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Chapter 12 – Advancing

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: soulpermutation English Source: Re:Library


I … err, did I die?

No, it may be dark that I can’t see, when I look hard, it seems that I am lying on a big black dog.

Did I beat this monster?

To be honest, I thought I died.

To see how much is my HP and MP, I checked my status.

… A complete recovery.

Though there is still some pain in my side, shoulder and calf, but after all it indicates a complete recovery.

What’s this, Scary!

My level has flown to 7.

Let’s assign STP and SKP at once.

I’ve got 70 STP from the start, and I just have 30 points to spend now.(TN: I think this is it because the word to word translation was confusing.)

I started to assign those 30 points.

let’s allocate it equally, 10 for each one.

No, the magic and quickness that I use should be more.

But I also need better defense.

There can be a thing like today and…

Finally, I assigned 30 points, 6 to HP, 7 to MP, 5 to C & S, 4 to D, and 3 to W.

SKP is now 20.

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For now, I’d like to close this wound early.

I assigned 5 to 「Healing Magic」, and made it level 2.

And I assigned 15 points on 「summon water dagger magic」, to make it at level 1.

This assignment is over, I tried to heal myself.

As I applied it, wounds closed up, But not that fast.

…… but, this is also sleeping magic.

Because recovery will usually be 10 times more effective, therefore my wounds will get better 10 times faster.

When I learned heal for the first time, I tried it a little.

Magic and sleep are wonderful.

Also, about this big dog, I want its leather.

It seems that I can use it for something.

I also need to take its fangs and bones.

But first, let’s sleep! Though I slept a lot, it ******* hurts, I’ll get up quite early tomorrow.

It’s already late at night and, I can only sleep for one or two hours.

… If I sleep, MP will recover too, Then I can use the dagger of water to see how it is.

I piled up some branches from around to make a fire, so there will be some light.

Then I made the water dagger.

OH! A water-like blue dagger has come out.

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This is so.

Then, I will dismantle it early.

When I finished dismantling the big dog, I slept a little.

Good morning.

It is a good morning.

Even though it is still dark.

I wash my face with a water ball and drink some water.

Today, I can make a bone knife, with the water dagger.

I summon the water dagger, and gather one bone from the big dog.

I sharpen it and make a better knife than before.

After a while as much as for two times the water dagger disappears, I finished the bone knife.

If it is like this in dismantling, I can use it as a weapon.

Then let’s leave at once.

…… along the way, there is a bird that can’t fly, it resembles a Dodo bird, it was the size of monster rabbit, and I defeat it.

It’s probably edible, because it is a bird, maybe.

I think so, I dismantle it, and roast it and try to eat it.

Far more delicious than the rabbit.

I must hunt it as soon as I find it.

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I encountered a weasel as well.

I made it as my experience.

……… That reminds me, I didn’t eat any herbs at all.

But, I’m afraid of poison and, Unless I get quite hungry, after I arrive at a human dwelling, and get an illustrated book for vegetation, I won’t eat any.

I want more seasoning, though.

Anyway, I decided to walk for today all day.

I should arrive somewhere soon, if go straight earnestly.

There wasn’t any particularly big matter on that day, and the 1st advance day was over.

after, the next day, the fourth day that I came to this world.

like yesterday, I got ready with a water ball and walked straight earnestly.

Along the way, I encountered 3 rabbits at the same time, so my level went up to 8, and there is no serious matter.

I’m concerned about the rabbit meat, I didn’t have any meat till yesterday aside from the bird meat, I decided to take a little of it.

I pocket it, because I don’t want to carry it like the big dog’s skin on my shoulder, so I carry it in my hand.

After that no monster appeared besides the rabbit, and there was no particularly big event on this day.

Along the way.

After eating the rabbit meat as lunch, I walked straight again.

After advancing for 10 minutes, I sensed something from a place ahead.

there is a place that trees didn’t grow in the middle, it’s a small open space.

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At the center, there is a large hole which gives off an abnormal sense of presence from it.


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