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Chapter 11 – VS. Big Monster Dog

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: soulpermutation English Source: Re:Library

I was very surprised.

What’s That dog?



It`s as large as lions in the zoo ………

No, it isn’t from a cat family.

… Can I win? with that….

Isn`t it unreasonable to fight it? But what should I do? As experience value it is good, probably.

I’d like to level up even a little now.

… to defeat it.

Well, let’s defeat it.

At first, from a place at the very limit of the range, I unleashed 4 water balls at LvMAX to dispose of those 3 small ones.

Another one is used for the large dog.

Thanks to the water ball which is at level MAX, I could defeat all the small ones.

The level just went up to 5.

I allocate point later.

Because a water ball was hit, it noticed me, here.

UWA, can it be knocked down by a water ball? this guy?

I believe this is the strongest monster I have confronted so far. (TN: I am using monster instead of demon.)


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The big dog turned its hostility toward me.

To be frank, I am scared.


The moment the big dog roared, it rushed towards me.

Quite fast.

As a faint, I shoot a Lv2 water ball, it was dodged completely.

By the same force, he is going to bite.

But I took some distance and succeeded in evading it.

The opponent came for the second time.

That’s also a damn bite? I, I’m affected.

Parry t ……

______________, oh? Tree?

_______ damn! Didn’t notice


「GU” A” A” A” A” A” A”!!」

I feel a terrible pain at my side.



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Damn!… wasn’t looking around well…!

The big dog has eyes which you can sense its superiority in them.

…… something, Isn`t there something? At this rate i am finished.

I have to think; I have to think!

……… Well.

Didn’t the level go up to 5?

Then I can get that.

Water magic・Kai, level 1 ……!!

I cannot afford to lose focus as i being under attack, in a hurry i put 10 SKP on water magic・Kai.

2 points were left from last time, and i have 12 points this time.

I learned a new magic.

It was like time stopped, i stopped just a little then the dog started running to approach me.

I trigger the magic that i just learned.

「Water emission! 」

Immediately, a magic formation was deployed where I pointed, At the same time, a huge amount of water emitted at the big dog vigorously.


The dog which was running towards me, blew off in the opposite direction.

「…I did …it? 」

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No, not yet.


he is still alive.

I can barely shoot 2 blows of water emission.


He roared.

with serious eyes …

Are you good with another 2 shots?

He is going to charge here again.

I shoot water emission once again.

The magic formation appeared under his stomach where I appointed.

Wonderfully, the current makes a hit, for an instant, it is raised with the water flow.

It seems to work, but he didn`t fall down yet.

He attacked me this time with his claws.

I failed to dodge it, he got me on my calf.


Now, It won’t be possible to walk by this much pain.

That means, I cannot escape.

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I have no choice but to defeat it.

I shot watered mission once again thinking that it would be the last one.

This time I appointed the place above his head, and the water hit him on the head like a hammer.


As aimed, it hit on the spot.

I wanted to win this with this one.

「GUU …………GUAA ……」

He still stands up.

I don’t have enough MP to shoot anymore.

When it comes to this, I cannot do anything but do close combat.

I approached him by pulling my foot which hurt and got closer.

While the opponent feels dizzy, I approach him.

I look for the bone knife in pocket, and, _____________

I struck the big dog in his side.

At the same time, I was bitten on the shoulder.

I lose consciousness there.

I was wrapped in a warm sense of improvement; and _______


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