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Chapter 7 – In order to live

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: soulpermutation English Source: Re:Library

First of all, to begin with, something like a knife is absolutely necessary.

Just like the old stone ages, I can make some stone tools possibly, other than striking the stone I don’t have any workmanship to make the tools.

Therefore, I decided to sharpen two rodent bones and to make something.

At first, I pulled out the front tooth from the weasel and the rabbit.

And I sharpened the sharp weasels tooth by the rabbits tooth and sharpen it more.

With the weasels tooth, I opened the rabbits stomach.

I guess I took quite a long time.

I don’t know how to dismantle the edible meat part in detail.

Therefore, I tore some parts that I seemed to be edible, starting off with the tongue.

So in this way, I obtained meat.

Let’s have this meat for later.

When I tore the meat and take it, I see a big bone of the rabbit.

After all, the size of the bone is considerably huge, too.

However, I don`t know the bone is from which part.

I break off the bone somehow from the root, I obtained something else additionally.

……… my hands are bloody and smell extremely like a beast.

I prepared a water ball into my palm and thus washed my hands and the bone which I gathered.

still, my hands smell like a beast …….

I can`t help it.

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Though I intended to sharpen a bone by a stone and the tooth, it already got dark in the vicinity.

Therefore, I collected some branches and dead leaves around there, according to my memory to make a bone fire, I put the stones and branches, then I set the fire by a fireball.


…………… That reminds me, I ate nothing after I came to this world.

it was a stormy 1st day, I can’t help it.

I put the rabbit meat on the fire and roasted it and ate it.

To be honest, it is so bad as ⓢⓗⓘⓣ.

I forgot to drain its blood, so it smells like a beast.

However, for the time being, because there is no food, I can’t do anything but to endure.

I put the rest of the meat and the weasel`s corps at a place with 30 seconds walking distance.

It will be troublesome if some flies gather.

No, I don`t know if this world has any fly.

That reminds me, I feel some uneasiness in my body from some while back.

Did it begin from the time that I ate the meat?

uh…, It is not like poor physical condition, I am relieved somehow, this uneasiness feeling isn`t that uncomfortable.

……… it seems, like the time that I rose a level.

I confirmed my status immediately.

【SK2、「Dismantling★」is acquired】

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Some sentences appeared.

I see, that sensation was from getting a new skill.

I will remember it.

Seems 「Dismantling★」 was added to the list of SK2.

I saw it in detail.



★ SKP:0/30

Lv1: SKP-3

Lv2: SKP-7

Lv3: SKP-12

Lv4: SKP-15

Lv5: SKP-22

Lv6: SKP-30


………now, just 3 SKP is left.

I put 3 points on dismantling, it is at level 1 now.

uhh … … what is … … …?

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I feel like being able to dismantle it well now …….

Will it be different from when I don`t have the skill than now?

…… the rabbit from a while ago, I can still get some other places …….

It is wasteful.

Didn’t I waste that monster?

Afterward, I try to make a knife with the bone which I gathered, I need to give it a good shape, I leaned against a tree, and fell sleep …….

In this way, the 1st day of my life in ANAZUMU, has ended.


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