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Chapter 15 – Time for pleasant level raising

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: soulpermutation English Source: Re:Library

While I was returning from the way I came, the big dog’s corpse which I wanted to dismantle on the way back has disappeared.

Something like a fang is remained instead.

……Is this a fang from the big dog? Because there was a corpse in this place, that’s probably it.

Still, Why just only a fang …? No one else should be here other than me.

In other words, natural disappearance?

When I hung the rabbit corpse it didn’t disappear, does it disappear when it is in a dungeon?

But, the thing that is left from the fur ball is instead a fur.

I think I should dismantle as much as possible.

Still, the condition of the fang which was dropped was very good.

If wish for such raw materials, should I leave them?

I left the dungeon temporarily.

At that time, it took about 5 minutes because I was going down fearfully, but now I got out in about 1 minutes.

It’s already evening.

I ate around 2/3 of the rabbit meat and fell asleep.

The next day.

That is to say the fifth day that I came to this world.

HP and MP was completely recovered.

I ate the remaining (1/3) of rabbit meat that I left yesterday as breakfast.

I want seasoning.

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The thing that I want the most now is seasoning.

After eating the breakfast, I entered the dungeon again.

……… What’s this?

in the place where the big dog should have been yesterday, there is a fur ball …!? Perhaps, in the dungeon, the enemy respawn resets?


If that’s the case, can I defeat it as much as I want? and I can obtain materials as much as I want?




If you look at my face now, there is an unusually broad grin which makes you feel sick.

I remember that Mika saying 『Why is there a smirk on your face? I feel sick…』 when I was enjoying level raising in Dragonar Story.

But there is nobody here.

I want to scream.

To scream until I die.

「It is time for pleasant level raising, hehehe!!」


Still, at first you may have to consider various things.

It is the number and revive cycle of enemies that I can defeat with my current amount of MP.

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Furthermore, right now I left the materials outside for the time being.

With no bag, I may have to leave a monster core soon.

At first it is a problem of MP, I have to find out. for now, I defeated a fur ball and a big dog with two water emission and one water ball at level 5 each.

I became level 13.

when I enter this dungeon my magic power rises to 30.

a total of 28 MP for one animal.

My MP is at 158 now.

I can defeat 5 of them with this much.

Hmm, but I may overdo it, with this much…

Though, I like this kind of games, but this is not a game.

I will stop it by four of them.

Moreover, I have to sleep so that I restore MP, because W will lessen by the same amount as MP.

Generally, if I overdo it too much, MP recovery will be 1/10 of W in one hour.

Even if I have a meal, I will recover very little.

The point is I have to relax mentally just as much as I have to recover.

well, as a matter of fact I confirmed it the day before yesterday.

10% in one hour.

I can use this instead of a watch.

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therefore, each time I recover 10% I get back to the dungeon.

OH, It’s the worst, I may have to take an all-nighter today.

At the very least, first, let’s achieve this quota.

Because 1 fur ball was knocked down, 3 more is the mark.

I got the fur from the fur ball.

It feels quite good to the touch, nice.

SARASARA MOFUMOFU-! (silky fluffy!)

Then I defeated another fur ball without difficulty.

And I arrived at the place that I confronted the fur ball for the first time yesterday.

There is a big dog, something blue is on the ground where the big dog is standing.

what is that?

I beat the big dog at once, and go near to watch it closely.

… Blue meat?

That reminds me, the big dog dropped a fang, because the fang was the exact part that should be extracted, then in the place where the fur ball was, is this blue meat.

Is it a part of the fur ball that should be gathered?

I will take it for now.

I defeated 1 more after this one.

when I advanced at the fixed distance, the route was divided into two parts.

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There may be one with a treasure chest.

I decided not to think that what I should do, if it was a trap.

Now, which one should I choose, judging from my long time game experience, the regular route is in the center so it should be the other one.

No, I don’t know, though.

I decided to go straight by the purpose of finding a treasure chest.


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