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Chapter 26 – Awakening

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Whatever Translations English Source: Re:Library


Where am I, a house? Inside?

「Oh! It got up, don’t worry, you’re safe here!……」

「Huh? Who are you?」

Who’s even this person? A person, another person….. My eye’s are blurred out so I can’t see.

「Everythings fine..Everyone! The girl woke up!」


No, aren’t you the girl? 

I’m a guy, I also already confirmed.

No way…did I invoke 「Gender Conversion 」……?

It isn’t here. Firstly, I didn’t put any SKP.

Well, it can be said that I looked like a girl from the beggening……!?

I couldn’t really confirm my appearance before either, so……

「Are you okay?」

 An anxious woman starts talking to me.

「Oh, yes..but what now?……」


Seems that we are communicating properly. God has apologized for not giving me a cheat ability, but I’m thankful that I cans till communicate.

By the way, what i’m wearing…is a skirt…。

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「These clothes were given by the people of the village! But I’m sorry, I changed your clothes without permission, I still haven’t changed your underwear, so you can change that by yourself!」

That being said, she pointed to a desk in the room.

There are things like women’s underwear and clothes.


「What’s up? Isn’t she going to change?There’s nothing to be worried about. Were all girls here」

Are you telling me to change in front you, are you serious?

This person is probably the worrying type,

But yor telling me to change in public.

Is your head misplaced.

Do I really have to change my clothes here? 

Well…aren’t I a man?

Is changing clothes in front of a woman a good idea?

Rather, if i become a girl…

Can’t be helped, I will become a girl with my skill then.

Beyond that, I’m panicking whether this is a good idea.

Besides, 200SKP is not too heavy right now.

I quickly pour in the skill points

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…..It’s pretty disappointing that i’ts rather instant

Isn’t there suppose to be transformation, or being bathed in light?

That’s fine, I suppose

「……Well, that’s right.」

I put on the underwear, and wrap the cloth around my chest.

Isn’t there a bra?

Well, I am a 12 year old, so I should be at least in the first year of junior high

…….My breast seem to be B-cup as well.

I quite don’t understand it.

「Good, sounds like it was perfect.」


I put on the skirt and shirt again.

The woman calls for something towards the door

The door opens, 3 young people and a old man come in.

「Hey little girl, are you alright?」

The man with a great physique says. The girl with pink hair opens her mouth

「Have you collapsed in the forest with all this blood?」

「Huh…..ah ! …………。Is that so…」

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I forgot to wipe the blood. You misunderstood that I was bleeding.

My wound seems to be sore, because of the layers of Heal putted on.

「Er..did you bring me here?」

「Oh, yes!」

「……Thank you」

Sounds like a bother. Sorry

 The Blonde person opens his mouth, from the atmosphere alone, it seems like he’s the leader.

「Won’t you be humble? Why were you in such a state in the forest?」

Let’s try not to remember here. Let’s say it’s memory loss.

「Ah…..I can’t really remember anything.……」

「Well, where did you live nearby? Is it near here?」

「……Can’t remember anything. Not even my name……」

「………っ!?  Really!? If it’s a name, think about 「Status」in your head.」

Status? I wonder if it will really show up because of loss of memory.

Because I haven’t actually lost my memory.

Let’s pretend to look and tell our name for the time being.

How should I refer myself in first person? me(ore)?me(watashi)? Both don’t sound that good.

I’m afraid that I will get used to this.

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「Alim…..It’s Alim!」

「Alim is it, it’s a nice name」

「It’s not nice, it’s cute!」

「That’s right!」

The oldman open his mouth while walking in

「Wait a moment, I haven’t introduced myself yet, I’m the Eagle and village head of Puppy Village, Jizefu(T/N: **** if i know)」

「Well, we are a party of adventures called “Seinforce”, I’m the party leader, Ruin, thanks for your help.」

「I’m Orgo.」

「I’m Lilo! Nice to meet you Alim! 」

「I am called Muri.」

「Everyone, thank you!」

 The Blonde one is Ruin, Muscles is Orgo, peach hair is Lilo, and light blue hair is Muri.

 Jizefu is muttering something.

「If..If you go to the kingdom, you might know something about this girl.」

「I agree, so once return back to the kingdom, we will find someone, don’t you guy 」


「Village head, when’s the next carriage coming by?」

「In about 3 days from now, meanwhile the girl will stay put here, you guys can go back to the inn from yesterday.」

「I’m saved」

「After all I did defeat the Black Soldiers. I suppose it also serves as personal thanks.」


 Oh, I decided to go to the kingdom without permission.

「Uh, umm……」

「What’s wrong Alim?」

「For everything you guys done, thank you very much!」

「Hahaha, that’s good!」

「When you’re in trouble, we got you back!」

 This is how I first met the inhabitants of this world, as they took care of me


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