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Chapter 28 – A Day in Pipi Village

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Whatever Translations English Source: Re:Library

I followed back to Jizefu’s house.

 Dishes were already lined up in the table.

 Lot’s of food, potatoes, meat. bread…

「Oh! Don’t eat just yet!」

 Orgo says that while sitting down.

「Ufufufu, As you know my wife made this meal so go ahead and take a seat! Go on eat up, eat up!」

「This is a feast!」

 I sat down as asked. You have to be modest.

 Muri and Loli are next to me, while Orgo is across.

 As they said “All right!”, the village chief wife said “I’ll serve!”

 For now I am eyeing the dish. The dish is a salad no matter how you look at it.

 It has been nearly two weeks since I appeared here, during that time i only had nuts and scraps of meat. It feels good to have a proper meal.

 I take a bite from a turnip. Unexpectedly. It is sweet like corn.


 My voice unitentionally leaks out.

 Everyone was smiling sweetly.

 Especially Jizefu, he has the biggest grin.

「Good good. This is a famous vegetable from our village called, “Hippo”. Is it not delicious? Fu ~offoffoffoffoffo~tsu!」

Hm. Hippo? This is “Hippo”…

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 When I finish this “Hippo” salad, I’ll try the chicken meat. Looks like chicken soba.

「Praise the E rank Demon Ododo Bird. I found one while we were hunting the Black Dogs, so I killed this one as well.」

 So it was this delicious meat. Ododo Bird is a funny name.




I answered.

 Lilo cute face smiled.

「I see, is that so~!」

I’m glad

 After that, there seems to be some bread as well as soup that looks like Pot-au-feu.

「That’s the one i made!Alim!」


 Hamuhamuhamuhamu。Yup, tasty. It really is Pot-au-fue.

「This is also delicious!」

I say to Muri.

「Is that so, Ehehehehe……」

 She got emberassed. Cute. Oh, I have to say thanks.

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「Tank you everyone, for everything you’ve done.」

「Don’t worry about it.」

 And so, we returned to eating. The bread was delicious.

It was feast.


 I continued to watch the village after the feast. Oh yeah, a report. I learned the skill 「Logging」

 There was an old man cuttng wood, I asked and learned from him. He said it was okay.

 Thank you Old man.


 The evening’s meal was stew made from the Ododo Birrd and the Hippo turnip. Of course, it was delicious.

 I never thought while I was in the forest that I would meet people in this world and let me eat such godly things.

 Everyone from Seinforce went back to the inn, and I took a bath with Gerbera.

 She even got me to sleep. I really appreciate it. Seems the clothes I am wearing and bed is from one of their daughters.

 She seems to be in the Kingdom. I feel that one day we will meet.

 A hot bath for the first time. I originally like baths.

 It was hard being in the forest with no seasonings and hot water to take baths.

 ~~ah~~I’m revived~~~

 With the bath water, my face is barely visible. There are no mirrors here.

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 I looked at the water after the waves dissapeared.

 ___________Who? This beautiful girl…

 It’s me. Even with this reflection I might fall in love.

 I guess you can fall in love with yourself?

 一Would I like to return to being a man?

 __________Impossible, the face won’t change.


 The body’s a boy. However, the face is a girl’s. The so called bi-shonen.

 It is pretty uncomfortable with these counterparting parts. Height would also change by 10 cm. Even though it’s my body.

 ……It can’t be helped.

 Seems that I was misunderstood for being a girl, though I can’t say I hated it.

 Oh? this is half-salty.

 I suppose this is not purely clean water?

I went to bed after the bath, thinking of various things.

 Good night.

Today.. Well. It was a nice day.


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