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Chapter 23 – Joy After Victory

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Whatever Translations / rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

This chapter has been replaced with a new translation on [2024-07-02]. Comments may refer to the old translation.

I won, but that foe was so strong…
Huh, I wonder what would’ve happened to me, if I wasn’t level 117…

My head and abdomen hurt. I need to use Heal…

At any rate, these dogs have some awfully nice hides… I absolutely have to take them with me. Also, their magic cores. A yellow one emerged from the silver dog, an orange one from the golden dog, and a red one from the rainbow dog.

Now, after defeating the rainbow dog, some kind of treasure chest had appeared in the middle of the field. Or rather, it “rose up” from the ground.

The decorations on it looked rather pretty. The prospect of opening it made me feel all giddy. I couldn’t help it, as an RPG lover. On unsteady feet, I closed in on the treasure chest and opened it.

Inside were a card (?), two skill disks, and finally a box, that was filled with one orange and five yellow magic cores.

For the time being, let’s take a look at these two skill cards. They’re probably something of cheat-grade.

“Appraisal King ★★★★”
You gain all kinds of information about objects1, including their value, how to use them, their name, what material they are made of, and so on.
When you consciously decide to appraise an object, this information will immediately flow into your mind.

Amazing, this is incredible…! Merely by clearing a dungeon, I obtained something of this caliber!

And what about the other one?

“Gender Conversion★★★”
Allows a man to “turn into” a woman, and vice versa. You can change your gender without any restrictions.
This is a complete gender switch in all aspects, and is not limited to outward appearance, but also includes the body’s specifications and the instinctual way of thinking for the chosen gender.
Furthermore, facial features and physique also change together with gender. Also, even though you gain the instinctual way of thinking for the chosen gender, your fundamental personality and thoughts will not change, but if, for example, a woman “turns into” a man, she will behave like someone of the same gender and not the opposite gender, when touching other men2.

Huh, what should I use this for? Undercover investigations?

Also, from as far as I understand its effects, even if I were to peek into the women’s bath3 as a girl, I’d probably think about it like a normal woman would when looking into said bath? Though, that’s not something I would do. I’m serious, you know?

I’ll learn the skill for now, but I won’t use it. I don’t particularly need it. Why in the world does something like this even exist? Who’s the guy who thought that up?

For the time being, I acquired both skills.

You have obtained the SK2 skills “Appraisal King★★★★” and “Gender Conversion★★★”.

Should I take a look at Appraisal King?

Appraisal King
★★★★ SKP: 0/300
Lv0: SKP-0
Lv1: SKP-100
Lv2: SKP-200
LvMAX: SKP-300

Hm, it says Lv0? Is this a skill that results from evolution?
Let’s check its details.

Inherits the fundamental abilities of Appraisal Master, Stone Appraisal, Dismantling Appraisal4, Arms Appraisal, Tool Appraisal, and Plant Appraisal at max level.

Ah, so I was right, after all. If you synthesize all these appraisal skills with Appraisal Master, it turns into this, right? Or rather, those are what it would disassemble into.

I wonder if Dismantling also serves as material for something. Maybe for a skill like “Harvest King”. That might be possible, right?

Incidentally, it looked like level 1 to 3 broadened the scope and variety of what could be viewed5.

Alright, let’s immediately max it out and appraise this thing that looks like a card.

I allocated 300 points to Appraisal King. Then, I gave the card a closer look. For some reason, there was a complex-looking magic circle drawn onto it…

“Magic Card of Infinite Storage”
-Status→ Good
-Quality → Highest
-Value → National Treasure
-Material → Paper
-Type → Magic Card

-This card is used by sticking in onto a tool that possesses the function to store things. This card can only be used once and when it is affixed to an object, it will disappear.
-After affixing the card, said object will be able to store an infinite number of items. Furthermore, it will increase the performance of said object.
-When storing items, they will be forcibly sucked into said object, no matter how large they are. You can take things out of said object by thinking about them, and it is possible to take out multiple things at the same time. Furthermore, time for things stored in said object will be stopped.

I absolutely got my hands on something incredible. Seriously, what the hell is this thing?

My luggage issues are solved now, aren’t they? The question is, what should I use for storage? This thing is valuable, so I’d better use something good. For example, if I make a pouch out of the golden dog’s hide and the silver dog’s fur, it’ll probably turn out amazing.

Though I can’t use the rainbow dog, since it would be wasted on this, wouldn’t it?

Should I take these, go outside, and then quickly craft it? “Leather Processing”, “Dismantling”, and “Sewing” are at max level, and my C has surpassed 1000. I should be able to make something rather good.

That said, where do I leave?

I surveyed my surroundings. There was a place where light was flowing from for some reason. That was probably something like a Warp Hole.

I picked up the treasure chest, the three dogs6, and those other things, and went into the light.

TL notes:
Well, I was somewhat hoping that the disastrous last chapter was an exception, but it looks like all of the chapters done by that translator are like this. On the bright side, those chapters will probably make a lot more sense, once I’m through with them…



  1. It says “things” in the original, which likely means mostly nonliving things, with a few exceptions, like plants.
  2. This does explain a lot of things that will happen later in the story, so you might want to keep that part in mind.
    Still, I can’t help thinking that changing this fundamental way to perceive people would also change the user’s personality and thoughts.
  3. What is it with this trope in light novels. Am I weird for not getting the appeal of it at all? It just seems childish.
  4. This is more along the lines of “appraisal of things gained by dismantling” instead of “appraisal of the dismantling itself”.
  5. It says that they are not broadened in the original, but that doesn’t make sense. Why would he level it to max if that’s the case?
  6. Weren’t these things as big as a lion? How is a 12-year-old supposed to carry three of them at once?
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