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Chapter 15 – Time for Fun Level-Ups

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: soulpermutation / rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

This chapter has been replaced with a new translation on [2024-06-27]. Comments may refer to the old translation.

On my way back to where I had come from, the big dog’s corpse, which I had planned to dismantle, had disappeared. Instead, there was only some kind of fang lying there.

…Is this a fang from that big dog? It was where the corpse used to be, so it probably is. Nevertheless, why just a fang…? There should be no other people here except for me. In other words, did it disappear naturally?

The rabbit’s corpse didn’t disappear, when I hung it onto a tree, so I wonder, do they only disappear in a dungeon? But the furball’s hair didn’t disappear, so anything you take with you will probably remain.

I need to dismantle them as much as possible. Still, the dropped fang is in very good condition. If I only want materials like this, should I leave the corpses like they are?

For the time being, I left the dungeon. Earlier, it took me around five minutes to descend, since I was nervous, but this time I made it out in about one minute.

It was already evening. I ate two thirds of the meat from one rabbit1 and then fell asleep.


It was the next day. Or in other words, the fifth day since coming to this world. My HP and MP had been fully restored. I ate the remaining (1/3) meat of the rabbit from yesterday for breakfast.

I need seasonings. Seriously, what I currently need most are seasonings.

Once I finished eating breakfast, I went into the dungeon again.

…Huh? There’s a furball in the place where the big dog had been yesterday…!? Could it be, that enemies in the dungeon respawn?

…Hm? If that’s the case, can I kill them as often as I want? And obtain as many materials as I want?

Se. Ri. Ous. Ly!


If someone were to look at my face now, they’d probably see a disturbingly broad grin. Suddenly, I recalled Mika asking me “What’s with that big grin? It’s unsettling…” when I was having fun leveling up in Dragonar Story.

But there’s no one here.

There were some words I always wanted to shout. To think that I’d come to do so after I had died.

“It’s time for fun, fun level-ups~!!”


However, I need to ponder various things first. The number of foes I can defeat with my current MP and what their resurrection cycle is. Furthermore, in my current situation, I have to leave materials and other stuff outside. I seriously need a bag, or I might end up losing magic cores before I know it.

First, MP is an issue, but I roughly know that I should able to defeat furballs and big dogs with two Water Emissions and a Lv5 Water Ball as I am now. Because I reached level 13, right? My magic power is also 30 points higher than when I first entered this dungeon.

A total of 28 MP per foe. I currently have 158 MP. So, I can defeat five of them.
Hm~, still, that might be too risky, right…? This might feel like a game, but it isn’t one. Let’s stop after four foes.

Furthermore, when I sleep for an hour, it restores as much MP as my W stat. When spending time normally, my MP will recover by 1/10th of W per hour. Even eating only recovers a small amount.

Basically, the more relaxed you are mentally, the more you recover. As a matter of fact, I confirmed this the day before yesterday2. It’s 10% per hour, so I can use that in place of a watch, you know.

Therefore, I should be fine going to the dungeon whenever I recover 10% MP3. Yep, in the worst case, I might take an all-nighter today.

At any rate, let’s first achieve this round’s quota. I defeated a furball, so three more foes.

I sheared off the furballs hair.
It feels quite nice to the touch, you know. Smooth and fluffy!

Afterwards, I easily defeated another furball. Then, I arrived at the place where I had faced off with the furball for the first time yesterday. There was one of those big dogs, and at its feet lay a blue thing.

What’s that?

For the time being, I vanquished the big dog and then tried to take a closer look at the thing.

…Blue meat?

Come to think of it, since the fang of the big dog dropped, it might be the correct part to be harvested from it. And the blue meat was where the furball had been. Maybe that’s the part of the furball, that should be harvested.

Let’s take it for the time being. There’s one foe left to defeat for this round, you know.

When I had advanced a certain distance, the path split in two.
Maybe there’s a treasure chest on one side.

I decided not to ponder, what I would do, should it be a trap.

Now, as to which way to go, judging from my years of game experience, the normal route would usually pretend to be the middle one, so it should be the other one. Though, I’m not sure, right?

I decided to go straight, aiming for the treasure chest.



  1. Weren’t these things as big as a kid? Sounds like an awful lot of meat to eat for a 12-year-old.
  2. I guess he asked Jizou via the menu for that information. It’s not like he has a clock to measure this.
  3. I don’t really get this part. 10% of his W (which is probably between 70 and 80 at this point) would only be 7-8 MP. Even if he means 10% of his total MP, that would only be 15 MP. Neither are enough to defeat a single foe.
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