Chapter 1 – Accident Caused by Carelessness

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: soulpermutation English Source: Re:Library

I returned from the 4 days long field trip.

An RPG game called 『Dragonar Story 4』 will be released today, so I was happily skipping while heading to the opposite direction of the school.

Dragonar Story is a king among RPG games.

It’s loved universally for 8 years.

I’m the type to raise his level diligently to fight the last boss.

I don’t know about other people, but I enjoy leveling the most.

On the way, I heard a beeping sound. I have received a message on my smartphone, I try to see it.

It’s from my childhood friend Mika.

<<Hey! Why did you leave without me!!>>

…………… Oops.

I was so excited about Dragonar Story that I forgot about Mika.

Mika will be probably in bad mood for a whole day……

Because we are childhood friends a lot of people ask if we are a couple, unfortunately, we are not.

If it was the truth my dream would come true, but reality doesn’t work like that.

More than a friend, less than a lover.

She goes to school with me just because there is not another partner in the same neighborhood… That seems to be the…… case.

According to Mika.

…… Am I happy?

Therefore, today I totally forgot.

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I don’t usually do such a thing.

If i don`t reply, I will end up with treating her to a juice.

When I was busy and was not able to reply before, she made me to treat her.

Moreover, it’s a 200-yen energy drink.

Therefore, I replied to Mika

<< Oh, I’m sorry. My bad m(_ _)m>>

I devoted my attention to my smartphone.

But, it was bad to immerse myself in the phone.

Commonly referred to as [Texting while walking].

………. I didn’t notice……….

Something was falling down from the building right above.

At the same time, I pressed the send button, a loud sound came and i felt the most intense pain that I ever felt so far in my head___________

My vision turned pure white……….




「? … Hmm … … Hmm」

Where is this? I woke up laying in an unknown place.


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