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Chapter 30 – Ruin’s Concerns

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Whatever Translations / rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

This chapter has been replaced with a new translation on [2024-07-06]. Comments may refer to the old translation.

“Huh? Mr. Ruin, did something happen?”
“No, you’ve been so lively yesterday, but I heard that shut yourself in this room right after waking up,” he replied to my question with a face of worry, “so I thought I’d pay you a visit, you see.”

So, I unintentionally made him worry.

“No, I’m completely fine!” I hurriedly replied. “I was just checking my status screen! I wondered what it is. So, I looked at all the details, you know.”
“What, so that’s what you did. Still, to check the status screen for a full four hours, even if you’re looking at all the explanations. Oh, on that note, this is a widely known rule in Anazumu, but you mustn’t simply tell anyone about your status screen or ask them about theirs, you know? Because that’s personal information.”
“Yes! I understand what you mean!”
“Yeah, that’s a good answer.”

Ruin let out a single sigh and then asked me whether it would be fine for him to sit down, to which I agreed.

“Say, Alim.” he started speaking again. “How far do you remember things? Though you don’t have to tell me, if it’s too hard for you.”
“I really can’t remember anything. To tell the truth, until I took a bath yesterday, I didn’t even know my own face. I apparently know enough to live normally, but I remember nothing at all about myself…”
“I see… Say… maybe, just maybe, you know? If we go to the royal capital and ask at the town hall, and they don’t know anything about you, what will you do afterwards?”

As a matter of fact, I have already decided on that. I will become an adventurer. Since this feels so much like a fantasy world, I want to do that at all costs.

“I’m thinking of becoming an adventurer.” I replied with a smile. “I asked Mr. Orgo about it yesterday. You all are adventurers, aren’t you, Mr. Ruin? I also want to become one!”
“Yeah… that might be a good idea. Sorry… I’d really like to invite you to my party, so we’d stay together a bit longer, but whether I want to or not… there’s a good reason why I can’t. I’m really sorry.”

Hm~, I thought he’d invite me. Here I was pondering how to best turn him down, but it seems like that was unnecessary, wasn’t it? That frankly saves me some issues. Fundamentally, being by myself is more convenient.

At any rate, what’s that “important reason” he mentioned? It’s probably the kind where you shouldn’t ask. For the time being, let’s change the topic. Otherwise, Ruin might end up blaming himself. I best ask him for the details about how Seinforce was formed. They’re probably childhood friends, seeing how close they are. I also had a cute childhood friend, so I know that well.

“No, don’t worry. Incidentally, I’d like to ask you, how your party Seinforce got together.”
“You want to know about Seinforce? Well, the four of us have known each other since we were kids, you see. We were all born in the same year. That’s why we formed a party. We all loved adventures. Since a long time ago.”

Oh ho, so I was right. Should I call this a trope1? Well, for now, let’s reply to him.

“Wow, I knew it! You give off that kind of vibe. You all have such a good relationship, don’t you?”
“Hehe, you understand? Oh, that’s right, would you like to practice the sword with me? You’ll probably become an adventurer, right? Sword skills are very important for that. We need to raise your level a bit. I can also lend you a practice sword. How about it?”

Uh… if I do that and my strength is exposed, won’t I be dragged into a heap of trouble? That also happens in Dragonar Story, Quest Start, and in light novels I read before.

It’d feel like telling him to “leave me alone”, you know. At least from his perspective. So, I can’t refuse2.

I can just hold off3 using my stats and skills to their full potential, so it shouldn’t be an issue.

“Eh, is that alright? Please do!”
“Great, that’s the spirit. Let’s go outside, then!”

We left the village chief’s house.

“Should we go where there are no other people? Let me give you the sword first.”

Except for the Water Sword, this is the first time I’m holding a sword. Hm~. Of course, swords need to be made from metal.

“Great~, here we are. Then, please take a stance like this, will you?”

We went to the end of the village and started practicing.



  1. The expression used in the original is テンプレ (“template”) but I assume that’s what he means.
  2. I’m not sure about this paragraph. This is what made the most sense, but it might be wrong.
  3. The original is closer to “I can freely put them in (power) save mode”.
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