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Chapter 29 – Alim Ponders – 3

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Whatever Translations / rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

This chapter has been replaced with a new translation on [2024-07-06]. Comments may refer to the old translation.

Good morning.

Right after I woke up, I was called by Jisef’s wife, Gerbera, for breakfast. She had prepared something like toast and Caba salad. It was delicious.

Then, she came holding a set of clothes. Those were the clothes I’d been wearing, when I arrived in this world. I wasn’t sure how, but the clothes, which should’ve been covered in blood, were now pretty and clean. When I thanked her and asked about it, she told me that she put in those heart-shaped leaves, when she did the laundry, which had the ability to absorb blood1. They were rather useful.

I didn’t have anything special to do today, so I decided to stay in the house and use the morning to allocate my STP and SKP.

So far, I haven’t used2 any of those 6655 STP and 5968 SKP. Especially for my SKP, it wouldn’t be smart to use up all of them, you know. Let’s allocate just as many points as I think are necessary and leave as many as possible.

First of all, SKP. Let’s allocate them in a way, all stats have a bonus of 800. This leaves me with 1250 points.

Next, I’ll think about where to invest them in steps of 100 points each. I guess I should prioritize S. That’s because I’m super familiar with what quickness does. It affects everything from kinetic vision, attacking and evading, number of moves to movement speed and crafting speed, you see! Isn’t it amazing? So, I’ll add 400 of those 1250 points to S. That leaves 850.

Let’s allocate those points to MP, C, A, and W. Still, would it be best to invest only 150 in C? It has been increased due to some skill bonuses. That leaves 6003. Well, I’ll just allocate 200 points to each of the other three stats.

Then, SKP is next.

First of all, I’ll raise “Logging” to max level. I want to gradually increase the number of crafting skills I have, you know. Come to think of it, Appraisal King is a skill that combines lots of other skills. I wonder what would happen if I were to synthesize “Logging” and “Dismantling”.

[Logging★] + [Dismantling★] → [Harvesting★★] 

Cost: 3 D-Rank magic cores

Synthesis requirement: Both skills are at max level.

Woah! It’s just as I thought.

This skill called “Harvesting” apparently increased the effect that skills related to harvesting already had. I immediately brought [Harvesting★★] to max level. It required 50 SKP.

[Harvesting★★] = [Harvest Master★★★] 

Cost: 3 C-Rank magic cores

[Harvesting★★] → [Dismantling★] (acquired)
[Harvesting★★] → [Mining★] [Harvesting★★] → [Logging★] (acquired)
[Harvesting★★] → [Agriculture★] 
[Harvesting★★] → [Fishing★] 

Cost: 2 D-Rank magic cores per skill

This is amazing. I want all of them, no matter what it takes. They’ll make my life a lot easier, won’t they? It’s seriously amazing.

I obtained all the skills from evolution and derivation, and brought them to max level. It consumed a total of 240 SKP. 150 of those points were for Harvest Master.

If it follows the example of Appraisal King, synthesizing all of them should produce Harvest King. Appraisal King is an amazing skill. I expect Harvest King to be equivalent to it. Then… let’s try synthesizing them.

[Harvest Master★★★] + [Dismantling★] + [Mining★] + [Logging★] + [Agriculture★] + [Fishing★] → [Harvest King★★★★] 

-5 A-Rank magic cores
-5 B-Rank magic cores
-5 C-Rank magic cores

Synthesis requirement: All skills are at max level.

Incredible… If I didn’t have the seal [Forest of the Rainbow King], the cost would probably be much higher, wouldn’t it…?

With what I had currently, I was able to pay it without any issue4. I decided to synthesize the skill.

You obtained the SK2 skill [Harvest King★★★★].

Let’s take a look at the skill’s details.

Harvest King
★★★★ SKP: 300/300
Lv1: SKP-100 ○
Lv2: SKP-200 ○
LvMAX: SKP-300 ○

Huh, there’s already enough points allocated to put it at max level.
Oh, I see.

There’d been already more SKP invested into the skills used for synthesis than were needed to max it. And SK2 skills usually didn’t need SKP to be synthesized. If the synthesis requirement was separate from that “rule”, the SKP from those six skills was transferred to [Harvest King], exceeding the amount it needed…


Harvest King allows me to fully understand how and where to harvest things, and how to use them. That’s good to know.

