Chapter 16 – A treasure chest

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: soulpermutation English Source: Re:Library

When I advanced straight, I reached a dead end immediately.

There, as expected, something like a treasure chest was there.

And……… there was a dragon.

Even if I say a dragon, as I see it even if it stands on its two legs, it is a little smaller than the 12-year-old me.

And its skin is yellow rather that something strong like scales.

with those small wings and that size, I don’t think it can fly.

with that teary-eyed expression, it’s cute.

Nevertheless, it looks like a dragon.

I must be cautious.

The small dragon rushed here.

Even though it isn’t to the extent of the big dog, it has some speed.

In addition, both its nails and fangs are sharp.

It snapped at me, I probably would take considerable damage and it might be painful.

When I dodge the small dragon, the small dragon hits the wall.


However, as soon as the small dragon regained to attack again, it spouted fire from its mouth.

No, that’s a fire ball.

About level 3.

What, this small dragon, feels like have half of the strength of a big dog and fur ball.

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so, I wonder if it has approximately the same power as a big dog and a fur ball.

I closely evaded the Lv3 fire ball that the small dragon shot at me, water emission shoot, shoot.

for the finishing touch, water ball.

with that, it was defeated.


Well, according to fantasy novel series and other kind of games, dragon’s meat is delicious, isn’t it?

Is this delicious, too? I think that It’s worth trying it.

Well, judging from appearance, it seems to be delicious.

It’s worth trying, is……?

I decided to dismantle nail, scale, skin and meat from the dragon.

I wrap it in the large dog skin from a little while ago, still my luggage is full to the brim.

…… For now, let’s open the treasure chest.

Oh, it wasn’t a trap.

The contents are also something like one piece of a disk/cd.

To see it well, I stretched my hand to take it closer to my face, a message was displayed in my mind.

【SK1 「E: soap」 acquisition? 】

Is this the skill acquisition item Jizo was talking about?

I will learn it.

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When the message appeared in my mind and I conveyed my affirmative will, the disk became a grain of light and disappeared.

【SK1 「E: soap」 acquired.】

By the way, now that I taken the treasure chest, can I come back again?

when I checked my status again, my level has become 18.

as I didn’t check my status, I don’t know the actual time that my level rose.

perhaps, at the moment that I check my status, my level rises.

Also, as I leveled up, my MP increased by 50.

I’ll go for another round.

So, let’s end it here.

I go back till the crossroad from the treasure chest.

and go to the way that I didn’t choose that time.

I encounter a monster immediately.

It’s a small dragon like the one earlier.

I defeated it quickly, and only took its claw and scale.

my Level became 19.

I was in good condition.

I’ll do to here for this time.

I can still take down another one.

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Once I get out.

It seemed to be still morning.

I was underground only for two hours.

I have gone outside now, what shall I do?

Oh, let’s check that, if the dungeon’s monsters need some time to revive or it will immediately revive as I leave.

It will be nice if it’s the latter.

I enter the dungeon once again.

………The big dog was staying at the first place.

Apparently it’s the latter.


I knock down the big dog quickly with my remaining MP.

_______Finally level 20.

Because I was just checking, I left after that.


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