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Chapter 25 – Bloody Girl

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Whatever Translations English Source: Re:Library

「Everyone….I’m sorry! And thank you very much!」

An old man says.

「No, we came with a request, we’re in trouble, and it’s mutually exclusive」

「Isn’t that right Village chief? We don’t need certain things.」

「Thanks to this, we got skin and fangs form those Black Soldier Dogs」

「Also…If there is any trouble, please call」

It’s a group of 4, a young man and women talking to the Village Chief.

「Fofofofofo……you guys, are so reliable……」

 The Vilage Chief look at them with respect.

「By the way, aren’t you injured」

「It’s fine! Our recovery role is excellent!」

「…It’s fine」

The strong and well looking man of age with brown hair and a balance face asks.

A girl with beautiful long hair answers,

「Well, well! Then it seems that you guys can capture “That”」

「Huh? Grandpa, what is “that”?」

The one asking the question is a girl with pink hair reaching towards her shoulders1

「Actually, there is a dungeon within the forest of this village」2

「A Dungeon!? What is it called!?」

A blond haired boy, with deprived eyes, asks the Village Chief with excitement3

The old man responds.

「Yes…the name….what name was it? Ah, yes…. “Puppy forest”, being a husband that has entered before a long time ago, I have only entered once. Of course I immediately went out….」

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「Well, I’m not saying this to discourage you, but the bosses are unreasonable high. But you might find treasures for you to take!」

「Oh! Thats right!」

「We have prepared HP and MP potions, right?」

「Alright, but if things get dangerous, run immediately, got it?」


 Three voices speak in union, The boy looks at them warmly.

「Hey, can you guide us please?」

「Of course. What time will you depart?」

「Well, we haven’t eaten breakfast yet, so after that will be fine!」

「That’s right! Let’s have a late breakfast!」

「Houh~, then why not try out our specialty, Puppy’s Village prideful vegetables!」

「No, even if you treated us…」

「Come on! Don’t be afraid, if you guys weren’t there, then that Black Soldier Dog would have eaten me」

「Alright, if you insist.」

The 4 and the old man headed to the village to eat breakfast. After they prepare, they will head towards the dungeon.

 While leaving the village and talking about the Dungeon, we have reached our destination.



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「What’s the matter Village Chief?」

「The place where the dungeon was…there’s a hole. Well, surely the dungeon must be here……」

「Did someone before us captured it?」

「Surely. It’s whoever comes first. first served, right?」

「But…even so…..No recent adventures besides you have visited Puppy Village. Even if you come from the outside, there is no way you can find the dungeon without guidance as it is deeply hidden in the forest……」

As soon the Old man said that, the Blond leader screamed.

「Hey, There is someone over there!」

「Is that so? Wait, they look really bloody!」

「Are you lying!?」

「Let’s go help, quickly!」


The 5 of them rush to the blood covered person. They felt this was daunting more as they ran.

「Hey! It’s a girl, isn’t it!? Why is she in such a place!?」4

「I’m not sure, but she’s still breathing!」

「Woah! High heal! High heal!」

「Well, let’s bring her to the village for now, she must be a daughter from someone……」

「Thats right, let’s bring her over to the House of Eagle so she can rest!」

「Let’s quickly go!」

Saying so, the five brought over the girl with crimson hair back to the village.

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But they have noticed something strange when they returned.

That is, no one in the village knew who the girl was.

Even the Village Chief himself…


  1. T/N: auto best grill, short hair, best hair~
  2. T/N:Uh-oh
  3. T/N: **** not another one of those pretty boys
  4. T/N: Gender confirmed, side note, couldn’t she check her pants before?

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