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Chapter 14 – Furball

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: soulpermutation / rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

This chapter has been replaced with a new translation on [2024-06-27]. Comments may refer to the old translation.

After advancing a bit more, I encountered another big dog. It was nothing special. I defeated it with the same trick as before. Pinning it down with water worked splendidly and my level rose to 11. I didn’t dismantle it right away and only collected the magic core.

Well, that’s because I have no place to put the materials. I’ll take a look at the place I can see ahead and then take them back with me, when I return.

Though in my current state, I have exactly 56 MP left, so I should be able to bring down another foe, if it is like the big dog.
Thinking that, I advanced.

I wonder, will the next foe be at the same distance as was between the first and second big dog?

There it was… a ball of fur. No matter how you looked at it, it couldn’t be anything but a furball.
The furball to end all furballs1. The embodiment of all furballs.

I want to stroke it. No, have it rub me2.

It was about one or two sizes3 smaller than the big dog. It was still fairly large.

Since it’s in this place, it’s probably a magic beast, isn’t it? I wonder, what kind of attacks does it use?

As I thought that, it started moving sluggishly for some reason, and… Oh, that’s its mouth, isn’t it? Something like a mouth, I guess.

It opened what was probably its mouth and shot a mass of wind from there. It was the Wind Magic “Wind Ball”. Moreover, from its size, it appeared to be Lv4 or 5.

It uses magic…? That’s dangerous.

I immediately shot off two Water Balls of the same level and repelled the Wind Ball. Why did I need two of them? Because my opponent was about to shoot another one from its still open mouth. Somehow, I managed to cancel the second one, too.

Then, I immediately invoked Water Emission. And right as the magic disappeared, another Water Emission. Just like that, another Water Emission. And then one more, as a freebie.

That said, my opponent wasn’t trying to move at all. It had been sluggish when it opened its mouth, so its speed was probably low. Thus, I easily defeated it with repeated Water Emissions. Still, it probably had a higher vitality than the big dog. I had to use lots of Water Emissions on it.

Water Emission is powerful.
…Or rather, I can no longer stroke its fur, since it’s all drenched now, can I? I wanted to stroke and pat it~. It was so fluffy.

Well, it’s fine. This is the first time I encountered one of these, so let’s take some of its fur. I might be able to craft a bag from it and the big dog’s skin, so I should harvest it.

That way, I would also be able to collect the magic cores I left outside the hole since they didn’t fit in my pockets. Incidentally, I got the same kind of magic core from the furball, as I had gotten from the big dog, which was of a light-green color.

Light green, but not the same as yellow-green. Just light-green, you know.
I’m pretty sure they’re the same rank.

My level had risen from 11 to 13, but I had no MP left, so that was how far I’d go this time.

Let’s sleep and recover MP. One hour should be enough to restore it.

While I thought that, I went back the way I came.

Author’s Note:

Experience points from the furball:
In the wild → 400
In the dungeon → 600



  1. The original is ” THE毛玉” (“THE furball”). I changed it a bit to show that he tries to emphasize it.
  2. Not sure about that, the original is just “make (someone) do” in the command form.
  3. I wonder what “size” he’s referring to here. It might mean half or one third of the big dog’s size.
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