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Chapter 12 – Moving On

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: soulpermutation / rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

This chapter has been replaced with a new translation on [2024-06-26]. Comments may refer to the old translation.


I … erm, did I die?

No, I couldn’t see well, since it was dark, but when I strained my eyes, I saw a big, black dog lying there.
Did I defeat this magic beast? I honestly thought I had died.

I checked my status screen, to see how far my HP and MP had recovered.
…They’ve been restored completely.

There was still some lingering pain in my flank, shoulder, and calf, but the display was showing a complete recovery, after all.

This was scary.

Further, my level has jumped to 7. Let’s immediately allocate STP and SKP. Up till now, I’ve obtained a total of 70 STP, of which I haven’t used 30 yet. I’ll allocate those 30 points.

I’ll invest them evenly, so there’s a total of 10 in each stat. Wait, let’s focus on magic and speed as always. Still, I better also raise my defense, you know. Something like today could happen again.

In the end, I allocated six points into HP, seven in MP, five in C and S, four in D, and three in W.

I currently have 20 SKP. For the time being, I’d like to close these wounds quickly.

I invested five points into “Restoration Magic”, bringing it to level 2. Then, I allocated 15 points into “Water Dagger Summoning Magic”, raising it to level 1.

Once I’d finished allocating the points, I used Heal on myself without delay. Though merely using it didn’t mean that my wounds would close up fast.

…Still, there’s also the magic of sleeping. Since recovery will be 10 times faster1 than normal while I sleep, wounds will also heal 10 times faster.

As a matter of fact, I tried using Heal a bit when I first learned it. Magis plus sleep was an incredible combination.

Later, I’d like to strip off the big dog’s skin. I might be able to use it for something. I should also take its claws and bones.

Still, sleep comes first! I’ve probably already slept a lot today, so I should wake up early tomorrow. It’s already the dead of night, so I won’t sleep for more than one to two hours.

…That said, since my MP will recover during sleep, I’ll work with a water dagger first.

I piled up some branches from around me and ignited them with a Flame Ball, so I’d have light. Then, I summoned a water dagger.

Oh, water in a form like a blue dagger appeared. Is this it? Then, let’s quickly dismantle the dog.

Once I finished dismantling the big dog, I slept for a bit.


Good morning. It’s a new day.

Even though I said that, my surroundings were still dark. I washed my face with a Water Ball and then drank some of it.

Today I’ll depart once I used the water dagger to make a new bone knife.

I summoned the water dagger and picked up one of the big dog’s bones. I sharpened it and crafted a better knife than the one I’d used up till now. After a time of around two water daggers, I finished the knife.

As it is, I can probably use it both for dismantling and as a weapon.

In that case, let’s leave immediately.

Along the way, I encountered a flightless bird magic beast, which greatly resembled a dodo, so I defeated it. I thought it might be edible, since it was a bird, so I dismantled it, roasted its meat, and ate it.

It’s far more delicious than those rabbits. I should hunt them, as soon as I see any of them.

I also encountered one of those weasels. I turned it into experience points.

…Come to think of it, I didn’t eat any kinds of herbs, did I? Still, I’m scared of poison, so I shouldn’t eat any until I reach a human habitation or get my hands on some kind of botanical field guide, or as long as I don’t get really hungry.

Also, for god’s sake, I need some seasonings.

At any rate, I decided to walk all day today.

If I just go straight, I should arrive somewhere before long.

Nothing especially big happened, and the first day of just moving on ended.


It was the next day, the fourth after coming to this world.

Same as yesterday, I used Water Balls to get ready and then walked in a straight line. On the way, I also encountered three rabbits at the same time, but it wasn’t a matter of grave concern, since I had reached level 8.

I was worried, since I hadn’t obtained any cooking ingredients except for the bird yesterday, so I decided to take a little of the rabbits’ meat. I put it into my pockets and carried the big dog’s skin in my hands, since I didn’t want to carry it on my shoulders.

No other magic beasts except for the rabbits showed up, so not much of importance happened on this day. Up until the halfway point.

After eating rabbit for lunch, I advanced straight ahead once more. When I had walked for around 10 minutes, I felt something from a place ahead.

There, a small open clearing had formed, with no trees growing in a certain range, as if they were avoiding the place’s center. In that center, there was a large hole in the ground, giving off an abnormal presence.



  1. I wonder where he got those numbers from. Maybe there were included in Jizou’s explanation on the first day.
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