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Chapter 20 – Anyway, Time for Level-Ups

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: soulpermutation / rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

This chapter has been replaced with a new translation on [2024-06-29]. Comments may refer to the old translation.

Good morning!

Today, I’ll dive into the dungeon three times and then make three bags! I’ll be off, then!


Hm~, the level-ups have slowed down1, haven’t they…?

This time, I dove in three times and obtained 34’800 exp, bringing my total to 75’490. I reached level 47.
I’ll allocate STP and SKP once I’m over level 50.

I used 5.5 big dog skins, to make bags. While I did that, I obtained the “Sewing★” skill. Right away, I used seven SKP to bring it to the second stage.

…I immediately fell asleep on that day.


Good morning. It’s my eighth day in Anazumu.

I currently have 800 MP and by reducing the Water Emissions to defeat the long-hair dog by one, I am able to do four rounds. I’ll be off at once, then.

Huh? Since I’ll make four rounds today, how many times did I dive in already…? Right, eight times2.


Today’s report:

I obtained 44’600 exp, bringing the total to 110’090. I reached level 52. Furthermore, from level 50 on, each level-up increased HP, MP, STP, and SKP by 30, and the other stats by 15. On top of that, I received 100 additional STP and SKP, as a reward for reaching level 50. Therefore, I currently had 710 STP and 709 SKP.

Since it’s a bother, I left some things out.
No, not only the stuff about the status screen. I also left a ton of loot. These bags aren’t nearly enough.

I’ve already eaten steak today and will go to sleep soon, so let’s make the bags tomorrow.


Good morning~!

After munching on one of those fruits for breakfast, I devoted myself to making bags. Still, the speed I crafted them at was staggering. Due to my C stat and the sewing skill, it took around 10 minutes per bag. As a result, I crafted 15 bags today.

Since I was able to make the bags considerably faster than expected, let’s dive into the dungeon.
Huh? I should do something about my stats and skills? Too much of a bother. First of all, I’m not in the mood to think about it.

Oh, that’s right, I should probably cut down my MP consumption, so should I try raising “Water Dagger Summoning Magic” and “Sword Arts★”?

First, I brought both Sword Arts and Water Dagger to max in one go. This consumed 127 SKP.
Due to both of them reaching max level, my A was increased by 15.

Then, I evolved3 “D: Water Dagger Summoning Magic” into “C: Water Sword Summoning Magic” and “Sword Arts★” into “Swordsmanship★★”. The cost for that was five and three D-Rank magic cores respectively. Apparently, those light-green magic cores were D-Rank.

Furthermore, I paid 60 SKP to raise “Water Sword Summoning Magic” to stage two and 45 points to raise Swordsmanship to stage three. The SKP needed to get them to max level was 75 for the Water Sword and 150 for Swordsmanship4. I had 477 SKP left.

Incidentally, Water Sword Summoning Magic summoned, as the name implied, a sword made of water. The sword’s strength was 15% of my W. Of course, I could also summon the dagger by casting it at Lv0. It consumed 30 MP per use.

Since Swordsmanship was the follow-up to Sword Arts, it didn’t change much compared to what Sword Arts did.

These two skills definitely have good compatibility. At least that’s what I believe.

And with this, onwards~ to today’s rounds!


Oops, I got carried away a bit.

Well, as it turned out, I was able to do a round with two Water Swords and one Thunder Emission… My MP had been 920 when I started5. In other words, I was able to complete 13 rounds.

I got 150’800 exp, which brought the total to 260’890. My current level was 67…

Phew~… That was exhausting. I’m even more exhausted, than when I spent a whole night to raise Dragonar Story’s hero to level 99. That’s due to the physical activity, isn’t it?

Also, the amount of loot is bonkers. I’ll have to spend all day sewing tomorrow. I’ll probably need around 40 bags…

Oh, it’s night already? Time to sleep. Good night.


Good morning.

I’ll make bags today. Lots of them.
Ah, what a bother.

…Gotcha, better max out that “Sewing★” skill.
I paid 23 SKP to do so. It increased C by five as a bonus.

Then, on to the bag production without delay~.

I was able to craft 40 bags in about three hours. That was fast. Moreover, each of those bags was fairly well-made6. I underestimated the skill and my dexterity. After all, my hands created a visible afterimage.

I finished the bags, so what should I do today? Dive in again? How many rounds should I make?

Generally, when you defeat the boss in a dungeon like this, the dungeon itself will disappear. I should do as many rounds as I can, while it’s still possible. That’s probably the best way. Or rather, I might as well aim for level 100.

For each round, I get 10’000 exp and then some. I currently have 1370 MP.

…I’ll be off, then.

Author’s note:
A has been increased due to bonuses from Water Dagger and Sword Arts, while C has been increased due to Sewing.

– Status –
Name: Alim
Level: 67 EXP: 260,890
HP: 1330/1330 (30) MP: 1370/1370 (35)
A (Attack): 685 (20) C (Dexterity): 680 (30)
D (Defense): 665 (20) W (Magic power): 680 (35)
S (Quickness): 675 (30)
STP: 1260
– Skills –
[C: Water Sword Summoning Magic] Lv. 2 [D(X): Improved Thunder Magic] Lv. 2 [D(X): Improved Fire Magic] Lv. 0 [D(X): Improved Water Magic] Lv. 1
[D(X): Improved Wind Magic] Lv. 0 [D(X): Improved Earth Magic] Lv. 0 [E: Soap] Lv. MAX [E(X): Psychic Magic] Lv. –
[E(X): Restoration Magic] Lv. 2 [E(X): Ice Magic] Lv. – [E(X): Stone Magic] Lv. – [E(X): Enhancement Magic] Lv. –
[E(X): Enfeeblement Magic] Lv. –
[Swordsmanship★★] Lv. 3 [Martial Arts★] Lv. – [Spear Arts★] Lv. – [Bow Arts★] Lv. –
[Dismantling★] Lv. 2 [Leather Processing★] Lv. 1 [Cooking★] Lv. 2 [Sewing★7] Lv. MAX
SKP: 904

TL notes:
Same as in chapter 19, the stats seem to be wrong. Base stats at level 67 should be 1210 and 605. Also, according to the chapter, the invisible bonus to A should be 15, not the 20 we see in in the status sheet (compared to D, which has no invisible bonus).



  1. It says “the level-ups have become bad/worse” in the original. I assume that’s what he means.
  2. This either means the (correct) number of times he went in there already, or is supposed to show Alim losing his mind from all the grinding by wrongly calculating it together with the 4 times he plans to go in.
  3. It only says “turned into” in the original, but it sounds like evolution.
  4. I assume that’s the amount left to max them out, and not the total amount, but I might be wrong.
    Edit: According to chapter 29, these are the total values to max them out from zero.
  5. I think that’s what it means, but it could also be his max MP after finishing those 13 rounds.
  6. I think that’s what it means. The original is かなりの完成度 (“degree of completeness/perfection of considerably”).
  7. It says “Cooking” here in the original. Clearly a typo and supposed to be “Sewing”.
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