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Chapter 6 – Alim Ponders

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: soulpermutation / rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

This chapter has been replaced with a new translation on [2024-06-24]. Comments may refer to the old translation.

Since I got my long-awaited level-up, I’d like to allocate STP and SKP. As a matter of fact, I have already decided where to invest my SKP. I’m going to raise fire, water, wind, earth, and restoration magic by one stage each.

I was able to raise them to level 1 by allocating three points in fire to earth magic, and five points into restoration magic. As for why I chose those five skills, it was because I assumed the four elemental magics would be easy to use for synthesis. Restoration magic was chosen since I wanted a skill to heal.

Thus, I learned four offensive magic attacks, which shot a “Flame Ball”, “Water Ball”, Wind Ball”, and “Land Ball” from my hands, and the recovery magic “Heal”. Moreover, if I adjusted the flight distance of Water Ball and Flame Ball, they could be used for daily life, which was a happy surprise.

Now, where should I put my SKP? I better think carefully…
I’m drawing a blank. What allocation would be best?

To be honest, if this was a video game, I should probably put my points into HP and D (Defense) while at a low level, but this is reality. Although, I can’t deny these game-like characteristics. My evasion and attack speed will probably go up with S (Quickness)… On the other hand, I shouldn’t neglect C (Dexterity) either. Since I learned magic, I’d also like to raise MP and W (Magic Power).

This takes a lot of thought, doesn’t it…? I wonder, will I worry like this on each level-up?
This is hard~.

Rustle, Rustle

Something came out of the thicket, again? Honestly, that’s so sudden, you know.
…It’s a weasel this time?

It was only slightly bigger than a normal weasel, but its canines1 were long and sharp.
That’s the second rodent2 in a row.

This is a bad time. I’m currently trying to think. Please go somewhere else.

While I thought that, the weasel’s eyes took on a sharper glint and it bared its canines even more, maybe since it was eager. I immediately chanted a Wind Ball, but it managed to avoid the attack.

…What a pain.

It was faster than the rabbit from before. It came my way and bit me.


It hurt like the dickens. I tried to kick it, when it got close to me, but it dodged again.
This thing is super annoying.

Since it’s come to this, I’ll increase S.
I allocated five points to it.

It came to bite me again, but this time I was able to dodge. Though it was by a hair’s breadth. Then, I kicked at it.


While it looked like that did considerable damage, it apparently didn’t bring it down in a single attack. So, I raised A by three points. Since I wanted to defeat the weasel before it bit me again, I chased after it. And for sure, I was able to land a kick, which defeated it.

Still, it bit my foot at the same time.

That does it. Do I have to invest almost all my STP into strength?
It can’t be helped, let’s allocate them like that.

…Come to think of it, I need to make a weapon afterwards. Taking that into consideration, I better bring up C, too.

I allocated five points into C. Of the remaining seven points, I invested one into HP, one in D, two in MP, and three in W.
Well, I think this distribution is pretty good.

Incidentally, I have brought down two foes, but did they not drop any items?

On that thought, I gave the weasel and rabbit a closer look, and noticed purple-colored spheres, that hung in mid-air, making them appear like souls which left their bodies. This shocked me somewhat, but, without knowing why, I touched the spheres.

I see, are these drop items? Since the same things emerged from two monsters with a different appearance, might this be something like a game currency? So, is this money? Well, I’ll find out about that sooner or later, right?

Those corpses, though… let’s put them to good use.



  1. It just says frontal teeth in the original, but I assume that’s what it means, since weasels are carnivores.
  2. Someone didn’t pay attention in biology. Only rabbits are rodents, weasels aren’t.
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