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Chapter 27 – Adventurers

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Whatever Translations / rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

This chapter has been replaced with a new translation on [2024-07-05]. Comments may refer to the old translation.

“See you later, Alim.”

The four people from Seinforce left to return to their inn.

“Erm…” I called out to Jisef.
“What is it?”
“I’m very sorry to cause all that trouble. I owe you my thanks.”
“It’s all good, I don’t mind. You kids don’t have to be so modest,” Jisef replied with a smile. “Rather than me, you should be thankful to that adventurer called Myuri, you see? Since she healed you lot’s of times. She also nursed you back to health afterwards. Have your wounds already closed? You better give her your thanks later.”

Well, even if she used Heal on me, they had already been closed before that… Well, whatever. Let’s thank her for it.

“Say, little girl. If your wounds have already closed and you’re healthy enough to move, why not take a look around the village? How do you feel?”

At Jisef’s question, I made a show of jumping off the bed.

“Ho-ho-ho, you seem most lively. You did recover quickly. Right, let me give that expensive looking bag back to you. You had it with you. My wife is currently washing the clothes you’ve been wearing. Also, the clothes we gave you earlier are a gift.”

I took my pouch back and thanked him.

“You’re such a good girl~…” he murmured.

Just as he had suggested, I hung the pouch over my shoulder and decided to take a look around the village.


It looked like word had spread among the people of the village, that I had been carried to the chief’s house while being covered in blood.

“Are you fine moving already?”
“You seem to be healthy, don’t you? That’s great.”
“Wow~! You’re adorable!”

The adults were fussing over me.

“Hey, where are you from?”
“That’s a pretty pouch!”
“What’s your name?”
“Wow~! You’re so cute!”

Meanwhile, the children called out to me like that.

All in all, there were 35 people in the village.

While looking around the village, I met Orgo, a member of that party. It looked like he was doing practice swings with his sword.

“You’re fine already?” he asked, when he noticed me.

I replied to him, that I was feeling good.

“Ga-ha-ha-ha! Well, ain’t that great. Do thank Myuri later, little girl, will ya?

She apparently went all out when she was healing me. I was grateful to her, merely for the sentiment.

Come to think of it, they came to this village for some job, didn’t they? I wonder, what kind of job was that? I’ll ask him.

“Well, three Black Soldier Dogs showed up at this village at once and were about to lay waste to the crops, y’know. Was pretty unusual. Moreover, they brought around 10 Black Pawn Dogs1 with ’em. Even worse, Black Soldier Dogs are D-Rank, so they’re fairly strong. Then, we were called, since we’re the adventurin’ party ‘Seinforce’. In other words, we came here to exterminate those pests.”

Even though I had been listening to his words, there were several things I didn’t understand.

First, what are these Black Soldier Dogs and Black Pawn Dogs? Then, what about adventurers? Well, thanks to video games, I somewhat understand what adventurers might be. For now, I’ll ask him.

“Mr. Orgo, what are Black Soldier Dogs and Black Pawn Dogs? Also, what are adventurers?”

“Huh? Right, about that… Black Soldier Dogs are D-Rank magic beasts. Black Pawn Dogs are lower than ’em, at E-Rank. Magic beasts are ranked from F- to SSS-Rank. Even children can deal with F-Ranks, but for E-Ranks, you need an adult… Further, with D-Ranks, even five to six normal adult men might not be able to win. If it goes poorly, even adventurers and soldiers might end up losing to ’em. That’s the rank they’re at. And three of those things showed up at this village, bringing their pack with ’em. Ain’t that serious? That’s where us adventurers as combat experts come in. Next, you wanna know about adventurers?”

Oh, I see, so these Black Soldier Dogs and Black Pawn Dogs are probably the guys I caught with my dog trap. That’s how strong D-Ranks are? As I am now, I could defeat them barehanded in a single strike.

Well, whatever. I’ll ask him to continue.

“Yes, please tell me.”

“Great answer. Well, adventurers are kinda jacks of all trades, y’know. I think that’s the best way to put it. In the royal capital… Wait, not only there. In all countries and most towns in Anazumu, there’s ‘guilds’ with the shared name [Adventurer’s Guild]. People who’re registered there are called ‘adventurers’. Adventurers subdue magic beasts, like we did this time, gather specific items from dangerous places, and they occasionally guard merchants. By the way, there’s no requirements to become an adventurer, y’know? Basically, anyone can become one. Well, they’ll kick you out, if you cause trouble, and they won’t let you register, if you’re a big-time criminal, but whether you’re a former slave, someone in extreme poverty, or a noble in special circumstances… There’s all kinds. You with me so far?”


“Alright, let’s continue. The guild also has a rankin’ system, that goes from G- to SSS-Rank. Parties like us also have a rank that goes from F- to SSS-Rank, see? There’s also X-Rank for exceptions, but… well, it’s for kids below the suitable age to earn some pocket money. Rank is important. As for why, it increases the variety of jobs you can accept. The four of us are D-Rank, but our party is C-Rank. So, we can accept commissions up to C-Rank. By the way, this job here was C-Rank. Of course, you get commissions in the guild! Well, that’s about it.”

“…Hrm. I understood that well! Thank you very much!”

“Oh, that’s great, y’know.”
((Actually, that’s something everyone learns when they’re still toddlers… She lost her memory, after all, I feel sorry for her.))

Orgo’s explanation had been surprisingly easy to understand

Oh, it’s almost noon. I’m hungry.

Right when I thought that, I heard someone call out to Orgo and me. That was probably the voice of the girl called Lilo. Orgo followed the voice and went to where it had been coming from. I briskly followed behind him.



  1. In chapter 25, Jisef called them 黒歩犬 (“Black Pawn/Walker Dog”), while they are called 黒般犬 (“Black Normal Dog”) here. I decided to use Black Pawn Dog, since it fits the naming scheme better, imo.
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