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Chapter 18 – Gray Dog, Ominous Castle Gate

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: soulpermutation English Source: Re:Library

Did I sleep for around two hours?

Judging from height of the sun, It’s a little passed noon.

……… I want to eat the dragon meat.

simply, now, I skewer it with a branch, and roast it.

It has an atmosphere to make you feel “You mustn’t neglect it”.

Oh, it looks somehow like a steak …

I cut it like that.

Wouldn’t you like porcelain for this? It’s so, I’ll do that.

I heat the flat stone which is slightly bigger near the meat with fire ball Lv5! Become hot~ become hot~, more!

I feel the heat.

To do this! Meat~! I pick you up! EI!

Ju Zhu Zhu Zhu Zhu Zhu Zhu Zhu Zhu Zhu Zhu! ! !

Ah, this is amazing.

To grill the other side for a while, I flip the meat.

The color is great.

It looks too delicious … … ….

Completed! Small Dragon steak.

I wash several leaves from around, and Wrap the meat so that won’t be hot

That way, I grab it and, GABUUUUU!

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It is good, it is too good.

I cry unconsciously.

First of all, its grease is great.

Oil/Grease … To be sure, it’s oil, it is heavy, moderately, I should eat moderately!

Though there is nothing for seasoning, it is tasty!

Though it was a considerable amount of steak, I have eaten it in no time.

The small dragon, as soon as I find it, I have to hunt it!

Now that my stomach is full, I go into the dungeon again!

Now the MP is 300.

In addition, W raised too.

Therefore, I can defeat demons with one shot of thunder emission Lv2 (14 MP consumption) right now.

So, this time I kill 20!

In the Dungeon.

At first I defeat five demons in total while collecting the demon drops of the treasure chest route.

from the further point that I reached last time, when I advanced more, two big dogs appeared at the same time.

that never happened before.

anyhow, it can be defeated by a hit.

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Furthermore, when I advance, two fur balls came out at the same time, two small dragons came out at the same time after that.

Spare room.1

by the way, I only take the monster cores and meat and dog skins.

I really need a bag, soon.

When I advanced further ahead, a big dog, a fur ball, a small dragon, all 3 of them attacked at the same time.

naturally, I obviously won.

So far, a total of 14 animals.

I seem to be able to still go ahead.

_______ and, when I advanced further from there, it was the end of the dungeon.

Before my eyes, there is a thing similar to a castle gate with a considerable size.

Furthermore, as if protecting the gate in front, a dog with long beautiful gray hair stands.

The dog is different from the conventional ones till now.


However, it is still OK.

there is a Dreadful aura from the inside of the gate.

…… It is clear that there is the dungeon boss on the other side of the gate.

however, it is still soon to challenge the boss right now.

Let’s challenge it when I reached Lv 60.

A dog with long gray hair stands in front of my eyes.

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I accept the long hair dog as the bunch of experience points!

I shoot a flame/fire ball at the long hair dog to check.

… And easily avoided.

It moves fast~.

the long hair dog nimbly moved in front of my eyes, and attacked with its claws.

I received a considerable amount of damage after 3 days.!

I take a distance and shoot a water emission.

It hit, without a flinch, it doesn’t seem to collapse.

Hmm, Should I do it like the big dog after all?

as the opponent opened its mouth, a magic formation appeared2.

This fellow, intends to shoot an emission!

I recited a water emission immediately, in order to hit the “wind emission” of the opponent.

I seemed to be able to counter it well.

Still, I was indeed surprised that it used the emission.

GUNUNUU…… very difficult to deal with … err.

It is strong.

Because the opponent was going to rush, I shot a water emission at once, it hit

however, other than getting its hair wet, the damage was little.

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Moreover, that fellow didn’t stop from the force, and bite me.

The Pain…….

his strength is approximately the same as mine.

Well, what should I do?

Oh, yes.

Let’s use that.


so, I chanted.

The number to appoint is 13 times.

with 13 MP, 169 bubbles came out.3

I use it to blind him!

I set the magic formation in front of the long hair dog’s eyes.

Launch! the long hair dog became cautious for a moment because of the magic formation.

The bubbles come out from there!!

Though soap bubbles as large as a fist in large quantities came out of the magic formation, the long hair dog became preoccupied with it.

right now! I was hoping for that moment!

「Water emission! 」

with this blow, I poured so to ” wet the whole body hair”! Because the hair will suck in the water he should get heavy.

the long hair dog was surprised with that one shot.

I have already prepared for one more in the meantime.

again, I fire water emission.

To make the long hair dog dripping wet from head to foot.

As planned, the long hair dog’s movement is clearly poor compared to a while ago.

When it is like this, I can easily evade the opponent’s attacks and it would be easier focus on using magic.

Besides, having used only the water emission so far, there is other reason too!

A conduit for electricity!

now, he has water all over his body.


「Thunder emission! 」

Your farewell gift!

because his movements became dull, he couldn’t avoid it.

The moment when the thunder emission hit, electric current flows to its entire body!

… Um, won’t fall even with this?

even so, the long hair dog became unsteady.

I shoot another shot of thundered mission.


………It fell at last.

It was strong.

a blue monster core came out of the long hair dog.

after all, the big dog and fur ball have different characteristics too.

but I don’t know to pick which part from this fellow.

for the time being, let’s keep the gray fur.

… Hmm? Is this silver, under the chin hair?

it’s shiny.

I’ll keep this silver part completely.

When I confirm status, I have 11450 experience points till now, and my level became 33.

OH, it would be good if I had checked my status before fighting the long hair dog………。

I see, that long hair dog had a lot of experience points.

I must hunt it from the next go-around

Experiential value of Kaminaga4 dog

in nature→2200

in dungeon→3200

agility, HP and magic power also risen.


  1. TN: I don’t know what 余裕余裕。means. it might mean calm room/ room room or…
  2. TN: invocated
  3. TN: LOL, a bubble bath for doggie
  4. TN: long hair

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