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Chapter 22 – Gold, Silver, and Rainbow Colors

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Whatever Translations English Source: Re:Library

I opened the castle gates and went inside.

It’s pretty wide in here. But still narrower than a school gym. And inside, there are trees growing, like a forest.

But in the middle, there was a dog. 3of them in fact.

All were as large as a big dog from earth.

One of them has shiny, silver hair.

The other as gold, from looking at it, they look like hair from a common dog, but for some reason, it’s beautiful

Then, the one in the middle, its hair is white, but shines like rainbows. But compared to the other two.

He looks strong.

He looks like he can take the 2 besides him easily.

This Rainbow-colored dog, however, seems to be talking to them


He barks lightly. Was it a sign? The silver one was-


At that moment, a green aura gathered around, it was probably was [Wind]

The Silver dog suddenly aims for me, it’s pretty fast, but i’m faster.

I quickly concentrate magic in my hands.


 I produced a water sword in an instant, and cut the Silver one 3 times.

It made its final breaths, and dies

The Rainbow one has signaled that it will back off.

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In addition, the Golden one has stepped in, and made the same sound as the Silver.

A red magical glow appeared beneath me. Fire type magic?

But I don’t feel its magical emission.

…Is it a stage above?

I released some water to get away from it quickly.

Just as I got away, I heard a terrible explosion just where I was. What fancy magic.

Isn’t it a pillar of fire. It’s also quite thick.

Apparently this skill can be learned with [Reform]1

Anyhow, I will defeat that Golden mutt.

I cast water emissions. Then I hold his head down. I casted water emissions 7 times in a row, I follow with thunder emissions 3 times.

Because I did this with rapid succession, he couldn’t evade it.

He then ceased to move2

Only the Rainbow-colored dog remains, it’s hair further shines brighter


It’s howl felt intimidating, It probably casted a spell.

But this feels strange..

The air around his mouth is distorted by magical power.

Like the heat waves you see in the summer.

My surrounding area was filled with magic emissions. Everything is different as well.

Was it possible to do something like this…! That’s right, I sensed something incompatible. The dog was doing something

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I have both Water and Thunder emissions, not once was I able to use them simomustanly, but how could you achieve it?

……Of course, Air. he used the air to concentrate his power, that’s why his mouth was warped.

If I cast magical power in the air, can I also use different types of magic at the same time?

But how do you avoid this. He is definitely stronger than the other two.

This is enough to damage the Golden one.

This is all you have to eat.3

I immediately activate Water and Thunder emissions at the same time to cover 2 of its magic teams. I made it by concentrating the magical power on the mouth, breath and brain for output, chanting only “emissions”, so the name of the technique can be released.

It’s easy, isn’t? Surprise me.

One of them can be avoided, the other seems impossible, I’ll accept it.


Large amount of blood gushes out from my head. I quickly have to counter attack quickly before the blood covers my eyes.

I shoot out rapid Thunder emissions and Thunder Balls 10 times. He is able to dodge every single one with rapid succession.

But it’s no use

I have fired another additional Water and Thunderball emissions right behind them.

A direct hit.

I can’t read monsters expressions but, for a moment the dogs face while looking at me, was distorted.

I make a Water Sword, and quickly go where he is at.

He seems like he noticed me, takes a stance, and jumps over like hunting for prey.

I’ll take you on.

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Right as I wield the sword, he also approaches with his sharp claws. Even though my sword is made out of water, sparks still appeared as they clashed.

I keep wielding. He does the same.

This was going back and forth.

If someone were to witness this. They would not say this was a magnificent battle.

As we kept going, it seemed that I have become the victor.4

He got impaled.


….Seems that he also stabbed me in my stomach. Were you careles?

Him and I retreat to check the situation as things are.

For a while, we both don’t move. Silence surrounds the area.

The dog, quietly moved first.

This seems to be the best stage of [Reform], I also sensed 4 types of magic being used simultaneously.

This is different from the Golden dog, is it upper magic?

This is bad. Doesn’t seem I’ll survive if I get hit by that. Moreover, 4 kinds simultaneously. He’s serious.

However, I still got a trump card.


It’s this skill. From the beginning, I thought this skill was a waste.

But it’s good for blinding enemies, such as this one.

The price to pay was 300 MP. W exceeds 1000.

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There for, 30,000 bubbles can emerge

The area is filled with magic. The dog seems to have a surprising expression.

Well, because it’s a dog, he can probably find me by smell. But if he can’t sense my magic aura, he can’t hit directly.

Well, it’s the same for me. I think about it. I get out of my area. While relying on my memory I approach the dog at full speed.

A hellish boom echoes behind me. There was nothing there when I arrived. Cold sweat runs from my spine.

I fire Water and Thunder emissions from where I think the dog is at. If it were only that simple. I can see the dog is shining.

Whether he is angry or sad, it seems he’s enjoying this fight. It seems I also have been giving out a dazzling glow. It makes me understand his location

He avoids it by jumping, then 2 things come from the ground. He also avoids it, that was the purpose. I shoot out more foam.

Also, I make 300 Thunder balls appear. Ball has leveled up to LV 5 as well!

This can’t be avoided

Eat it all!

 _____A glaring Flash appears!

Something from above appears.

It’s the Rainbow colored dog, it’s beautiful hair doesn’t seem damaged.

But it’s dead.

 ___________I won.

I conquered the dungeon!


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  2. T/N: sleep tight pupper
  3. T/N: what?
  4. T/N: damn plot armor.

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