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Chapter 11 – VS. the Big Dog Magic Beast

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: soulpermutation / rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

This chapter has been replaced with a new translation on [2024-06-26]. Comments may refer to the old translation.

I was rather shocked.

What is that dog? It’s huge. Super huge. It’s about as large as a lion you’d see in the zoo, you know… Though it doesn’t belong to the Felidae family.

Can it win? Against that… Wouldn’t it be better, not to recklessly fight it? Still, what should I do? It’ll give a lot of exp, you know~, probably.

Currently, I’d like to level up a bit more. Should I bring it down?
Alright, let’s defeat it.

First, I shot four max level Water Balls from a place that was just barely within range, three of them to deal with the three smaller ones. The last ball hit the large dog. Maybe due to the Water Balls being at max level, I defeated all the smaller dogs. Just now, my level rose to 5.

I’ll allocate the points later.

Since the big dog had been hit by a Water Ball, it noticed me.

Woah, that Water Ball didn’t defeat it? That’s definitely the strongest magic beast I’ve faced so far.


That big dog is turning its hostility directly at me, isn’t it? To be honest, I’m scared.

“Woof~~!” it roared and instantly charged at me.

It’s rather fast.

To keep it in check, I shot a level 2 Water Ball at it, but it dodged. With its prior momentum, it was about to snap at me. Still, I took some distance and managed to avoid it.

My opponent rushed at me a second time.
It’s going to snap at me again, isn’t it? Can it take such an attack?

I need to avoi-…
…Huh? A tree?

Darn! I didn’t notice it.



I felt terrible pain in my flank.
That hurts… like crazy…

Damn… I didn’t look well enough at my surroundings…!

The big dog reacted to it, maybe because it understood its own superiority, by looking at me with eyes that seemed to show its composure.

…Anything, isn’t there anything? At this rate, I’ll be killed. Think, I need to think!

That’s it.
Didn’t I level up? I can unlock that, then. I’ll raise Improved Water Magic to level 1…!!

I allocated 10 SKP to Improved Water Magic, while my opponent still acted all composed. Since I’d put in two points earlier, it had a total of 12 now. I learned new magic.

The dog stopped playing it cool and rushed at me, ready to land the finishing blow.

“Water Emission!” I activated the magic I had just acquired.

A magic circle appeared right in front of me where I had designated it, and at the same time, it emitted a huge amount of water at the large dog with great force.


The dog who’d been charging at me vigorously, was blown away in the opposite direction.

“…I did it… right?”

No, it’s not over yet.

“Gah… Grr~~~…”

It was still alive. I barely had enough MP to make two more casts of Water Emission.

“Growl~~~!” It bellowed.

Its eyes look serious, you know… Will I manage with another two attacks?

My opponent was about to rush at me again. I shot off another Water Emission. The magic circle appeared under its belly, right where I had designated it. It was hit splendidly by the water current and instantly lifted into the air.

It looked like it worked, but the dog still wasn’t defeated. This time, it attacked me with its claws. I failed to dodge and was hit on my calf.


I can probably no longer walk normally, due to the pain. Which means, I also cannot escape. There’s no other way but to defeat it.

As a last resort, I shot off another Water Emission. This time, I designated a place above its head, so the water current would hit it like a hammer.


It hit the place I had been aiming for. Inwardly, I was hoping to win with this.

“Ugh… Gah~…”

And still, the dog was getting up.

I didn’t have enough MP for another attack. At this point, I couldn’t do anything but close combat.

While dragging my aching foot, I closed in on my opponent. It also came my way, seemingly dizzy.

I searched my pocket for the bone knife, and…
…Stabbed it into the big dog’s flank.

And at the same time, it bit my shoulder. My consciousness was slipping away. I was enveloped by the warm feeling of a level-up, and…


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