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Chapter 13 – Hole

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: soulpermutation English Source: Re:Library

It’s … so big.

Such a hole is very unnatural in the forest.

Although There is a great fear towards strange suspicious things….

Right now, I have an incredible urge to peek at this hole ….

I approach the hole fearfully and try to look inside.

What! Furthermore, there are some cuts on the walls of the hole which can be used to climbed down, it’s such an unnatural cliff to be made here, also a slight light is seen in the depths.

Should I enter? Do I have to enter? no matter what?

But this hole feels like there is something at its depth.

………whether to enter………。

I swallowed hard, it seems that climbing and going down from the wall of hole is easy like SORORISORORI, Slowly, I go down from the cuts in wall like stairs.

As I go down I gradually get an understanding from the state inside.

No, this is really a surprise.

A stone pavement is laid out on the bottom floor of the hole!

Pretty weird.

Too much unnatural.

I go down while having such thoughts.

furthermore, to make sure that under my step is firm, I go step by step slowly.

My curiosity completely has overcome my sense of fear.

While going down like this, which is considerably slow, will it be around five minutes till I get to bottom?

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I have arrived at stone paved floor going like that.

A message flows in my mind at the same time as I have arrived.

【Entered the dungeon of Pipi forest, 「the pleasure」】

Oh, is it …… …?

du, dungeon …? This is a dungeon ….

That explains why it is unusually lit and a stone pavement is spread with rocks unnaturally spread to climb up and down easily.

I think that, this forest was Pipi forest.

「the pleasure」…?

Is this something like a bonus stage? or 「easiness」 of emotions ……?1

Well, who cares?

Can I go to this dungeon at Lv8?

If it seems impossible, I will return.

I think that I can return.

Before my eyes, there is a tunnel that goes straight as I can see.

Before I advanced a little through the tunnel, I see that guy.

_______That, Big Dog.

Is this the dungeon’s monster?

Are there a lot of those fellows? That’s the trouble.

Somehow it feels like there is no life in its eyes.

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It may be my imagination.

In any case, it is an opponent whom I defeated once and, I can defeat it.

I shoot a water emission at the range of the magic so to press down the head of the big dog.

Even with such an attack, it didn’t raise any cries.


without taking any breaks and stopping I use magic and continue to press its head down.

I shot water emission three times continuously but it doesn’t seem that I could defeat him.

If it was before, because my level rose, I should have been able to defeat it like that.

When it is in the dungeon, will it become slightly stronger?

It would seem, No.

To see what happens, I shot a Lv5 water ball at him, and he was knocked down.

…… my level seemed to rise to 10.

I feel like I got more experience points than before.

Is this because it is a dungeon?

Anyway, let’s advance ahead.

Experience table

Rabbit → 30


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Weasel → 40

small dog → 50

Big dog→350

Big dog→550

The attack power and HP of enemies in a dungeon are higher.

Total experience value is required to be 1500 to reach level 10.


  1. TN: it actually says: 「楽」 of 喜怒哀楽 which only makes sense in Japanese.

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