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Chapter 16 – A treasure chest

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: soulpermutation / rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

This chapter has been replaced with a new translation on [2024-06-28]. Comments may refer to the old translation.

When I advanced in a straight line, I almost immediately reached a dead end. There, as expected, was something like a treasure chest.

And also… a dragon.

Though even if I called it a dragon, it was standing on two feet and was slightly smaller than me, a 12-year-old child. Its skin, or rather its scales, were of a strong yellow color. The tiny wings sprouting from its back didn’t look as if they allowed it to fly. It also had teary eyes, which looked rather cute.

Still, it more or less looks like a dragon. I better stay on guard.

The small dragon charged at me. Though not on the big dog’s level, it was somewhat speedy. Furthermore, it had sharp fangs and claws. If it bit me or scratched me, it might do quite some damage.

When I dodged, the small dragon crashed into the wall.
So cute.

However, it immediately regained its posture1 and spouted fire from its mouth.

Wrong, that’s a Flame Ball. Around Lv3. Somehow, this small dragon’s power feels half-baked compared to the big dogs and furballs. Therefore, it makes me wonder, whether it is as strong as the other magic beasts here.

I deliberately dodged the Flame Ball of the small dragon, just as it was about to hit me, and shot off two Water Emissions. Then, a Water Ball for the finishing touch. With that, it lay defeated.

It’s often said in fantasy novels and video games, that dragon meat is delicious, right? I wonder, is this one delicious, too? I think it’s worth trying, you know. After all, it looks pretty tasty, judging from its appearance.

It’s definitely worth trying… right?

I decided to take the dragon’s fangs, scales, skin, and meat. I wrapped them into the skin of the big dog from some time ago, but still, my luggage was at its absolute limit.

…For the time being, I tried to open the treasure chest. Well, it wasn’t a trap. In there was something like a disc. To take a closer look, I picked it up and brought it close to my face, which made a message pop up in my mind.

Acquire the SK1 skill “E: Soap”?

Is this one of the skill acquisition items, Lord Jizou mentioned? Let’s learn the skill.

When I conveyed a mental affirmation to the message in my head, the disc-like thing turned into beads of light, which scattered in mid-air and then disappeared.

You acquired the SK1 skill “E: Soap”.

Well, now that I have got the treasure chest, should I go back?

When I checked my status screen, my level had reached 18.
Lately, I kinda feel like my level doesn’t go up, unless I check the status screen. Maybe it goes up the moment you look at it.

Also, due to the level ups, my MP had increased by 50.
That means I can go for another enemy, you know. Let’s finish up after that.

I left the treasure chest behind and went back to the fork in the road. Then, I took the path I hadn’t chosen before. I immediately encountered another magic beast. It was a small dragon, like the one just now.

I quickly defeated it and took only its claws and scales this time. My level increased to 19.

I’m in a good mood, you know.
Let’s stop here for this round. Though I could actually go for another foe, couldn’t I?

I left for the time being. It looked like it was still morning.

I was only in there for around two hours, wasn’t I? Going out is all well and good, but what should I do now? Oh, just to make sure, I should dive in one more time, to check whether foes come back immediately or need some time.

It’d be nice, if it was the former, right~?

I entered the dungeon again.
…A big dog was in the first spot.

So, apparently, it’s the former. Woo-hoo!

I quickly defeated the dog with my remaining MP.
…And finally reached level 20.

Since I went in just to check, let’s leave again.



  1. It says 体制 (“order”, “system”, “structure”) in the original, but judging from context, if should be 体勢 (“posture”, “stance”). This seems to be a common typo.
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