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Chapter 21 – Madman-like level up

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: soulpermutation English Source: Re:Library

OK, it is the time for the results.

I could defeat all the monsters with one swing of the water sword, I went around it for 22 times.

Gee, I was really tired! Tension rose when I was too tired.

Oh, how many times was it that I did a round?!

or was it 43 times?

I got 255200 XP points this time.

It is 516090 in total.

The level is 78.

After exceeding 70, HP, MP, SKP, STP goes up by 40 with each level up, and the other stuff goes up by 20.

I had to make 70 bags for loot.

a Troublesome habit.

By the way, I need to carry a bag for all sorts of creatures in the dungeon.

If something is in the dungeon, it wouldn’t go bad, would it?

Mysterious …!

Then good night!

Good morning.

I’m making bags from morning today.

There is almost no concern for the materials.

with the exception of the big dog hide, which I’m making the bag from this guy’s leather.

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heck, I feel foolish for creating the bags from the big dog’s hide.

the hide is a really good fur in fact.

It’s black and glossy, it may have been better if I made a coat or clothes from it.

I have to cherish the big dog’s hide.

It’s the furball fellow that should become a bag, in particular.

only this hide remains after harvesting the fur, only this really has use.

and it seems that its durability is not high like the small dragon’s.

well, I swiftly make it.

Is this because C went up? I have finished in 5 hours.

by simple calculation it was supposed to take 7 hours.

One bag is completed in 4 and a half minutes.

leaving that aside, I intend to go deeper.

relaxing for a short time, should I set up and allocate my skills?!

first of all, I make the 「dismantling」 and 「leather processing」 to MAX level.

should I change cooking too? I’m satisfied with it for now.

because 「dismantling」 and 「leather processing」 became level 3 naturally, each of them only needed 18 points, 36 points in total was consumed.

Then I dive in. (TN: “the dungeon”, it just says I sink/dive, but you what it is saying by now.)

My MP is 1780 now.

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But because I’m slightly worried, I’ll use 5 STP on MP.

now MP became 1790. (TN: LOL, how anxious was he?)

I dive in 30 times approximately.

I dive in through the night.



This time…I got…348000 XP points……。

In total……faaaa (yawn sfx) …it became 864090……。

my level honestly, became 96 ….

… but for tomorrow I need to make another 100 bags too, don’t you think? … I may not be able to dive in… I’m in trouble…

Good night…

Good morning.

I slept well.

well then, I have to make 100 bags, that’s a lot.

well, this time, I was able to make them in six hours.

1 in three and a half minutes.

I’m exhausted.

well then, I need to get to level 100 quickly.

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only four more times to level-up.

till I get to level 100.

for this time, I am going to go on until I reach the end of my MP.

and, I will stop making bags for today, after I made the bags tomorrow, I will challenge the dungeon’s boss.

Let’s do that!

It’s MP- check-time for the day.

My MP is at 2600! with this, I can dive down 43 times!

… Let’s do that after I took a nap.

It really helped that I took a nap.

anyhow, I need to maintain my consciousness.

This time I got 498800 experience points.

1,362,890 in total.

My level … 1 1 7


I surpassed level 100!

Furthermore, according to the message after I reached level 100, I got 500 STP and SKP as commemoration.

In addition, from level 100 forward, HP, MP, SKP, STP rise by 50 and other stuff rise by 25 with each level-up.

tomorrow, after I sewed 135 bags, I will challenge the boss.

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Good night

Good morning.

first of all, let’s make 135 bags.

I was able to do it in a little less than five hours.

each bag in 2 and a half minutes, it was completed at a terrific speed.

Ok now, I need to get back to the castle gate.

I entered the dungeon and defeated the monsters along the way quickly and arrived before the castle gate.

when I first got here at the castle gate, the atmosphere was so ominous, but I don’t feel anything comparatively now___________________


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