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Chapter 22 – Gold, Silver, and Rainbow

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Whatever Translations / rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

This chapter has been replaced with a new translation on [2024-06-30]. Comments may refer to the old translation.

I opened the castle gate and went inside.

The interior was rather wide. It was slightly smaller1 than an elementary school gym. Then, there was a scenery as if I was in a forest, with moss growing on the ground, and trees that seemed to avoid a certain area. Finally, in the middle of that place, there were dogs.

Three of them, in fact. All three were of the same size as the big dogs from the dungeon.

The pelt of the first dog shone silver, with hair about as long as the long-hair dog. The second dog’s pelt shone gold, and while its hair seemed no different from a normal dog, it was staggeringly beautiful. Finally, the dog in the middle, who was accompanied by the other two, had white hair, but it shone like a rainbow.

That dog… is strong.
I can probably defeat the other two with ease. But that rainbow dog might be trouble, even at my current level.

“Woof…” the rainbow dog barked lightly.

Maybe that was some kind of signal.

“Awoo~~~!” the silver dog next to him howled, and the same moment, it was enveloped by a green aura.

That’s “Nature of Wind2“, isn’t it?

The silver dog, clad in that aura, turned to me and leapt.
I see, its speed is rather high. Still, mine is higher.

I quickly got ready to draw my blade, focusing on the nerves in my hand.

I slashed with my Water Sword at the leaping dog, cutting it down in an instant. I probably sliced it three times.
The silver dog had already breathed its last.

The rainbow dog gave another signal and fell back. At the same time, the golden dog stepped a few steps closer from where it had been, and howled like the silver dog. A red magic circle appeared at my feet.

Is that some kind of fire magic? Still, that isn’t the magic circle of an emission spell.
…Is it from a higher stage?

I quickly shot off a Water Emission from my back, using that power to distance myself from the magic circle. I heard the sound of a staggering explosion, from where the magic had been shot off.

That’s some awfully flashy magic… Isn’t that like a pillar of fire? Moreover, it’s rather thick. That’s probably the next level after the “improved” stage of skills that have emission spells.

For the time being, I’ll defeat the golden dog.

I cast Water Emission, trying to pin its head down. Then, one more Water Emission, followed by another one. I cast around seven Water Emissions in succession, and after that, three Thunder Emissions.

Since I attacked so rapidly, the dog proved unable to evade. Before long, it stopped moving.

Only the rainbow dog remained. Its white fur shone even more brightly.

“Awoo~~!” The howl contained a threat.

The dog was probably casting a spell. Still, something felt out of place.

It looks like the air around its mouth is being distorted by the magic power of whatever spell it casts, doesn’t it? Right, it’s exactly like the scenery being warped by hot air in summer.

Emission magic circles appeared, as if trying to surround me. Moreover, each of them was of a different kind.

That something like this is possible…! I see, that out of place feeling from before. This is what the dog was doing.

I have both Thunder and Water Emission, but I’m not able to use them both simultaneously. How can you do that?

…That’s it, the air. It got warped around its mouth, since the dog gathered magic power in the air. I see, so if I cast by infusing magic power into air, I can invoke different spells at the same time… right?

But first things first, how will I dodge all these emissions? That dog is definitely stronger than the other two. Even the golden dog’s magic was strong enough to do a fair amount of damage. If all of these hit me, it will end badly for me.

I immediately invoked Water and Thunder Emission simultaneously and used them to cover two of those magic circles. I was able to do so by concentrating magic power in three places – my mouth, breath, and brain – and then chanting the name of the spell I was going to shoot plus “Emission”.

What the hell, that’s easy. Surprisingly easy, no?

So, what to do about the remaining two? I can avoid one of them, but the other seems impossible… I’ll take the damage.

I got hit by my opponent’s “Land Emission… which emitted a stream of soil onto my head.


Together with sharp pain, a large amount of blood flowed from my head.

I need to start counterattacking, while talking care not to get any blood into my eyes3.

I faced the rainbow dog and shot off a Thunder Emission and 10 Thunder Balls. The mutt’s speed seemed to be rather high. It easily dodged those 11 spells with a backstep.

But those were a feint4. As a matter of fact, I had followed them up with another Thunder Emission and 10 Thunder Balls. The dog got hit by them.

