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Chapter 30 – Concerning Ruin

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Whatever Translations English Source: Re:Library

「 Ruin, whats up?」

 As I asked, he replied. “I’m worried”

「Yesterday, I heard that you were fine, but you haven’t left your room since breakfast, so I came here.」

 So I made him worry, I need to say something quick.

「No, it’s fine! I was cheking my status! Looking through it]

「Oh, is that so. But checking your status for 4 hours requires an explanation. Oh, by the way this is a common rule in an anime, but you can not easily tell people a status or listen to it? It’s personal information.」

「Yes! Understood!」

Alright, there is no way.

 Ruin sighed, he asked if he could sit down, i said okay.

 He spoke out.

「Hey Alim. What happened with your memories?It really isn’t hard to teach you new things if you want.」

「I really don’t remember anything.To tell the truth, I did not understand my face yesterday until I took a bath. It seems that I could live like this, but I really don’t remember myself.」

「Uhh….if you want….. You can head to the kingdom and have it examined, but if they can’t understand it, what will you do after?」

 I actually already decided that I would become an adventurer. Because it’s a fantasy world, it’s a must. I smile and answer.

「I’m thinking of becoming an adventurer. I asked Orgo yesterday. Aren’t you also an Adventurer, so then I will become one too!」

「Yeah … that might be nice. But … Actually I would like to invite you to my party, or I want to stay with you for a while longer, but by no means … there is a big reason why I can’t do it anyway. Sorry.」

Yeah, I thought that was the case. And here I was thinking about how to refuse it, glad that’s out of the way.

 I was saved honestly. Being alone is more convenient.

 Anyway, what’s the reason? I better not pry into it.

 Let’s change the topic. Maybe Ruin blames himself.

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 Should I listen to the history of the formation of Seinforce?

「No, I don’t mind.…By the way I’d like to ask you about the history of Seinforce!」

「Seinforce? Ahh, the 4 of us are childhood friends. We were all born in the same year. That’s why our party is for people. Since I also liked adventuring since long ago.」

「Amazing! I felt that everyone was in good terms!」

「Fufu,Understand?……Oh, could you have sword practice against me? Won’t you be an adventurer? Swordsmanship is very important, so why not have practice with me?」

 Well….are you the type that gets caught up on things when it requires strength?

 But I can’t refuse now.

It should be no problem.

「Is that okay? Come on!」

「Alright, good luck. Well, let’s’ head out!」

 We are leaving the chief’s house.

「Shall we head where there is no one around? I’ll give you the sword first.」

 This is the first sword I had held since then. Well. As expected, it’s not metal.

「We are here. I don’t really care.」

 We came to the back of the village and begun practicing.


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