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Chapter 2 – Where am I?

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: soulpermutation English Source: Re:Library

No, really. Where is this place?

I try to stand up slowly.

……… Hmm?

Wait a moment? I feel that my line of sight is a little lower than usual.

Did I become weird when I hit my head?

Mika always said that I was always weird.

First of all, I must grasp the situation.

This is…… As far as I see, a forest.

But sunlight shines properly.

In addition, I see a pink bird perch on a tree a little ahead.

How many birds are there…? Huh.

This one has colors like Flamingo.

No, that bird isn’t the only thing I have never seen.

The flower blooming under my feet.

This also has a shape that I have never seen before.

Furthermore, the shape of leaves on several trees are heart-shaped.


Until now I have thought that I have been kidnapped by someone and then left me here, I don’t understand.

Though I don’t know why someone would kidnap me, and leave.

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I have never seen animals and plants like these……

My intuition says.

……… Here is a different world.

At the very least, it`s not Japan.

Suddenly, I looked at my left arm.

I was shocked.

Because I didn’t find a mark of the injury that I got 7 stitches 3 years ago.

No, it is not only it.

the skin also has become rather white and….

Then the hair swayed from my head.

The color was surprising.

ーー Bright Red ーー

No, it’s possible it was dyed with blood when I hit my head.

But my head isn’t wet now.

It’s also not dried stiff.

And this hair is not deep red like blood, but lovely scarlet.

My figure seems to become of a different person, too.

_______It’s decided.

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This is not the place where I come from.

I might be laughed at if there’s someone watching me, but I don’t think this place is Earth.

Certainly there is a chance that I’m just sick, but I decided to think this is real so I muttered POTSURI.

「Another world…… huh…」

Then later, something has fallen from above with HARARI.

「Paper? 」

I mutter unintentionally.

I picked up the paper which fell and read it.

This was written on it.

To you.

You must be surprised at the sudden development.

Unfortunately, on Earth, a flowerpot fell down on your head and you died.

However, at a time, when a bird droppings fell on my head, you treated me with gentleness……

I was moved.

So, It was possible for me to only rescue your soul.

The name of this world is ” ANAZUMU”.

I really wanted to avoid you dying on Earth, but I don’t have such ability……….

I’m really sorry.

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However, I was able to send your soul to another world.

If you could enjoy living in that world and find happiness, I would be very glad.

From now on I will explain about this world, as for granting you a special power, I wasn’t able to, my abilities don’t reach to such extent.

However, you are able to read and write the language of this world.

Also, when you close your eyes and pray [I want to see status] you will be able to see the various information.

Oh, although everyone in this world can do this.

And lastly an advice.

Your original age was 16, but in this world, you should be 12 years old.

By the way, if you die in this world, your soul will also vanish.

Take care.

From Phantasmal Jizou.


Are you serious?

I died after all……

There are a lot of things on my mind, but what is Phantasmal Jizou again? Un……

Ah, it’s the guardian deity of children near my house…

Thanks for taking care of me…….

Even though I was wrong for texting while walking you helped me.

If I knew it would be like this, I would have confessed my love for Mika during the field trip.

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Okaa-san and Oyaji are probably mourning…

Because I have a little brother, I’m not worried about them.

Un, only Mika and my family are left in my heart.

but, There’s no helping it.

This is what happened because of my carelessness.

I have to thank Jizo-sama…….

It’s too late to regret.

This world… its name was ANAZUMU.

I will live here.

I will struggle.

Because this is the fate that was given to me……….

Hey, it’s impossible after all.

To forget the past so easily.

Even after deciding, I cried.

Because I didn’t know if anything was around, I suppressed my voice and cried in a low voice.

I want to see Mika.

I should have confessed.

Even though I loved her for a long time.

Okaa-san, Otou-san, I died before fulfilling my filial piety……

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry.

Shame shame frustrating frustrating frustrating frustrated frustrating.

Why did this happen to me.

Why? What for? If I can I want to go back.

Why Anazumu.

Mou… mou… Why, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Damn………………. ****……….





I cry, sob and weep all night, don’t know how much time has passed.

Probably around three hours? Actually, it may be less.

I steel my heart and advance forward, this world, this reality, I decided to accept it.

「I ___________ in this world, this Anazumu, I will survive! 」


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