I couldn’t really understand its expressions, but I got the impression that its face, which had seemed so distinguished, got warped for a moment.
Serves you right!

I readied my Water Sword for a follow-up attack and instantly got close to the dog, until it was within my reach. It also seemed to become aware of what I was doing, and took a stance, as if it was about to lunge at some prey.

We were both planning to fight in close quarters.

Right as I swung my sword, the dog brandished its sharp claws. My sword and the rainbow dog’s claws met, interlocking in some kind of duel. Even though my sword was made of water, things that looked like sparks scattered. I continued striking at it. It also swung its claws.

We alternately went on the offensive and defensive. If someone with a liking for battles would see this, they might call it a “beautiful fight”. This exchange of blows continued, until it looked like I had emerged the victor. I was able to impale the dog with my sword.


…Even so, as if to match my strike, the rainbow dog’s claws had also pierced my abdomen.
Did I get careless?

We both immediately drew back, to see how things would go. For some time, neither of us moved. The silence wasn’t broken. After a while, the rainbow dog was the first to make a move.

This time, it was probably magic of the stage after “improved”. Further, the dog invoked four types at the same time.
No, this is different from what the golden dog shot off. Is this magic even higher?

This is bad. If it’s higher than what I’ve seen so far, I won’t stand a chance if that hits me. Furthermore, it’s four different types at the same time. So, the dog is getting serious?

But I still had an ace up my sleeve.


This is it. This skill. At the start, I thought it was trash.
However, it’s exactly the right thing to rob animals of their vision.

I designated 300 MP to it. My W had surpassed 1000. Consequently, more than 30’000 soap bubbles would appear.

A magic circle expanded, filling the entire field. I got the impression that the rainbow dog had a slightly surprised look on its face.

Perhaps my opponent could sense me by smell, since it was a dog. However, you had to know precisely where to put your magic circle, or you wouldn’t land a perfect hit. Though it was the same for me, too. I was also thinking of a proper countermeasure for it.

I slipped out of the group of magic circles, while the rainbow dog was distracted by the soap bubbles, and closed in at full speed on where I remembered the dog standing. Behind me, a noise, that seemed to be coming from the depths of hell, echoed. If something like that had hit me, I would have been done for. Cold sweat ran down my spine.

I fired off a Water and Thunder Emission at the same time at where the rainbow dog likely was.

As for why, if I were able to catch my opponent with that, it would have been simple.

The dog was glowing. When I had seen that, I immediately understood. Whether my opponent was happy, angry or sad about the situation, it was enjoying this fight. For some time now, it had been emitting a staggeringly dazzling glow. Thanks to that, I could see where it was.

The dog, maybe because it noticed the two magic attacks coming from the ground, jumped up with shockingly great power, avoiding them. It skillfully evaded by jumping upwards. This had been my plan.

I dispelled the soap bubbles. In this wide field of view, a total of 300 things were spread out. Those were Lv5 “Balls” – 60 each of the fire, water, wind, earth, and thunder type…!

You probably cannot avoid them, while you’re in mid-air. Eat them all!

A single magic beast was hit by 300 spells.

A blinding flash enveloped my surroundings.

Something dropped down from mid-air. That something was the rainbow dog, which had been wounded to great extent, yet the beauty of its hair was not lost at all.

It was dead.

…I won.
I have conquered the dungeon!

TL notes:
This chapter marks the transition of the previous translator from Soulpermutation to Whatever Translations, and… Holy shi̲t! I have so many questions I’m not sure I want the answers to.

Did the translator ever look at the preceding chapters? Why are there whole sentences just… missing? Why are some sentences translated in a way that has absolutely nothing to do with the original? I even checked if the original chapter was edited after that translation was made, but the last edit was in 2016, while the translation is (according to Novel Updates) from 2017.

It’s not like there weren’t a ton of errors in Soulpermutation’s chapters, but this was on a completely different level!

Sorry for the rant.



  1. It says “about one size smaller” in the original. Do gyms come in sizes?
  2. The wind version of “Nature of Water” that was mentioned in chapter 10.
  3. You’d think he’d at least level up healing magic before fighting the boss…
  4. It says “fake” (the katakana for the English word) in the original. I assume that’s what he means.
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