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Chapter 29 – Thinking Alim

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Whatever Translations English Source: Re:Library

Good morning.

 After I immediately got up, Gerbera called for breakfast,

 It was some type of toast and Hippo salad, delicious.

 Gerbera proceeded to bring out some clothes. It was the clothes that I was wearing since coming into this world.

 How did the blood stains get cleaned off, they look super clean now.

 Seems that there was a heart-shaped laf that they used that sucked up the blood, like a vacuum?

 I really don’t have anything to do today so i will look through the STP and SKP.

 STP6655・SKP5968, doesn’t seem to decrease, even a bit. Especially SKP. It’s impossible to run out.

 First of, STP.

All statuses are allocated to be 800. The rest is now 1250.

 I’ll think where to allocate the next 100. I’d like to prioritize S.

 Since I am familiar with it, I do it fast.

 Since it is the skill where it affects anything physical.

 Isn’t it amazing?

So, of this 1250, add 400 to S. The remaining is 850

 then ontoMP, C, A, W. (T/N: I forgot what they mean -(๑☆‿ ☆#)ᕗ)

 But can C be 150? Thanks to the skill extensions it is growing accordingly.

 There is 600 remaining. It’s okay to shake 200. Next is SKP.

 First of, let’s allocate 20 to 「Logging」to max it out. I would like to gradually improve the skills of these crafting skills.

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 「Logging」and 「Dismantling」, what would happen if they are synthesized.



Cost: 3 Demon cores Rank D

Synthesis conditions: Both skills are MAX


 It’s like I thought!

 This collection skill seems to enhance the effect of skills which I already possess.

 Immediately[Sampling★★]MAX。It is about 50 SKP.



[Sampling★★]=[Collection Master★★★]

Cost:3 Demon cores Rank C







Cost: 2 Demon cores Rank D Each


 It’s amazing. I want everything by all means.

 Life would be easier. Wow, really.

I got all skills acquired by evolution / derivation to MAX. I used 240 SKP in total. Collection master used up 150 SKP as well.

 If it goes the way of appraisal king, then it would turn into [Collection King].

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 Appraisal King is such an awesome thing. [Harvest King] should also be considered. Well then…let’s synthesize.


[Collection master★★★]+[Dismantling★]+[Mining★]


→Harvest King★★★★]

Cost: 5 demon cores of Rank A

   5 demon cores of Rank B

   5 demon cores of Rank C

Composition Condition: All material skills are MAX


 Amazing…..Without this, perhaps the cost of [Rainbow King’s Forest] would have been heavy.

 Now I can pay lightly.I decided to synthesize this.

【SK2 「Harvest King★★★★」Has been mastered】

 Let’s take a look.


Harvest King

★★★★ SKP:300/300

Lv1: SKP-100 ○

Lv2: SKP-200 ○

LvMAX: SKP-300 ○


 Well, it is already MAX

 Oh, I see.

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 It has been allocated more than necessary. So SK2 does not need SKP for synthesis.

 If “Composition condition” is different from the “Law” will the SKP of all these six skills be exceeded by [Harvest King] …?


 The [Harvest King] can grasp all what can be used for what, what to do, and where to collect it. Happy~

 With this condition, is not it also sewing and leather processing?

This is close too. How about that.


[Sewing★]+[Leather processing★]→[Creation★★]

Cost: 3 Demon cores of Rank D

Condition: Two skills of synthetic material are both MAX


 Yes! Yes! Yeah! Yeah!



[Creation★★]=[Creative Master★★★]

Cost: 3 Demon cores of Rank C



-[Creation★★]→[Stone Processing★]

-[Creation★★]→[Wood Processing★]

-[Creation★★]→[Leather Processing★]


Cost: 2 Demon cores of Rank D each


 Well? I don’t have Blacksmith, Cooking, Medications or something.

I thought it would be connected with [Creation], since they seem related. Is it something else?

 Well, whatever.

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 Now, let’s synthesize [Creative King]!!


[Creative master★★★]+[Decoration★]+[Stone Processing★]

+[Wood Processing★]+[Leather Processing★]+[Sewing★]

→[Creator King★★★★]

Cost: 5 demon cores of Rank A

   5 demon cores of Rank B

   5 demon cores of Rank C

Composition Condition: All material skills are MAX


【SK2 「Creator King★★★★」Has been masted】

 I did it! The King of 3! These 3……What would happen if you synthesize them?

 Let’s try it!


・This composition is special.

・Conditions met because of required skills


 Huh!? Is it!?

 What can I do……?


[Harvest King★★★★]+

[Creator King★★★★]+

[Appraisal King★★★★]


Cost: 1 Demon cor of Rank SS

    1 Demon core of Rank S

    5 Demon cores of Rank A

Synthesis conditions: Skill of all materials MAX

The following skills are insufficient for this synthesis.









Please synthesize at least four of these additionally.



 Can you do something amazing? This pleasure. I can pay it all.

 But,Truth??What is it?

 Could it be Cooking, Blacksmithing or Medication?

 Is it a special skill? Because synthesis of skills should have been fundamentally infinite. Certainly it’s exceptional.

 Cuisine, MAX should I try it? It is possible to make something.

 I made cooking MAX.



Cost: 2 Demon cores of Rank C

 SKP150 to allocate.

 With this, [Truth・??] has revealed 1. 3 more to go.

 It has consumed 730 so far. 5238 remaining.

 Next, I want a sword related skill.

 It’s going to be my main weapon. So let’s allocate 105 SKP to [Sword Path]

 [Sword Path★★]into [Great SwordEvolution – 3 demon cores Rank C.

 Since MAX was SKP 200, it was immediately to MAX. But it seems it can’t evolve further

 But it’s not over yet.

 Forcibly do it? Would I get a whole new skill? Or will it absorb it? I won’t know if i don’t try.


[Harvest King★★★★]+Creator King★★★★]+

[Appraisal King★★★★]+[Truth・Cuisine★★★]+

[Spear technique★]+[Bow Technique★]+[Physical skill★]+

[Gender Conversion★★★]+[Great Sword★★★]

→[Sword of Justice★★★★]

Cost: 1 Demon core Rank S

   4 Demon cores Rank A

   5 Demon cores Rank B


 It’s gorgeous. I forcibly did it and raised the skill rank.

 I did it. You could do something like this. It’s probably the correct combination? Tehepero.

 [Sword of Justice] needed 400 SKP. But it doesn’t matter.

 Because I still have 4638 SKP left over.

 Oh, [Thunder Arts ・ Reform] also does something.

 [Thunder Arts ・ Reform] into [Thunder Arts ・ Truth], Rank C, huh.150 SKP required. Lifetime 4490. Even if you use 150, 4340. No problem.

  [Thunder Arts ・ Truth] into [Thunder Arts ・ Extreme], A Rank this time。Cost about 300 SKP

 It’s MAX now, But it won’t evolve anymore, is this fine?

 I still have ⅔ left of SKP. Well, until next time.


 Close Status. There is a sudden knock on my door.

「Here you go.」

 I let the person in. It was Ruin, leader of Seinforce.


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