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Chapter 20 – Anyway, It’s Level raising

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: soulpermutation English Source: Re:Library

Hmm, the level up is worse now ….

After I went underground for three times, I obtained 34800 experience points, which in total became 75490.

My level becomes 47.

I’ll assign STP and SKP, when my level exceeds 50.

with the big dog’s hide, I produced 5.5 parts of the bag.

along the way, I learned 「sewing ★」 skill.

immediately, I used 7 SKP, and raised it to second stage.

………I slept at once on that day.

Good morning.

ANAZUMU 8th day.

There is 820 MP, the water emission needed to defeat the long hair dog is reduced to on, I can do 4 laps now.

Hmm, I go at once.

Oh? If I ran 4 laps today, how many laps should I run ….

Yeah, 8 laps.

Today’s report.

I got 44600 experience points, which makes it 110090 in total.

My level became 52.

Furthermore, from level 50, with each level-up, HP, MP, STP, SKP raise 30 point besides that 15 points.

On top of that, as the reward for exceeding level 50, 100 points were added to STP and SKP.

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Therefore, there are 710 STP and 709 SKP.

Because it is troublesome, I left a lot of things.1

No, it is not only the status.

A tremendous amount of booty.

This bag is not enough.

I already do a steak as I eat and sleep for today and, I will make bags tomorrow.

Good morning~!

After taking a bite from a fruit for breakfast, I concentrate on making a bag.

However, the speed to be built is extremely fast.

One bag can be made for around 10 minutes, and it’s benefit of C and the sewing skill, isn’t it?

Therefore, I made 15 bags for today.

those bags could be made quite earlier than I expected, so I’ll dive into the dungeon.

Oh? Didn’t manage the status? It is troublesome.

First of all, I should think about it.

Oh, Well, I really need to reduce the consumption of MP considerably, Should I bring up the 「summon water dagger magic」 and 「sword art★」?

anyway, I made sword art and water dagger to MAX.

I use 127SKP in total.

Because sword art and water dagger became MAX, A rose by 15 in total.

and then, 「D: summon water dagger magic」 became 「C: summon water sword magic」 and 「sword art★」 became 「swordsmanship★★」.

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the cost was 5 and 3 D rank monster core.

I think that light green monster core was a D rank.

Furthermore, it cost 60SKP for 「C: summon water sword magic」 to bring it to level 2 and 45 for swordsmanship to bring it to level 3.

the SKP needed to bring them to MAX, for water sword is 75 and for swordsmanship is 150.

477 SKP remains.

by the way, the summon water sword magic, as its name suggests is a magic that summons a sword of water.

the power of the sword is 15 W.

Of course, it can also summon the dagger at level 0.

It consumes 30 MP for one-time use.

swordsmanship is the extension of sword art for prolonged use, the contents didn’t change much from the sword art.

these two skills are truly compatible.

I think so.

with this, let’s do the rounds for today~!


I got into the swing too much.

No, well, I was able to do a round with one water sword and two thunder emission in the end …………

The MP was 920.

In other words, I can still do 13 more rounds.

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The experience points that I got is 150800.

The total is 260890.

Present level is 67 …

Huh heh…. I’m tired.

When I was playing dragon story, I raised my hero’s level to 99 in one night, I was too tired then.

It’s different when you move your body.

And, the spoils of war are YABAI.2

I must sew all the time tomorrow.

Approximately, I need 40 bags……

Oh, really, It’s night already!

Going to bed to sleep.

Good night.

Good morning.

Today, I will make some bags.

I tuck.

Well, troublesome habit.

…I see; I should make the 「sewing ★」 skill’s level to MAX.

I paid 23 SKP and made it level MAX.

C went up by 5 as a bonus.

(This chapter is provided to you by Re:Library)

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Then, right away, let’s make a bag.

In about three hours, I had made 40 bags.


and, one by one the bags were made considerably quicker.

I underestimated SK2 and dexterity.

Well, I can see a glassy afterimage of my hand.

I made the bags, and what should I do today?

Go under again? How many times should I should I dive in?

Generally, In the dungeons, if you defeat the boss, the dungeons disappear.

I’m going to do it at last now.

It may be that way.

Rather, it may have been better to aim for level 100.

because each time, I will get 10,000 experience points.

MP now is 1370.

……… Well, then, I’m going


A can raise the water dagger, sword art’s bonus and sewing get a raise from C.


– Status –

Name: ARIM Level: 67 EXP: 260,890
HP: 1330/1330 (30) MP: 1370/1370 (35)
A (Attack): 685 (20) C (Dexterity): 680 (30)
D (Defense): 665 (20) W (Magic Power): 680 (35)
S (Speed): 675 (30) STP: 1260

– Skills –

[C: Summon Water Dagger Magic] Lv 2 [D(X): Thunder Magic・Kai] Lv 2 [D(X): Fire Magic・Kai] Lv 0 [D(X): Water Magic・Kai] Lv 1
[D(X): Wind Magic・Kai] Lv 0 [D(X): Earth Magic・Kai] Lv 0 [E: Soap] Lv MAX [E(X): Sense Magic] Lv –
[E(X): Heal Magic] Lv 2 [E(X): Ice Magic] Lv – [E(X): Stone Magic] Lv – [E(X): Reinforcement Magic] Lv –
[E(X): Weakening Magic] Lv –
[Sword Skill★] Lv 3 [Martial Art★] Lv – [Spear Skill★] Lv – [Bow Skill★] Lv –
[Dismantling★] Lv 2 [Leather Processing★] Lv 1 [Cooking★] Lv 2 [Sewing★] Lv MAX
SKP: 904
Title: Seal:


  1. TN: I think it is about the report
  2. TN: YABAI have different meanings: dangerous, awful, crap, cool, amazing. [no kidding there are two completely different meanings, WTF japan!]

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