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Chapter 21 – Leveling Up like a Madman

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: soulpermutation / rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

This chapter has been replaced with a new translation on [2024-06-30]. Comments may refer to the old translation.

Alright, these are this time’s results:

Turns out, I was able to defeat every magic beast just with the Water Sword, so I made 22 rounds.

Ugh, I’m super exhausted! With that exhaustion, I got less and less excited.
Huh, how many rounds did I do in total again? I guess it was around 431?

I obtained 255200 exp this time, bringing the total to 516090. I reached level 78. Since I had passed level 70, HP, MP, STP, and SKP now increased by 40 for each level-up, and the other stats by 20.

I need to make 70 bags for all that loot. It’s such a pain.

Incidentally, I carried all the bags containing stuff from living things into the dungeon2.
Somehow, things won’t rot, when they are in there3. It’s marvelous~!

In that case, good night!


Good morning. I’ll be making bags right in the morning today.

I didn’t need to worry much about materials. For the time being, I made them from the skins of monsters other than the big dogs.

That said, it was probably rather wasteful to only make them from big dogs until now. Their skin is really good. It’s black and glossy and might be better suited to make a coat or clothes from. I should take good care of them.

The furballs were particularly suited to be turned into bags. Their skin really had no other use, after shearing off all the hair. And it wasn’t very resistant, like the small dragons’ skin, either.

Well, then, let’s quickly craft them.

I wonder, was it because C had gone up? I finished them in five hours. Though according to a simple calculation, it should’ve taken me seven. It took me four and a half minutes to finish a single bag.

Leaving that aside, I’m still planning to dive into the dungeon. To relax, should I allocate SKP to skills for a bit? For the time being, let’s raise “Dismantling” and “Leather Processing” to max level.

I wonder, is cooking fine as it is? For now, I’m satisfied with it.

Since both “Dismantling” and “Leather Processing” had reached Lv3 by themselves4, they each only required 18 points, making a total of 36.

Let’s dive in, then.

I currently have 1780 MP. But since it bugs me a little5, let’s allocate another 5 points into MP. With this, my MP is 1790 and I can make 30 rounds6.

I’ll dive all night long, you see. So long.


…I’m so sleepy~.

This time… I obtained… 348’000 exp… which… *yawn~*… which brings the total to 864’090, right~…? I reached level 96…

…Still, the bags, too~. Tomorrow, I’ll need to make a hundred more, won’t I~… or I’ll be in trouble~…

Good night…


Good morning. I slept well.
Shall we make those 100 bags, then?

This time, I finished crafting the bags in six hours. That was one bag in three and a half minutes. I’m exhausted.

Now, let’s get to level 100 quickly. It’s only four more level-ups. I wonder, should I stop at level 100? If not, I’d like to continue until my MP is at its limit again.

Then, I’ll stop leveling after today and challenge the dungeon boss tomorrow after crafting bags. Let’s do that! Time for the customary daily MP check. I have 2600 MP! So, I can dive in 43 times!

…Let’s take a nap before starting.


Taking that nap helped. I’m hanging on to my sanity.

I obtained 498’800 exp, making for a total of 1’362’890. My current level was… one hundred seventeen!
That’s right, 117! I surpassed level 100.

Moreover, according to a message, I got 500 STP and SKP as congratulations for reaching level 100. Furthermore, from level 100 on, each level-up increased HP, MP, STP, and SKP by 50 and the other stats by 25.

Tomorrow, I’ll sew 135 bags and then challenge the dungeon’s boss.

Good night


Good morning.

First, I made those 135 bags. I finished them in a bit less than five hours. I completed them at a staggering pace, with two and a half minutes per bag.

Now, should I go through that castle gate?

I entered the dungeon, quickly defeated the magic beasts on the way, and finally arrived in front of the gate. When I first came here, the gate had a sinister air about it, but I didn’t feel anything like that now…

TL notes:
With this chapter, Alim’s crazy leveling spree finally ends. Unless I miscalculated somewhere, he paid a total of 120 visits to the dungeon and crafted 365 bags. Wherever he’s storing his spoils must look like the place of a hoarder by now.

In this and the last chapter, narration frequently switches between casual and polite speech. I guess this is to show Alim’s sanity slipping away.



  1. With the times at the start, when he didn’t kill all monsters, it should be 47 times. If we only count the runs after he defeated the gray dog, it would be 45.
  2. This translation is more based on context, the original sentence is a complete mess, unless I’m missing something big.
  3. I guess now we know why Alim hasn’t created the biggest fly population in Anazumu and can still eat food without throwing up from the smell of decay.
  4. As mentioned in chapter 4, SK2 skills can level up, when you use them a lot.
  5. The original is 心配 (“worry”, “concern”) but I think he means it that he wants enough MP to do a full 30 rounds.
  6. That doesn’t fit, if he still uses 2 Water Swords (60 MP) per round. Might just be his sanity slipping.
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