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Chapter 31 – Help with Dishwashing

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Whatever Translations / rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

This chapter has been replaced with a new translation on [2024-07-09]. Comments may refer to the old translation.

-Two hours after I had started practicing with Ruin.-

“Alim, your muscles are pretty good! You might even surpass me soon enough, right?”

It’s really hard to act as if I’m an amateur. Though I do feel grateful to him. Well, let’s thank him for now.

“Eh-heh-heh… Thank you very much. I will do my best to achieve that!”

I learned from sparring with him, that he was roughly around Lv1 of Swordsmanship. I definitely couldn’t tell him, that I had already surpassed him.

“Yeah! Give it your all!” he replied with a smile.
Uh… that makes me feel bad~.

“Ah, Ruin, Alim, that’s where you were. Lunch is ready, you know.”
Huh, is it already noon? Thanks for going out of your way, Miss Lilo.

“Oh, we’re coming! That’s it for sword practice, Alim. Shall we go eat lunch?”

We returned to the village chief’s house. The food had already been placed on the table. Today’s menu also looked rather tasty.


“Phew… Thanks for the meal, that was really good.”

Just as Orgo commented, it had been delicious. I was getting used to the finer taste, so I thought there was either too much or too little salt, but it was clearly very good. It being cooked by two beautiful girls was also an important factor.

“I’ll wash the dishes, then!” Lilo announced and disappeared into the kitchen.
“So, you’ll wash them, Lilo, even though I said that I’d do it…” Gerbera muttered. “You’re a good girl, aren’t you…?”

Certainly, they’d been making food for us, so I wonder should I help them out? If I help with dish washing, I might be able to talk to Lilo for a bit.

“Miss Lilo! I’ll help you!” I called out to her.
“Huh? Are you sure? Please do, then!” she replied from inside the kitchen.
“Aw~, you’re also such a good girl, Alim…” Gerbera muttered again. “My daughter never, never helped me out, since she was always practicing magic…”

Back on Earth, I’d been washing dishes as a part time job during the last summer holidays. For some reason, I always ended up with jobs involving dishwashing.

I entered the kitchen and asked Lilo what I should do.

“In that case, could you help me by drying the dishes after I have washed them, Alim?”

No, I want to wash them. I’m in the mood for that.

“I’d like the wash the dishes!”
“Huh? Are you sure, Alim?”
“I’m already 12 years old, so I should be fine.!”
“Is that so? Hm? Well, if you say so, I guess you are? With your height and all. You have quite a cute face, Alim, so I thought you’d be around two years younger! Sorry?”
“Uhm… it’s fine. By the way, Miss Lilo, how old are you and the others?
“We? How old do you think we look?”
“Erm… Maybe between 17 and 18 years? That includes Mr. Orgo.”
“That’s right, you hit the mark! The four of us are all 18 years old! Even Orgo…”

While I was talking to Lilo, my hands had also been washing dishes briskly.

“Amazing, you’re so fast,” Lilo commented when she saw that. “They’re all clean!”
“Say, Miss Lilo. Mr. Ruin and Mr. Orgo fight with a sword, don’t they?” I tried asking her. “Miss Myuri is a healer… so are you a mage?”
“Huh? Yeah, that’s right! I use magic, you see!”
“What kind of magic do you use?”
“Erm, I guess my focus is on wind and fire.
“Wind and fire?”
“Right! I may not look it, but I can use attack spells up until the Emission stage for both elements. Oh, you learn emission spells from “improved1” magic skills, you know?”

Oh wow, so she can use two Emission spells? That’s pretty good, right? Oh, I finished washing the dishes.

“Ah, I’m done with the dishes!”
“Wow~! You’re really fast, Alim!”

I wasn’t washing all those dishes in the summer holidays for nothing.

“I had fun talking to you! I’ll be walking around the village, then!”
“Alright! Take care.”

After telling her that, I left the village chief’s house. Still, I didn’t have anything in particular to do now, so I made bamboo-copters2 to give to the village children. Even though I shouldn’t have known how to make them, I was somehow able to craft them in an instant thanks to Production King.

“They’re flying with using any skills!? That’s incredible!”
“You’re really skilled, aren’t you, Alim?”
“You’re so cute, Alim!!”

The children exclaimed such things in high spirits one after another.
Such a reaction doesn’t feel bad at all.


When evening came, we ate dinner. Today, it was some kind of sautéed meat. I heard that it came from livestock raised in this village. So, there were also normal domestic animals.

I finished eating, took a bath and then went to sleep for the day.



  1. In the original, it says “you learn them from the ~manship skills”, as in “Swordsmanship”. Most likely a typo and intended to be the “improved” magic.
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