don’t make fun of me!」

 Muri is so pure! How nice! Lilo is cute as well.

 Everyone in SeinForce is between 17-18,Its pretty nice that everyone there are childhood friends

 ……Just like before I died.


 I really wanted to talk more about this.

But I sense something coming from the forest.

 Muri seems to have notices as well and is staring at the forest.

「Arim….get the kids away from here. Tell the villagers to evacuate..」


 I immidiatly go and gather everyone for refugee.

 This feeling…it’s probably one of them. The ones that I defeated in the dungeon. A dog with grey hair, Rank C, [Ash Dog]

 A roaring sound of wind was heard. It seems that the barrier was broken by him.

 And he’s standing right at it.


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