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Chapter 3 – Status Screen

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: soulpermutation / rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

This chapter has been replaced with a new translation on [2024-06-22]. Comments may refer to the old translation.

At any rate, I decided to move forward.

However, I was apparently 12 years old now. Since it was different from when I was 16, I couldn’t move my body properly. For that reason, I thought it best to check my status screen now, as Lord Jizou had told me.

I closed my eyes and thought “I want to see my status screen” in my head.

Immediately afterwards, something appeared in front of my eyes, which should have been closed. This was probably the status screen.

– Status –
Name: Alim
EXP: 0
HP: 10/10 MP: 10/10
A: 5 C: 5
D: 5 W: 5
S: 5
STP: 10
– Skills –
[E(X): Fire Magic] Lv. – [E(X): Water Magic] Lv. – [E(X): Wind Magic] Lv. – [E(X): Earth Magic] Lv. –
[E(X): Psychic Magic] Lv. – [E(X): Restoration Magic] Lv. – [E(X): Enhancement Magic] Lv. – [E(X): Enfeeblement Magic] Lv. –
[Sword Arts★] Lv. – [Martial Arts★] Lv. – [Spear Arts★] Lv. – [Bow Arts★] Lv. –
SKP: 10

I see, I see. Since I’ve come to another world, I thought… this might be the case, but it really is like a game, just as I hoped.

Moreover, my name has changed to Alim. This is… erm, why not the one from my old life1? Well, at any rate, it’s the same name I used before in Dragonar Story. Will this be my name in this life? Well, it doesn’t sound weird, and I like it, so it should be fine, right?

In the column below the name is experience. Naturally, just looking at these three letters makes me want to level up. I’m sure there’s lots of people who understand. Aren’t there?

Then, there’s HP and MP as usual2. Apart from that, I assume A is for attack, D for defense, and S for speed, but I wonder what C and W are. I’m also rather curious about STP.

I’d like to know more details about them, but…

This is your status screen. Unless you are in possession of a special skill or seal, you are unable to look at other people’s status screens.

…Oh. More information showed up. I guess more details will appear, when I think that I want to see them?
Then, a general explanation about the stats first.

Name is what it says, your name3.
EXP is the amount of experience points, you have acquired.
HP is vitality4, and if it drops to zero, you fall unconscious. Furthermore, should you receive damage exceeding 1% of your maximum HP (rounded up to the next decimal point), while having fainted due to HP loss, you will die.

Oh ho, so even if your HP drops to zero, you might manage, if you have companions?

MP is magic points. It will be consumed when using SK1 or some SK2 skills. When MP falls to zero, A, D, and C will be reduced by 30%, and S and W by 50%, until at least half of the MP maximum has been recovered.

Therefore, I can’t let my MP fall to zero, right? If I mess up and my stats drop because of it, I might die.

A is attack power. It influences general attacks and the power of SK2 skills.
D is defense. It influences all possible resistances.
C is dexterity. It influences some SK2 skills and actions that require skilled fingers. Rarely, the power of attack skills can rise or fall depending on dexterity.
W is magic power5. It influences MP recovery speed and the attack power of SK1 skills.
S is quickness. It influences all actions that require speed.]

So, those two were dexterity and magic power.

It said, D is for all kinds of resistances… which probably means exactly what it sounds like. Raising it should allow me to resist attacks, magic and stuff like poison more easily.

STP is stat points. You can allocate them into any stat you like, but once points are distributed, it is impossible6 to reassign them. One STP will increase the chosen stat by one. HP and MP are increased by two per STP.
The stat growth for all humans7 in this world is the following: For each level up, HP, MP, STP and SKP are increased by ten, while the other stats are increased by five (there are exceptions due to items and other things, of course). Once a certain level is reached, the stats added per level up are increased.
Due to that, the way STP is allocated will likely be different for each person. You should think carefully, when allocating your points.

Phew~, incredible. So, STP will shape my individual characteristics. I must think this through… For example, if my goal were to become a magic user, I should go for W and MP, while for a warrior, it would be A, D, and HP, and as a thief, I would use C and S, I guess?

I see~. That’s rather deep, isn’t it?

Let’s look at the skills next.

TL notes:
Going over this chapter after translating so many later chapters made me realize how many details about the stat-system exist, that… never get used in the story. Like the stuff about MP falling to zero lowering all your stats. Though I might be misremembering things here and it actually shows up in the earlier fights.



  1. This may be wrong. It might also mean he wonders if “Alim” is a name from a former life, though that wouldn’t make much sense.
  2. The original is 安定 (“stability”, “consistency”). I assume it’s meant in a “consistent in all games” meaning.
  3. This sounds sassier than it should in English. In the original, “Name” is written in roman letters, while the explanation uses the Japanese 名前 for “name”
  4. The original is 体力 (“endurance”, “stamina”). I used “vitality” since it’s more closely associated with HP = life force.
  5. The original is 魔法力 and needs to be differentiated from 魔力. The one used here is “the power of the magic” while the latter is “magical power”. 99% of the time “magic power” is used in the story, it’s the latter, which I’ve also seen translated as “mana” in some translations, though this is also problematic, since mana is often equaled with MP and this “magic power” is different from MP.
  6. The original is 困難 (“difficulty”, “inability”), so it might also mean “very hard”.
  7. This doesn’t mean just “humans” but also includes fantasy races like elves and demi humans.
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