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Chapter 24 – Fatigue

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Whatever Translations / rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

This chapter has been replaced with a new translation on [2024-07-02]. Comments may refer to the old translation.

I was able to get outside. The moment I left, a message was displayed in my mind.

Cleared Pipi Forest’s dungeon “Joy”.
You obtained the titles “Conqueror of the Dungeon ‘Joy'”, “Godspeed Growth”, “S-Rank Magic Beast Subjugator”, “Monster Genocider”, and “Superman”.
You obtained the seal “Forest of the Rainbow King”.
You obtained 500 STP and SKP as a reward for clearing the dungeon.

All that at once. It’s impossible to process that at the same time. By the way, what’s that so called seal?

I examined “Forest of the Rainbow King”.

A seal awarded to those who cleared Pipi Forest’s dungeon “Joy”.
The cost of synthesis, evolution and derivation is halved for the owner of this seal.

Oh~, that thing’s really good. Do these seals provide auxiliary effects? I’ll examine the titles another time.

Since I’ve defeated those dogs, I should have leveled up, shouldn’t I? I gained… let me see, 992’400 experience, for a total of 2’355’290. I’m at level 159!?
Moreover, from level 130 on, stats like HP apparently increase by 60 per level and those like A by 30. From level 150 on, it’s 70 and 35…!

I honestly didn’t expect it to go up this much.

In addition to that, the dungeon is gone. That’s probably how they are designed. Nothing I can do about that.

The problem was the hole, where the dungeon used to be. It had turned into a mere ordinary crater, but…
There’s currently a huge pile of my stuff in there, you know. It looks like a garbage dump. Though, it’s not garbage.

I need to craft the pouch quickly and gather all this stuff. I’ll wipe off the blood later.

I dismantled the golden and silver dogs. They were incredible. Bones, fangs, and claws… everything had the same color as their skin.
If I sell these materials, I’ll probably get a high price. But the pouch comes first.

I immediately tanned the skin the best way I was currently able to, made the best possible thread from the hair I currently could, and then crafted the best possible pouch my current abilities allowed. Even with my technical prowess, this work took quite some time. Furthermore, I went as far as to add embroidery and engraving to the pouch. The result was rather good-looking.

Let’s appraise it.

“Golden King Dog Leather Pouch”
-Status → Good
-Quality → High
-Value → Treasure
-Material → Hide of the Golden King Dog, Thread spun from fur of the Silver Attendant Dog
-Type → Leather Container

-A container crafted by using the hide of a Golden King Dog and thread spun from the fur of a Silver Attendant Dog.

Oh wow! Well, with an evaluation that good, this feels like getting a compliment. It says it’s a treasure, you know, a treasure! At any rate, those two dogs are called Golden King Dog and Silver Attendant Dog, aren’t they?

Then, let’s use the Magic Card.

I stuck it onto the pouch, which should have done the trick. The pasted-on card then vanished, as if being absorbed into the pouch.

“Golden King Dog Leather Magic Bag (Pouch)”
-Status → Best
-Quality → Highest
-Value → National Treasure
-Material → Hide of the Golden King Dog, Thread spun from fur of the Silver Attendant Dog, Magic Card
-Type → Leather Magic Bag

-A container crafted by using the hide of a Golden King Dog and thread spun from the fur of a Silver Attendant Dog. Can store an infinite number of items.
-When storing things, they will be forcibly sucked into the bag, no matter how large they are.
-Things can be taken out of the bag by thinking about them, and it is possible to take out multiple things at the same time.
-Furthermore, time for things stored in this bag will be stopped.

This is… amazing.

The moment I affixed the card, it improved parts it wasn’t satisfied with, fixed flaws in the tanned leather, and improved the quality. In addition, it had these effects.

I wonder, Isn’t this living in easy-mode in this world?

I immediately took all the materials I had gathered so far from the other bags and sucked them into the pouch1.

…This feels as if I’m using a vacuum cleaner. It’s rather refreshing. Like when we did a major cleanup around year’s end.

Now, what should I do after this…? Crafting the pouch ate up a lot of time, so it’s already early evening.

Yawn~~~, so tired. I’m awfully exhausted. Time to sleep.
Good night~…

-Alim slept like a log!-

Author’s notes:

Experience values for the bosses:

Silver Attendant Dog
In the wild → 17’200
In the dungeon → 34’800

Golden King Dog
In the wild → 86’000
In the dungeon → 172’000

Rainbow Dog (Rainbow Emperor Dog)
In the wild → 516’000
In the dungeon → 774’000

It was originally planned to have Alim clear the dungeon at level 67 and reach level 75 after beating the boss, with it merely being the Golden King Dog. But it didn’t feel like the story would live up to its name, if he didn’t at least reach level 100.

Experience point values for magic beasts are calculated in a way, so they would give 5 to 10 times the exp amount of those of the preceding rank. Since the exp values of both the Rainbow Dog and the Golden Dog were so high (the three dogs were B-, A-, and S-Rank, while the long-hair dog was only C-Rank), it resulted in this final level.

This is Alim’s current status sheet. Some of his stats have increased thanks to skills:

– Status –
Name: Alim
Level: 159 EXP: 2’355’290
HP: 5730/5730 (30) MP: 5780/5780 (40)
A (Attack): 2885 (20) C (Dexterity): 2930 (30)
D (Defense): 2865 (20) W (Magic power): 2880 (35)
S (Quickness): 2875 (30)
STP: 6655
– Skills –
[C: Water Sword Summoning Magic] Lv. 2 [D(X): Improved Thunder Magic] Lv. 2 [D(X): Improved Fire Magic] Lv. 0 [D(X): Improved Water Magic] Lv. 1
[D(X): Improved Wind Magic] Lv. 0 [D(X): Improved Earth Magic] Lv. 0 [E: Soap] Lv. MAX [E(X): Psychic Magic] Lv. –
[E(X): Restoration Magic] Lv. 2 [E(X): Ice Magic] Lv. – [E(X): Stone Magic] Lv. – [E(X): Enhancement Magic] Lv. –
[E(X): Enfeeblement Magic] Lv. –
[Appraisal King★★★★] Lv. MAX [Gender Conversion★★★] Lv. – [Swordsmanship★★] Lv. 3 [Martial Arts★] Lv. –
[Spear Arts★] Lv. – [Bow Arts★] Lv. – [Dismantling★] Lv. MAX [Leather Processing★] Lv. MAX
[Cooking★] Lv. 2 [Sewing★] Lv. MAX
SKP: 5968
[Conqueror of the Dungeon “Joy”] [Godspeed Growth] [S-Rank Magic Beast Subjugator] [Monster Genocider]
[Forest of the Rainbow King]

TL notes:
I included the author’s notes, which were not in the previous translation. Unless I made a mistake in my excel sheet for stats on each level, they are wrong again for level 159. Base stats should be 5830 and 2915.



  1. It’s not 100% clear whether he takes the stuff out of the other bags first, or simply sucks in all those bags.
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