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Chapter 20

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Author: Himezaki Shiu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library

Fujiwara and Fumitsuki had apparently found only one Gryps.

The Collegium group proceeded at a snail’s pace. After all, the group was large, and even walking normally would create a lot of noise. Moreover, the Gryps was likely on high alert from yesterday’s attack.

Although it took us a considerable amount of time, we eventually arrived close to the Gryps’ nest.

The adventurers hid in the trees’ shadows while the Wizard prepared their spells. Watching all these Wizards, I couldn’t help but wonder if I should start learning magic. I could maybe learn Water Magic to create fish as I’d seen in some novels, or Earth Magic to create elaborate dolls. I decided that it would be nice to try it sometime.

After the B Grade party and the Collegium head confirmed the Gryps’ numbers, they gave the signal that showed we’d only be fighting one enemy. After giving out the signal, the B Grade party leapt out in front of the Gryps without wasting any time.

I was calmly watching the situation unfold from the top of a tree, but I could see that the folks on the ground were starting to get nervous. It was like they were at the first ascent of a roller coaster. It was the kind of fear one would experience when waiting for something to happen.

For my part, I was never the kind to enjoy those kinds of exhilarating rides. But I figured I could certainly run faster than the speed of a roller coaster right now.

The blind Gryps immediately lunged at the party as well, likely noticing them due to the sound and smell. As one would expect from B Grade adventurers, they easily avoided the monster’s lunge. However, because the Gryps got closer to the ranged group, the Collegium Duchesse managed to pull it away.

He was leading it to a place where it wouldn’t be able to avoid the full assault of the ranged group. However, most likely due to being unable to bear the tension any longer, a member of the ranged group launched a spell.

Seeing that, the Collegium Duchesse made a quick judgment and with a bitter look, gave the command to attack. Numerous attacks were unleashed all at once. Spells of all colors were accompanied by a rain of arrows. Even some knives and spears could be seen.

I, in turn, decided to shoot at the Gryps’ wing, just in case. After all, if we couldn’t defeat it, I’d at least be able to impact its mobility.

A could of dust rose around the Gryps, which had been the target of countless attacks. As the dust rose, shouts along the lines of “Did we do it?!” echoed in the area.

It was impressive, truly moving. It was what would generally be described as raising a flag. This implied that rather than having defeated the Gryps, the worst was still to come.

I couldn’t help but wonder if Fumitsuki or Fujiwara would notice the change. If not, it was possible that they could die. I decided to check up on them just in case.

The world around them was still waiting and observing, but the two of them had already begun to move. They were heading straight for the Gryps with their presences concealed.

They picked up the spears that had been repelled from the earlier attack and circled behind the Gryps. It was then that the Gryps let out an enraged howl. The air shivered from the power of its voice.

Many were not prepared for a second round of attacks, and the B Grade adventurers were busy dealing with the second Gryps that had arrived before they’d known it. To put it bluntly, it was a hopeless situation.

Normally, they would’ve been able to launch a second round of attacks while the Collegium Duchesse was holding the Gryps off, but the adventurers’ morale was low due to the Gryps being able to withstand the full force attack.

The Collegium Duchesse knew that if he didn’t step forward, nothing would begin. Thus he made his way towards the monster. However, just as he did, the Gryps let out a pained cry.

It was because the Neutral Team had both climbed on its back and stuck a spear through its flesh. The way they both held onto the spear made them look like the hero and heroine of a story.

Realistically speaking, to penetrate the Gryps’ hard skin, they needed the weight of two people, which was why they’d done this. Unfortunately, this did not end up being the fatal blow, it did, however, create a huge opening and also dealt a significant amount of damage.

Given that they had weakened it to this point, the Collegium Duchesse would be able to finish the job. The Collegium Duchesse launched a series of relentless attacks, and the Gryps ended up falling limply. Simultaneously, the B Grade Party took down the other Gryps.

After the Collegium Duchesse confirmed the death of both Gryps, he announced the end of the mission and everyone cheered.


Although the Gryps were dead, the request wouldn’t be over until we went back to the Collegium Venato. Everyone was already quite tired, but we still had to carry the prey back home.

Given that this time’s prey was quite large, it was decided that it would be taken care of on the spot and that each person would take a portion back with them. There were materials like claws, feathers, beaks, and other materials that could be used for Alchemy or producing weapons.

*(Come to think of it, I can use Alchemy.) *

I did have the skill, so I somewhat knew what would be needed, but if I were to use the skill, I’d need a lot of equipment.

It was a popular trope in stories where the protagonist would end up making high-quality products until they were noticed by the guilds, then by the nobility, and eventually by the royal family.

However, in this world, the guild was the Collegium, and I didn’t particularly trust either the nobility or the royals. And besides, even if I made a Potion or a high-grade weapon, I didn’t think I’d end up using them.

If there was a bag that had a capacity bigger than its appearance and could control the weight inside, then I’d gladly make one, but it felt like I’d just get into trouble if I had something like that on me.

As such, I decided to give up the idea. After all, I had decided to act as more of a bystander than anything else.

Leaving me aside, the MVPs of this mission were none other than the Neutral Team. The B Grade Adventurers had also pulled their weight, but when it came to showing abilities above their grades, then Fujiwara and Fumitsuki had the lead.

Although they would end up standing out, it didn’t seem to be in a bad way. And besides, the two could now use this achievement as a bargaining chip to get permission to cross the border.

When we returned to the Collegium, we dropped off the Gryps materials in a storehouse. The reward would be based on how much the materials cost, so it would take until tomorrow.

Given that there was no need to stay grouped up anymore, everyone went on their way to celebrate the completion of the mission. Fujiwara and Fumitsuki were grabbed by a group of nice adventurers and were taken away.

As everyone was dispersing, I also showed myself. However, given that no one called out to me, I decided to return to the inn and hit the bed.


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