Chapter 23 – Joy After Victory

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Whatever Translations English Source: Re:Library

He was strong, but I won…….

How did he manage to get to LV 117……


My head and stomach hurt. I need to heal…..

For a dog, he has nice skin……. I will definitely bring this home. A red demon nucleus. The silver one was yellow, the Golden, was orange, and the Rainbow one was red.

After defeating him, a lone chest appeared in the middle of the field.

No, it “came out” of the ground.

With the decorations it has, it resembles an RPG. I can’t contain my excitement.

While staggering my feet, I approached my chest.

What was inside was a card of some sort, 2 skill disk, 1 orage, and 5 yellow demon nucleus.

Let’s check these 2 skills, Hope it will be something cheat-worthy.

「Appraisal King ★★★★ 」

You can now see all kinds of information, including, material names, value, usage, and names. When you think about appraising an object while looking at it, the information will appear immediately.

….How amazing is this!

Just by clearing a dungeon, you can obtain items like these!

….What about the other one?

「Gender Conversion★★★」

A “Man can be a Woman”, and a “Woman can be a Man”.

You can freely change your gender.

Not just appearance -wise, also body specifications, instinctive gender thinking with hetero thoughts.

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Your own way of thinking and mental thoughts won’t change either

This means while a Man is a “Woman”, when they conduct sexual acts with another Man, it will still be “same-gender” sex.

Well, I suppose I can use this while in undercover operations, I guess.

But from what I understand, if someone’s disguised as a woman and sneak into the woman’s bath, does it still count as peeking since they are both women?

I’m not saying I would do such a thing, I think so?1

I’ll put this skill on hold for now. Honestly, who even came up with this skill in the first place>

…..Whatever. I’ll master both of them.

【SK2 「Appraisal King★★★★ 」&「Gender Conversion★★★」 Have been acquired】

Can I now look at 「Appraisal King」?


Appraisal King

★★★★ SKP:0/300

Lv0: SKP-0

Lv1: SKP-100

Lv2: SKP-200

Lv MAX: SKP-300


Why is it LV 0?, Is it a type of evolutionary skill?

Let’s check the details

【Inherits the basic effects of Appraisal Master, Stone appraisal, Demolition Object appraisal, Weapon Appraisal, Tool Appraisal, and Plant Appraisal LV MAX.】

So there was something like this huh?, If you master everything, you get Appraisal King,

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It seems LV 1-3 doesn’t seems to broaden the scope or variety.

Let’s immediately put 300 points in it.

….There seems to be complex magic in my the card now?

「Infinite storage Card」

・State→ Good

・Quality→ Supreme

・Value→National treasure

・Material→ Paper

・Type→ Magic Card


This card sticks and uses a tool with the storing function.

This card disappears when sticked to an object, Can only be used once.

Objects fixed with this card will now be able to hold infinite objects.

Higher performance, with higher quality objects.

For bigger objects, The Storage unit will forcibly inhale it.

For taking things out, you may think about the object you wish. Can also take out multiple items.

For whatever is inside the Storage unit, time will be frozen.

….I obtained something amazing.

Seriously, what is it with this thing!?

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My baggage problems are now solved with this, but where should I sticky it to?

I can make pouches with the Silver ones hair and the golden ones skin, I can make amazing things with this.

I don’t want to use the Rainbow one’s skin, because I feel that it would be a waste if I did.

I’ll quickly make something then.

「Leather Processing」「Dismantling」「Sewing」, all of these are in MAX LV, and C is greater than 1000.2

This will be pretty good.


So, how will I get outside?

As I looked around, I see some light, seems to be a warp hole.

As I carried the treasure chest, the 3 dogs, and other things, I head towards the light.


  1. T/N: Have you noticed you a girl?
  2. T/N: stupid question, what’s “C”?

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