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Chapter 31 – Help with dish-washing

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Whatever Translations English Source: Re:Library

~2 Hours after practicing with Ruin~

「Alim, that’s pretty good! Guess I would have to overtake it now?」

 It was hard to act like an amateur. Really, really hard.

Well, let me say thanks.

「Eeeee……Thank you very much. I will keep trying my best!」

 一I heard that his sword skill is still level one. (T/N: is it hard to raise a skill level? maybe)

 I think it would be better to keep my mouth shut about that.

「Yup! Good luck!」

 He replied with a smile. Woah, my heart aches.

「Oh, Ruin and Alim in such a place. I was about to call you guys for lunch~」

 Oh, it’s already lunch time. Thanks for coming Lilo!

「All right! Alim’s practice has just ended. Shall we go for lunch?」


 We return to the chief’s home. Lunch was already in the table. Today’s menu looks delicious.

「Thank you for the meal, it was delicious.」

 As Orgo said, it was delicious. I become to appreciate the taste, it should have more salt, but it is still delicious.

 It’s a big point that two beautiful girls made it.

「Well, I’ll wash the dishes!」

 Said Lilo while she disappears into the kitchen.

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「Lilo – san, you said I was going to do it …..good girl, aren’t you?……」

 Gerbera mutters. Shall I help with something?I might be able to talk to Lilo slowly, about helping with dishes.

「Lilo! Let me wash them!」

I said.

「Huh?Is it OK? Don’t ask me!」

I heard her reply from the kitchen.

「You’re such a nice girl as well Alim, my own daughter didn’t help me much, she was always busy practicing magic..」

I mute again.

 While I was in earth, I cleaned a lot of dishes. I enter the kitchen and listen to Lilo

「Well, Shall I ask Alim to help me to wash the dishes?」

 No, I want to wash dishes. I feel like washing the dishes.

「I want to wash the dishes!」

「Huh? Alim, are you alright?」

「I am already 12 years old so it’s okay!」

「Is that so? Hmm?」

「Muu~ I don’t mind. How old is Lilo anyway?」

「Me? How old?」

「I agree. Isn’t is between 17-18 years old? Orgo as well.」

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「That’s right! All 4 of us are 18 years old!」

 While they were talking I was already washing the dishes, Lilo looked at me.

「Amazing, so fast! Awesome!」

 While I’m washing lets ask about more stories from Lilo.

「Hey Lilo. Ruin, Orgo, and Muri fight with a sword…does that mean you’re a mage?」

「Huh? Yeah, that’s right! I use magic!」

「What type of magic do you use?」

「Well, Wind and Fire are my main.」

「Wind and Flame?」

「Really,I can cast 2 attributes, some skill called the「Way of~」?」

 Oh~, so you have 2 attributes? That’s good, oh the dishes.

「Oh, the dishes are done.」

「Wow!, Alim is really fast!」

Well, I did used to wash lots of dishes back then.

「The story was fun!, I’m going around the village.」

「Okay, be careful!」

 As i said that, I left the house. But I had nothing better to do, so I made Bamboo Dragonflies for the children in the village.

 I did it quite instantly. I wouldn’t have known how to make this without the help of 「Creator King」.

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「Is this a skill you’re using? Amazing!」

「You’re amazing Alim!」

「It’s really cute!!」

 The way they are talking….Well, it doesn’t feel bad at all~.


 I came back for dinner, Today, it’s some kind of meat. It seems to be from the animals raised here. I suppose they also have livestock.

 I finished eating, took a bath, and went to sleep.


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