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Chapter 9 – Dog Trap

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: soulpermutation English Source: Re:Library

First I drained the blood out of the rabbit then dismantled it.

At this point. I change the place to dismantle the meat from drained blood area.

This is because The smell of blood will contaminate the meat.

Next, I hang the rabbit meat on a tree with a string of long grass.

With this it`s complete now, to be more effective, I cut the skin with the bone knife and try to sow it together near the tree.

It`s complete, A dog trap.

At a short distance away where I left it, while I was sharpening a small and thin bone for sewing, i waited for a dog to gather near the dog trap.

Because the needle has been completed about 30 minutes later, I decided to see the state of dog trap.

As I approach the area, I’m hearing a yelp bark.

I hid in the shade and looked at the state.

As far as I see from here, there are 4 of them.

Though I wasn’t expecting for even one to come, it seems that the dog trap was more effective than I thought.

I did it.

without making a sound, I approach to a range of my magic, I shot a water ball to one of them which barked toward the meat there.

The size of water ball which was around a juice drink, is now around a basketball since the water ball`s level become 4.

But I use 4 MP at once when it is this size.

By the way, I understood it in the detailed information when I examined the level of the skill.


Water Ball Lv4.

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Power is strengthened in comparison with Lv3, and the range becomes wider.

However, for level 4 to have this much power and range it consumes 4 MP.

The consumption of MP is according to the level and accordingly, the range and power are increased.

in addition, when getting to level 3, target can be assigned, and the ball automatically will track it.

In this sense, the explanation came in.

I think that I took out the dog which was hit by a water ball.

Now, I am able to kill in one hit at this degree.

The other 3 was surprised as one of them collapsed.

I kill another one with a water ball again with this chance.

The two remaining notice me here, one of them is frightened, one of them comes here.

I defeat the one that came with a water ball, the last one also approach, i defeat it with the bone knife.

Oh! My level went up to 4!

This time, A and HP went up by 1, MP and C and S and W gone up by 2.

SKP added 2 to water Magic.

water magic became MAX level at last! Hooray!

Power and the range of the water ball raised by having become MAX level, at 4 MP rate.

Furthermore, with the amount of MP that i have now and the MP rate to produce a water ball, i can make 5 now.

_______Suddenly, that message is floating in my mind.

【 Skill was designated as MAX level. Evolution and derivation are explained. 】

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An entry called 「Evolution, Derivation」 is available for evolution and derivation in the detail when becoming MAX level.

by choosing the entry, a dedicated menu will be displayed, in the menu you can choose to evolve, derive (This message isn`t displayed next time)

OK. nice!


Water Magic

Rank: E(X) – 1 SKP:15/15

Lv1: SKP-3 ○

Lv2: SKP-6 ○

Lv3: SKP-9 ○

Lv4: SKP-12 ○

LvMAX: SKP-15 ○


It was this.

OK, right away, I’ll do evolution and derivation!


Evolution, derivation menu

・E(X) Water Magic <<<【D(X) Water Magic・Kai 】 Cost: none ・E(X) Water Magic →→【E(X) Ice Magic】 Cost: None It evolves ・ derives? (Yes ・No ・just one)


I choose 「Yes」 in my mind.

【You acquired 【Ice Magic】【Water Magic ・ Kai】】

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OH! I learn it in this way.

Both Water Magic. Kai and Ice Magic get a (X) mark.

Even if it’s synthesized, it’s will not disappear.

I reached my dream.

I verify those skills at once.


Water Magic. Kai

Rank: D – 6 SKP:0/60

Lv0: SKP-0

Lv1: SKP-12

Lv2: SKP-24

Lv3: SKP-36

Lv4: SKP-48




Magic (Example)

Rank: E – 2 SKP:0/25

Lv1: SKP-5

(This chapter is provided to you by Re:Library)

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Lv2: SKP-10

Lv3: SKP-15

Lv4: SKP-20



As expected, because it’s a D rank, its SKP is higher.

By the way, if it’s checked about level 0, an explanation was given that I was able to do what I learned before evolution.

In addition, I used the remaining 8 SKP by 2 in fire, wind, earth, water kai.

The fire, wind and Earth also evolved by 10 points respectively with this.

I will use 10 points for water Kai at the next stage.


Main character’s status until this time.


– Status –

Name: ARIM Level: 4 EXP: 350
HP: 46/46 (3) MP: 35/39 (7)
A (Attack): 25 (5) C (Dexterity): 29 (9)
D (Defense): 21 (1) W (Magic Power): 27 (7)
S (Speed): 28 (8) STP: 0

– Skills –

[D(X): Water Magic・Kai] Lv 0 [E(X): Fire Magic] Lv 1 [E(X): Wind Magic] Lv 1 [E(X): Earth Magic] Lv 1
[E(X): Sense Magic] Lv – [E(X): Heal Magic] Lv 1 [E(X): Ice Magic] Lv – [E(X): Enhancement Magic] Lv –
[E(X): Weakening Magic] Lv –
[Sword Skill★] Lv – [Jutsu★] Lv – [Spear Skill★] Lv – [Bow Skill★] Lv –
[Dismantling★] Lv 1
SKP: 0
Title: Seal:


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