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Chapter 7 – In Order to Live

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: soulpermutation / rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

This chapter has been replaced with a new translation on [2024-06-24]. Comments may refer to the old translation.

For the time being, I don’t have something like a knife, so I should start with that.

I’ll probably be fine, if I make tools from stone, as they did in the stone age, but other than modeling them by striking stones, I don’t know much about how to craft them.

So, I decided to craft something by sharpening bones from those two rodents. First, I pulled out the weasel’s and rabbit’s frontal teeth. Then, I used the rabbit’s incisors to sharpen the weasel’s already sharp canines even further. Using the weasel’s canines, I opened the rabbit’s abdomen.

Of course, this ended up taking quite a long time.

I didn’t know the details for how to dismantle meat and which parts were edible. Therefore, rather than scraping off parts that looked edible, I tore it to shreds. That way, I got my hands on some meat.

Let’s make a meal of it later.

When I tore the meat apart, a large bone of the rabbit became visible. Naturally, said bone was rather gigantic. Though I didn’t know from which part it was1. I somehow managed to secure the bone, by breaking it off at its base.

…My hands are covered in blood and have an awful beastly smell.

I created a Water Ball in the palm of my hand, and used it to wash my hands and the bone I had obtained. My hands still had that beastly smell…
That probably wasn’t enough.

Though I had planned to sharpen a bone using teeth and stones, dusk was already falling around me. For that reason, I collected some branches and fallen leaves from my surroundings, combined stones and branches according to a method for creating a bonfire, which remained in some corner of my memory, and then set fire to it with a Flame Ball.


…Come to think of it, I haven’t eaten anything since coming to this world. Though, it was a chaotic day, so it can’t be helped, you know.

I skewered the rabbit meat onto a suitable branch, roasted it, and then ate it. To be honest, it tasted incredibly awful. I forgot to drain its blood, so it had a strong gamy taste. Still, since I currently possessed no other food, I had to put up with it.

On that note, I had placed what remained of the rabbit’s and weasel’s corpses in a spot around 30 seconds walking distance away. I didn’t want them to rot and attract flies.

Well, it’s not like I know whether flies exist in this world.

That reminds me, something has been feeling out of place with my body since some time ago. I wonder, did it start, when I ate the meat? Well, I’m not in bad physical health, instead it’s a kind of relief, not a bad kind of unease.

…It feels similar to when I leveled up.

I immediately checked my status screen.

You obtained the SK2 skill “Dismantling★”.

Some letters had shown up.

I see, so that sensation is when you get a new skill. I should remember it for the future.

“Dismantling★” had been added to my SK2 skill list. I looked at its details.

★ SKP: 0/30
Lv1: SKP-3
Lv2: SKP-7
Lv3: SKP-12
Lv4: SKP-15
Lv5: SKP-22
Lv6: SKP-30

Currently, I had exactly three SKP left. I allocated all of them to dismantling, raising it to level 1.

Huh… what is this…? I get the feeling, I can dismantle things skillfully now…
Is there such a difference whether you have the skill or not?

…That rabbit from before, there were still tons of parts I could’ve harvested from it, right…? What a waste. I completely spoiled that monster’s materials, didn’t I?

Afterwards, I toiled to make a knife from the bone I had obtained, and once I had it down to a usable shape2, I leaned against a tree and fell asleep…

Thus, the first day of my life in Anazumu came to an end.



  1. Just how badly did he mangle that corpse, so he can no longer tell what part the bone is from?
  2. The original is 妥協 (“compromise”). I assume it means a shape that’s usable, though it’s not as good as it could be.
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