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Chapter 10 – Action! Skill Synthesis

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: soulpermutation / rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

This chapter has been replaced with a new translation on [2024-06-25]. Comments may refer to the old translation.

While waiting for dogs to gather, I wanted to try [Skill Synthesis].

Since I evolved Water Magic into Improved Water Magic, it was now possible to use the Water Magic from before evolution for synthesis. So, I thought about giving synthesis centered around Water Magic a try.

Oh… I just realized, I could’ve synthesized SK2 skills with each other from the beginning, since they have no limitations1. B-But there’s some kind of cost and you might not always be able to synthesize them at the early stages, you know! Right?

At any rate, let’s try it right away.

When I imagined “Synthesis” in my mind, I was asked which skills I wanted to synthesize, and in which order. To see how things played out, I first tried to synthesize “Water Magic” and “Sword Arts”.

The following was displayed:

“E(X): Water Magic” + “Sword Arts★”

D: Water Dagger Summoning Magic
Cost: E-Rank Magic Core ×2

Huh? What’s an E-Rank magic core?

A magic core obtained by defeating E-Rank magic beasts.
It has a light-purple color.

Oh, those things that look like souls, right? So, they are used here. Currently, all in all, I have 9 purple-colored souls… or rather, E-Rank magic cores. That should be enough.

I should be able to synthesize it like this, but I’d like to see the details about “Water Dagger Summoning Magic”.

Water Dagger Summoning Magic
Rank: D – 4 SKP: 0/45
Lv1: SKP-15
Lv2: SKP-30

Furthermore, let’s look at its level 1 in detail.

Water Dagger Summoning Magic Lv1
You learn to summon a dagger made of water, that is charged with the water attribute. The dagger’s strength increases proportionally to the caster’s W. During combat, it is treated like a normal sword, and apart from the dagger’s strength, its power rises and falls with the user’s A and their sword skills.
Consumes 20 MP. It will disappear with time.

I see, so it summons a dagger. It’s a perfect skill for a situation, when you don’t have a knife at hand, isn’t it? Moreover, its damage is determined by both A and W. Let’s give it preference, when allocating SKP.

When I mentally ordered to synthesize it, the message [You have obtained “D: Water Dagger Summoning Magic”] appeared.

Let’s try another.

“Water Magic” + “Spear Arts” and “Water Magic” + “Bow Arts” gave similar results to Water Dagger Summoning Magic. I didn’t synthesize them.

However, I was somewhat perplexed by what could be obtained with “Water Magic” + “Martial Arts”, which was a skill called “Nature of Water”. It allowed one to clad part of one’s body in a water attribute aura, and also had the effect of increasing said aura’s strength in relation to the caster’s W. Still, I wasn’t planning to use martial arts in the future, so I didn’t acquire it.

“Water Magic” + “Dismantling” resulted in “Dismantling”. I was confused at first, but when I tried to examine this “Dismantling”, it’s entry had expanded to say [Dismantling skill increase, when dealing with magic beasts and creatures that live in and around water]. It required five E-Rank magic cores, which wasn’t a problem. I synthesized it.

Does a synthesis skill like an absorption form2 exist, too?

Afterwards, I tried reversing the order on each synthesis, but the results from synthesizing “Water Magic” + “Martial Arts” or “Dismantling” didn’t change. “Water Magic” + all weapon skills apparently resulted in a water version of those weapons. I didn’t need them in particular.

That’s enough for this time, I’ll take a peek at the dog trap.
Oh, there they are! Three dogs!

And that wasn’t all…
…One of them had the same black fur as the others, but was considerably larger.



  1. The original says スキル自体に指定がない (“(they) don’t designate towards any own skills”) which doesn’t make much sense. I guess he means that they don’t have the “all SKP allocated” limitation that the SK1 skills have.
  2. This sentence is weird. It might mean something completely different, or maybe he’s referencing some video game?
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