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Chapter 6 – Arim Ponders

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: soulpermutation English Source: Re:Library

I want to allocate my STP and SKP since my level rose.

In fact, I have already decided where to allocate SKP.

Fire magic, Water magic, Wind magic, Earth magic and Heal magic, I will raise each by one grade.

3p for Fire~ Earth magic each, and assign 5p on heal magic, since i rose 1 level it can be done.

If you ask me why these five, that’s because I thought the four attribute arts will be easy to use for Skill synthesis.

Heal magic is needed because a recovery skill for health is necessary.

Thus, I learned four offensive magic spells「Flame Ball」, 「Water Ball」, 「Wind Ball」, 「Land Ball」 which come out of my hand and a recovery magic spell 「Heal」in this way.

In addition, Water Ball and Flame Ball will be useful for daily life if they can maintain a flying distance.

Now then, where to put the STP points?

I have to think carefully……….

I have no idea.

What would be good?

The truth is if this was a game I would put points to HP and D(Defense) on low-level, but this is reality.

Ah well, I can`t deny this game-like characteristics.

I wonder if my evasion or attack speed would increase If I put points in S(speed)…

Still I can’t abandon C(Dexterity).

I want to put points in W (Magic Power) and MP since I learned magic.

It takes quite a consideration……

Will I have such worries on each level-up too?

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This is hard~

___________ Gasagasa gasa! ______

Something came out from the bushes again.

Really, so suddenly.

…… Is it a weasel this time?

It’s slightly bigger than a normal weasel, but its front teeth are long and sharp.

two set of big tooth for biting.

Sounds bad.

Right now, I’m in the middle of thinking.

Please go away.

While thinking so, the weasel`s mood changed and as it looked at me sharply, it bared its front teeth.

I immediately cast a Wind Ball, but it dodged.

… damn.

Its speed is considerably higher compared to the rabbit from earlier.

The weasel just faced me and bit.


It hurt like hell.

Though I was going to kick the weasel which approached, but it dodged again.

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Annoying, super annoying.

If it’s like this, I will put points to S.

I raised S by 5.

The guy bit again, I was able to dodge this time.

Just barely, though.

I kicked the weasel.

「Guge! 」

It looks like it suffered a considerable damage, but I was not able to defeat it in one blow.

I raised A by 3.

Because I wanted to defeat the weasel before it bit me again, I pursued it.

I was able to knock down the weasel with a full-power kick.

But It bit my foot at the same time.

I’m done playing.

………. I almost wasted all my STP.

It can’t be helped, let’s use all the STP.

………. Which reminds me, I should craft a weapon.

when I think about it, should I bring C up a little too.

I added 5 to C.

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I spent the last 7 points like this, 1 on HP, 1 on D(Defense), 2 on MP, 3 on W (Magic Power).

Well, I think the point distribution looks fairly good.

By the way, I have defeated 2 enemies, are there no dropped items?

When I looked at the weasel and rabbit corpses, something akin to a soul leaving the bodies appeared and an orchid colored spheres stopped in the air.

Though it fairly surprised me, I touched the sphere out of curiosity.

I see, is this a drop item?

While the monsters were of a different species, two matching spheres came out, is this perhaps something like game currency?

Then, is this money? Ah well, I will find out sooner or later.

Also, these dead bodies………. I will effectively use them.


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