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Chapter 17 – Arim Ponders -2-

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Fenderson English Source: Re:Library

I had to go outside, but I’m still not sleepy.

So, I want to start making the bag, but I don’t know how to tan leather.

first of all, I wash all of the big dog’s skins that I gathered with water ball, and hang them on a branch of a tree.

……… Oh? In my mind, a message……?

【SK2 「leather processing ★」 acquired.】


as for the SKP needed to unlock its different levels, it is similar to 「dismantling」 stages.

I assigned 3 SKP to it and made it level1.

…… with my present belongings, I can’t do the tanning!

First of all, I think that the process a short while ago was the best.

then, I raised the dismantling by one level.

Somehow, I found the places that I could dismantle from the big dog and fur ball and the small dragon ………!

That reminds me, I didn’t assign any STP from Lv8 till now at all.

There is also a whole lot of SKP too.

How should I assign SKP and STP from these 13 Levels?

There is 130 STP.

At first … Well … … ….

First of all, let’s make all of my stats at least 20.

now, 60 points remains.

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Hmm, after that …?

Let’s add 10 more to HP, MP, C, W, S.

10 remained which I assigned 5 each to MP and W.

with this, STP assignment is finished.

next! SKP! 113 remains.

For now, I made all of fire magic/ wind magic / earth magic to level MAX, and evolved each one of them to Kai.

By derivation of the earth magic, 「E(X): stone magic」 was made.

Oh, yeah.

I’ll also put some in 「soap」! by assigning 15 points, it became MAX level.

………… Oh, I assigned the points without checking its details ……

Now, let see the details!

I check level MAX of the soap.

By making a ring with your hands, and blowing on it, the magic formation can produce soap bubbles.

the number of soap bubbles are 1/10 of W, and MP consumed is 1.

if you don’t adjust it, the size is fixed.

The size of the soap bubble can be controlled, Consumption MP of 1 soap bubble is 「base volume × 1/10 of W double」 on the occasion of 1 extra.

As far as there is MP, I can use it without limits.

MP increases by 5.

Oh, that is, the skill just to make bubbles.

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… I made a blunder.

I saw it well.

Moreover, there are no evolution or derivation! I lost 15 points.

68 points remains.

Afterward … … Well.

I’ll synthesize and think about it.

The one I want now is thunder! Why, you ask? because the main character in “dragon story” which is a famous RPG game, uses thunder magic at “start quest”.

But what is it made of?

Probably, it does not have anything to do with fire and earth? After all is it water and wind? I shall try it to see if it is.

【 「E(X): water magic」+「E(X): wind magic」=「E(X): thunder magic」cost: one E ranked monster core】

Woa! Great! that’s it.

Its performance is the same as water and wind magic.

only, it requires 25 SKP.

Oh, there are no problems.

I make it MAX immediately.

Furthermore, I evolve it to Kai.

When evolving it into Kai, no cost was required.

immediately, I assigned 12 points and made it at stage 1.

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As a result, I learned Thunder ball, and Thunder emission! I’m happy!

The remainder is 31.

just in case I raised 「sword art ★」 to stage 1.

How about those 28? Mmm, after all, Should I raise thunder emission by another stage? Let’s do that.

Well, 16 remaining but…

I leave it.

… Now, I’m tired of thinking.

Good night.

Main character’s status until this time.

In addition, MP rises by 30 because of the skill bonus.


– Status –

Name: ARIM Level: 20 EXP: 6340
HP: 260/260 (30) MP: 300/300 (35)
A (Attack): 120 (20) C (Dexterity): 130 (30)
D (Defense): 120 (20) W (Magic Power): 135 (35)
S (Speed): 130 (30) STP: 0

– Skills –

[D: Summon Water Dagger Magic] Lv 1 [D(X): Thunder Magic・Kai] Lv 2 [D(X): Fire Magic・Kai] Lv 0 [D(X): Water Magic・Kai] Lv 1
[D(X): Wind Magic・Kai] Lv 0 [D(X): Earth Magic・Kai] Lv 0 [E: Soap] Lv MAX [E(X): Sense Magic] Lv –
[E(X): Heal Magic] Lv 2 [E(X): Ice Magic] Lv – [E(X): Stone Magic] Lv – [E(X): Reinforcement Magic] Lv –
[E(X): Weakening Magic] Lv –
[Sword Skill★] Lv 1 [Martial Art★] Lv – [Spear Skill★] Lv – [Bow Skill★] Lv –
[Dismantling★] Lv 2 [Leather Processing★] Lv 1
SKP: 16
Title: Seal:


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