At this rate, how about doing Sewing and Leather Processing as well? They’re almost the same. I wonder how it goes.

[Sewing★] + [Leather Processing★] → [Production★★] 

Cost: 3 D-Rank magic cores

Synthesis requirement: Both skills are at max level.

Great! It’s possible! Next, then!

[Production★★] = [Production Master★★★] 

Cost: 3 C-Rank magic cores

[Production★★] → [Decoration★] 
[Production★★] → [Stone Processing★] 
[Production★★] → [Lumber Processing★] 
[Production★★] → [Leather Processing★] (acquired)5 
[Production★★] → [Sewing★] (acquired)6 

Cost: 2 D-Rank magic cores per skill

Huh? There’s no Smithing, Cooking, Medicine Production, or such? I thought they’d be related to crafting and, as a result, Production, but… I wonder, are they an exception? Well, I guess I don’t have to worry about that at this point.

Now, let’s synthesize [Production King]!

[Production Master★★★] + [Decoration★] + Stone Processing★] + [Lumber Processing★] + [Leather Processing★] + [Sewing★] → [Production King★★★★] 

-5 A-Rank magic cores
-5 B-Rank magic cores
-5 C-Rank magic cores

Synthesis requirement: All skills are at max level.

You obtained the SK2 skill [Production King].

Woo-hoo, I did it! With this, I have three king skills… I wonder, what would happen if I synthesized them? Let’s try it!

-This is a special synthesis.
-The requirements are displayed, due to the skill’s power.

Huh!? What’s this about displaying them? W-What will I get from that…?

[Harvest King★★★★] + [Production King★★★★] + [Appraisal King★★★★] → [???★★★★★] 

-1 SS-Rank magic core
-1 S-Rank magic core
-5 A-Rank magic cores

Synthesis requirement: All skills are at max level.

The following skills are missing for this synthesis:
[True ???★★★] 
[True ???★★★] 
[True ???★★★] 
[True ???★★★] 
[True ???★★★] 
[True ???★★★] 
[True ???★★★] 
[True ???★★★] 

Please add at least four of these skills to the synthesis.

Will this create something similarly amazing? This makes me happy. I can even pay its cost7.

Still, I wonder what these “True ???” skills are. Could they be Cooking, Smithing, or Medicine Production?

I see. At any rate, it seems to be an exceptional skill. Basically, there should be infinite possibilities for skill synthesis. It’s definitely an extraordinary skill.

Should I get Cooking to max? I might be able to create a “true” skill.

I brought Cooking to max level. I evolved it from [Cooking★] to [True Cooking★★★], for a cost of 2 C-Rank magic cores. I allocated the 150 SKP that were needed to max it out. With this, I revealed8 one of those [True ???★★★] skills. Three more to go.

Up to this point, I’ve used up 730 SKP. There are 5238 left.

Next, I’d like to improve my sword skill. Thanks to using a sword, I was able to advance unexpectedly quickly in the dungeon, wasn’t I? I think I’ll make it my main weapon. For the time being, let’s allocate 105 SKP to [Swordsmanship] to max it out.

I could evolve [Swordsmanship★★] to [Great Swordsmanship★★★], for a cost of 3 C-Rank magic cores. It required a total of 200 SKP, so I immediately maxed it out. But it couldn’t evolve any further. That was unfortunate.

Still, no matter how you look at it, this can’t be the end of it, right?

Should I do it by force? For example, what might happen, if I synthesized it with the [King] series, I just got my hands on? Will this create a completely new skill? Or will it absorb the old one? I won’t know until I try.

[Harvest King★★★★] + [Production King★★★★] + [Appraisal King★★★★] + [True Cooking★★★] + [Spear Arts★] + [Bow Arts★] + [Martial Arts★] + [Gender Conversion★★★] + [Great Swordsmanship★★★] → [Secret Extreme Sword Technique★★★★] 

-1 S-Rank magic core
-4 A-Rank magic cores
-5 B-Rank magic cores

With this, I pushed through. Synthesizing all SK2 skills forcibly raised the skill’s rank.
I did it. I didn’t know something like this was possible. There’s probably a proper solution to it, isn’t there? Tee-heh.

[Secret Extreme Sword Technique] required 400 SKP. Still, that was irrelevant. I was currently drowning9 in SKP.
Just this much probably won’t be an issue. After all, I still have 4638 SKP left, haven’t I?

