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Chapter 2 – Where am I?

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: soulpermutation / rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

This chapter has been replaced with a new translation on [2024-06-21]. Comments may refer to the old translation.

No, seriously, what is this place?

I slowly tried to stand up.

Wait a moment! It feels like my line of sight is a bit lower than usual. Did I go crazy when I hit my head? Mika often told me that I was crazy from the beginning.

Though rather than that, I need to get a grasp on this situation first. As far as I can see… I’m inside a forest. Though there is proper sunlight. Furthermore, I can see a pink bird perched on a tree a bit ahead. What kind of bird is that…? Huh. From its color, it looks like a flamingo.

Wait, that bird isn’t the only thing here I’ve never seen before. Those flowers blooming at my feet. They also have a form that’s unfamiliar to me. Furthermore, the leaves on several trees in this forest are heart shaped.

How strange.

Until now, I assumed I was kidnapped by someone, who then left me here, but that doesn’t make sense at all. Though I also have no idea, why someone would kidnap me.

I’ve never seen these plants and animals around me… That’s what my intuition tells me… I guess this is a different world. At least it’s not Japan.

I suddenly noticed something about my left arm. I was astonished. As for the reason, the injury from three years ago, which had required seven stitches, was nowhere to be found.

No, that’s not the only thing.

My skin had also turned whiter than it used to be… And the pièce de resistance was the hair falling lightly from my head. It had an astonishing color: bright red.

Wait, it might have turned red from the blood due to that strong blow to my head. Still, my head currently isn’t wet. It’s also not dried stiff. Finally, the hair’s color is a beautiful bright red, far removed from the black-ish red of blood. It also looks like my body is different.

…It’s settled. This isn’t the place I’m originally from. If there was someone else here, they’d probably laugh at me, but one way or another, I can’t imagine this is Earth.

Sure, there were also some parts that resembled the real me, but I decided to think of it this way.

“It’s another world… right…?”

At that moment, something fell gently from above.

“Is that paper?” I mumbled involuntarily.

I picked up the piece of paper that had descended and started reading it. The following was written on it.

To you.

You are likely frightened by these sudden events.

Unfortunately, back on earth, a falling flowerpot hit your head, killing you. However, the other day, you cleaned up some bird feces, that had fallen onto my head, and gracefully left me an offering… This moved me. For that reason, it was within my power, to rescue your mere soul.

The name of this world is “Anazumu”.

I truly wanted to prevent your death on Earth, but I do not have power of that extent… I am honestly sorry. Thus, I was only able to send your soul to another world. It would make me glad, if you could enjoy your life in that world and find happiness.

From now on, I will give you an explanation about this world, though I was also unable to give you a special power, since it went beyond my abilities. However, you are able to speak1, read, and write the language of this world.

Furthermore, if you close your eyes and wish for “I want to see my status screen” in your head, you will be able to see various explanations. Though that is something, all inhabitants of this world can do.

Finally, a warning.

Your original age was 16 years, but in this world, you are now around 12 years old. Incidentally, should you die in this world, your soul will also perish.

Take care.


Seriously? Did I die after all…?

There are lots of things on my mind, but first of all, who was this “Jizou” again? Hm~… Oh, he was that guardian deity of children near my house… He properly looked after me, didn’t he…? Even though it was my fault for looking at my phone while I was walking, he saved me.

If I knew it’d turn out like this, I would’ve confessed to Mika during that school trip. Mom and Dad will be sad, too, won’t they…? Though since my younger brother is there, I’m not too worried about them.

Yep, I feel sorry for Mika and my family. But nothing can be done about that.

This happened because of my carelessness. I must show my gratitude to Lord Jizou… Even if I wanted to, it’s too late to regret it now. This world… its name is apparently Anazumu. I am resolved to live here. I am resolved to make every effort.

Because this is the fate that was given to me…

That said, it turned out impossible after all, you know. To forget the past that easily. Even in my resolve, I cried. Since I didn’t know if there was anything nearby, I suppressed my voice and lamented silently.

I want to see Mika again. I should have confessed to her. Even though I loved her for so long. Mom, Dad, it looks like I died in an accident, before I was able to take care of you… I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. This is so incredibly frustrating2. Why did this happen to me? Why? What for? If I could, I’d go back. What the hell is this Anazumu? Jeez… why, why~~~!!! Damn… crap…


I cried and wept the night away, not knowing how much time had passed.
Roughly three hours, I guess? Actually, it might’ve been less.

I decided to steel my heart, advance forward, and accept this world, this reality.

“I… in this world – Anazumu – I will give it my all to survive!”



  1. It only says “read” and “write” in the original. I added the “speak”, since it wouldn’t really make sense otherwise.
  2. In the original, it’s just the adjective 悔しい (“frustrating”, “disappointed”) seven times in a row.
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