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Chapter 4 – Skill

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: soulpermutation English Source: Re:Library

Skill description in detail.

Skills represent usable techniques and special abilities.

SK is an abbreviation of skill desu.

There are two types of skills, SK1 which is magic and SK2 is for techniques, please consider them.

SKP are Skill Points, use them to further develop your skills.

explanation of SK1.

Using SK1 consumes MP, invoking the so-called Magic.

The power of SK1 skill depends on the level of the skill and your stats.

The power of SK1 is ranked in two ways, the first one has seven phases E~SS, with the order of improvement E→D→C→B→A→S→SS

The other one is not displayed in status, but only when you look at skill in detail. The skills are further graded in 1~21 stages.

In correspondence to the 7 phases, each phase is divided into three stages.

For example, a skill ranked as D1 has different performance than a ranked D2 skill.

The higher the rank, the better the performance, and power.

SS skills are rare, their destructive power is tremendous, their efficiency is absurd. You probably won’t come across them.

Houhou, SK2 is?

SK2 increases the weapon proficiency and crafting techniques.

Only a few of these skills consume MP.

The weapon proficiency and crafting techniques can be increased with practice.

The level of SK2 is represented by the number of ★.

The more ★ the more powerful, up to 5★.

I understood it about the kind.

What is SKP?

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SKP raises the level of selected skill.

However, when assigning 1p it doesn’t raise a whole level. A certain amount of SKP is needed to advance to the next stage.

Please refer to this.

Please examine the displayed points needed to raise the stage of each skill.


magic (example)

Rank: E – 3 SKP:4/15

Lv1: SKP-3 ○

Lv2: SKP-6

Lv3: SKP-9

Lv4: SKP-12



Art (example)

★ SKP:25/100

Lv1: SKP-3 ○

Lv2: SKP-8 ○

Lv3: SKP-15 ○

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Lv4: SKP-25 ○

Lv5: SKP-35

Lv6: SKP-55

Lv7: SKP-75

LvMAX: SKP-100


A number of SKP is necessary to increase the skill level, The SKP level on the left, the SKP required to reach the next stage on the right.

The stages reached are marked with ○.

Of course, these are obtained by spending SKP.

However, SK2 can be raised without consumption of SKP by doing self-training and a constant action.

Think well, and then assign it.

I see I see, SKP is essential for skills, saving up skills points…

I need to consider this thoroughly.

Because I understood most of it, for the sake of earning SKP and STP I should find an enemy……

Please, wait a moment.

The explanation is not over yet; you know?

Fa!? It appeared on its own!

That surprised me…… Err… Yes?

The explanation, it is not over yet.

May I continue it?

Ah, yes.

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The initial skills and status are the same for everyone.

However, it becomes personalized after increasing your skills.

There are roughly 4 ways to increase your skills.

< Doing specific actions > < obtained with an item > < Derivation and evolution of a skill > desu.

If explained sequentially,

As for< Doing specific actions >, Is to do a certain action that increases the skill.

Either learn from others or learn from books for more hints.

< obtained with an item >, it means that you can obtain it directly with an item.

Some skills acquired from some items can be even of rank A.

However, an item for acquiring such a high-rank skill is very difficult to get.

< Derivation and evolution of a skill >, Specific skills are derived after hitting the MAX amount of SKP, or you can further evolve that skill.

Both cases can happen with one skill.

The allocated SKP won’t disappear even after evolution.

However, there is a price for skill evolution.

Because the derived skill is different from the Origin it was derived from, the skill begins with 0 SKP desu.

As for evolution, the original skill will remain, but a price is needed to be derived.


(This chapter is provided to you by Re:Library)

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◎◎magic 0/35p

Rank D


○○magic25/25p (evolution, origin of derivation)

Rank E


greater○○magic 0/75p

Rank C


There are also many skills that can’t be derived nor evolved.

Finally, the last and most important desu.

As the name suggest, you can compose a skill.

When composing a skill, a compensation price must be paid.

There is no limit to the number of skills used as materials to compose a skill because the materials used may create a skill different from one you wanted, the number of skills that can be composed is infinite.

Of course, if the materials used are the same and in the same order, you will compose the same skill.

In addition, SK1 skills used as materials will disappear.

SK2 marked with (X) won’t disappear as SK1 is used.

In addition, SK1 skill used as materials must have allocated more than 30% of SKP.

If skills that exceed 30% of SKP are used, the excessive SKP will be allocated to the composed skill.

SK1 marked with (X) cannot be used in the composition, however, it is possible to use skills derived and evolved from SK1(X) without risk.

If composing SK2, the base SKP won’t fundamentally disappear, however if the composed SK2 is similar to the one you already have, the worse one will not be usable.

Of course, it’s also possible to designate the previous stage of the synthetic material like SK1 (X) in that case.

Note that material with only different rank don’t make much difference in composing, therefore, be careful.



My explanation is now over desu.

Please, seize happiness in your new life.

If there are any problems, strongly pray for me in your mind.

If you are okay with such a form, I will cooperate as much as possible.

By Phantasmal Jizou

………. Un.

I somehow thought it may be jizou-san.

Since the moment, it said ‘Please, wait a moment’.

Thank you very much.

Anyhow ……Skill synthesis ……ka …….

This is terrifying.

Almost infinite combinations, just how deep is this world?

All the members of this world can be compared with these values, however, being the strongest depends on the different ideas that were used.

Suddenly, I’m motivated.

Though I say that I’m level 1, because I kept crying my stomach is now empty, first let’s focus on finding food before leveling.

while I was thinking that, a sound came from a nearby bush.

____ Gasagasa gasa!!! _____

I turned towards the bush cautiously.

………. There was “something” similar to a huge rabbit, there.


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