Oh, I should do something with [Improved Thunder Magic, too. It only needs 48 points to get to max level, so let’s allocate those.

[Improved Thunder Magic] turned into [True Thunder Magic], which was C-Rank. It needed 150 SKP to max out. I had 4490 left, so using another 150 would put them at 4340. Not a problem.
[True Thunder Magic] then evolved into [Extreme Thunder Magic], which was A-Rank. It apparently required another 300 SKP to max out.

Should I allocate them? That would put me at 4040 SKP, which shouldn’t be an issue. Maxing it out is all well and good, but there’s no further evolution. Is that how far it will go?

Even though I used quite a lot of them, I still have two thirds of my SKP left. Hm~, I’ll use them some other time.

I had learned the new spells Thunder Cannon and Matchless Thunder.

I closed the status screen. Right after I did that, there was a knock on the door.

“Please come in,” I told whoever had knocked to enter.

It was Ruin, the leader of Seinforce.

Author’s note:
The protagonist’s current status sheet. Due to skill bonuses, MP has been increased by 145, A by 115, and C by 170.

– Status –
Name: Alim
Level: 159 EXP: 2’355’290
HP: 7290/7290 (800) MP: 7795/7795 (1000)
A (Attack): 3955 (1000) C (Dexterity): 3965 (950)
D (Defense): 3645 (800) W (Magic power): 3845 (1000)
S (Quickness): 4045 (1200)
STP: 0
– Skills –
[A(X): Extreme Thunder Magic] Lv. MAX [C: Water Sword Summoning Magic] Lv. 2 [D(X): Improved Fire Magic] Lv. 0 [D(X): Improved Water Magic] Lv. 1
[D(X): Improved Wind Magic] Lv. 0 [D(X): Improved Earth Magic] Lv. 0 [E: Soap] Lv. MAX [E(X): Psychic Magic] Lv. –
[E(X): Restoration Magic] Lv. 2 [E(X): Ice Magic] Lv. – [E(X): Stone Magic] Lv. – [E(X): Enhancement Magic] Lv. –
[E(X): Enfeeblement Magic] Lv. –
[Harvest King★★★★] Lv. MAX [Production King★★★★] Lv. MAX [Appraisal King★★★★] Lv. MAX [Secret Extreme Sword Technique★★★★] Lv. MAX
[Gender Conversion★★★] Lv. MAX [True Cooking★★★] Lv. MAX [Martial Arts★] Lv. – [Spear Arts★] Lv. –
[Bow Arts★] Lv. –
SKP: 4040
[Conqueror of the Dungeon “Joy”] [Godspeed Growth] [S-Rank Magic Beast Subjugator] [Monster Genocider]
[Forest of the Rainbow King]

TL notes:
Holy crap, this chapter was a MESS! I wonder, did whoever made the previous translation ever proofread it? Typos, skill names changing from one sentence to the other, sentences missing or making zero sense… Seriously makes me wonder, how can someone look at this and think “Yes, this is ready to post and people reading it will understand it”.

Apart from those issues, there’s also the author failing to keep track of what resources Alim should have at this point. I’ve mentioned wrong stats in status sheets of previous chapters, and it only seems to be getting worse. Now there’s also all those B-, A-, S-, and SS-Rank magic cores, that Alim seems to pull from thin air.



  1. The original says “blood that is already flowing”. Maybe the blood is dissolved in the water and the leaves absorb it afterwards?
  2. It says “haven’t decreased at all” in the original. Not sure why they would decrease if he didn’t allocate any of them.
  3. Looks like someone failed basic math. There should be 700 points left.
  4. No? According to what it says in chapter 23, he shouldn’t have enough A-Rank or B-Rank cores.
  5. The (acquired) is missing in the original, likely a typo.
  6. Same as for Leather Processing.
  7. How? Even if one of the magic cores in the treasure chest after the boss was SS-Rank (which shouldn’t be the case according to the description), he wouldn’t have enough A-Rank cores.
  8. The original uses the verb 潰す (“to smash”, “to break”, “to shut down”). I guess it’s meant in a “knock it out” way. I used “revealed” here, since it makes more sense, since it would likely make the skill show up in the synthesis list now.
  9. The original is more along the lines “I have so many points, I could throw them away”.
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