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Chapter 13 – Hole

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: soulpermutation / rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

This chapter has been replaced with a new translation on [2024-06-27]. Comments may refer to the old translation.

It’s… really deep. A hole like that seems unnatural in the middle of a forest. Though it’s not as if I’m afraid of large holes of unknown nature1

Currently, I’m driven by a tremendous urge to peek into that hole…

I carefully got close to it and looked down.

What? There are also unnatural looking rocks assembled on its walls, that can probably be used to go up and down! Furthermore, I can see faint light down there.

Should I climb down? Do I need to climb down? Whether I want to or not? Still, I can’t help but feel like there’s something in there.
Should I go in, or not…?

I swallowed hard and slowly, very~ slowly, descended the stair-like rocks in the wall. As I went down, I could gradually see how it looked inside. Or rather, I was awfully surprised. There was stone pavement laid out on the bottom of the hole!

That’s rather strange. Way too artificial.

Even while doubts like that made themselves known, I descended. I walked even more slowly, step by step, to ensure my gait was firm. My fear had been completely conquered by curiosity.

By descending rather slowly, it took around maybe five minutes? Thus, I reached the stone-paved floor. At the same moment I arrived, a message flowed into my head.

You have entered the dungeon of Pipi Forest, “Joy”.

Huh…? D-Dungeon…? This is a dungeon…?
So, that’s why it’s strangely well-lit and paved with stone, and it also explains the unnatural rocks that make it easy to go up and down.

I guess this forest is called “Pipi Forest”.

“Joy”…? Is this something like a bonus stage? Or does it mean “joy”, as in the human emotion…?

Well, whatever. Will I manage in a dungeon at level 8? If it seems impossible, should I go back out? Apparently, you can leave.

Currently, some kind of tunnel expanded in a straight line in front of me. After going down that tunnel for a little bit, I could see something ahead.

…Huh, one of those big dogs. I wonder, it this dungeon’s monster? Are there lots of these guys? That’d be a problem.
Somehow, its eyes feel lifeless. Though that might be my imagination.

At any rate, it’s an opponent I’ve defeated once, you know, so I can bring it down.

I shot off a Water Emission from within the spell’s range, so it would pin down the big dog’s head.

Even when it was attacked like that, it didn’t once cry out.
That’s scary, you know.

Once the magic wore off, I immediately invoked it once more, to keep pushing down the dog’s head. Like that, I shot off three casts of Water Emission in succession, but it didn’t look like that brought it down.

If it is like the one before, this should’ve defeated it, as my level has gone up since then. I wonder, is it a bit stronger, since this is a dungeon?
Well, that’s fine.

To see how things would play out, I shot a Lv5 Water Ball at it, which killed it. It looked like my level had gone up to 10.
It feels like it gave more exp than the one the other day. Is that because I’m in a dungeon?

At any rate, let’s move on.

Author’s note:

Experience point table:
Rabbit → 30
Dodo-like Bird2 → 30
Weasel → 40
Small Dog → 50
Big Dog → 350
Big Dog (Dungeon) → 550

The attack power and HP of enemies in a dungeon is higher.
A total of 1500 exp is needed to reach level 10.



  1. Sure, keep telling yourself that.
  2. It just says “Bird” in the original, but I assume that’s the bird the author means.
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