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Chapter 2 Age Five(2)

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Age Five(2)

Today is the day when the piano teacher is supposed to come. I woke up as usual and while I was having breakfast and studying English, my mom opened the door to my room and came in.

“My princess~, the teacher is coming at 2 o’clock today, so let’s have lunch and get you dressed, okay?”

“Yeah, I know. What’s for lunch today?”

“It’s my daughter’s favorite cheese kimchi fried rice~. As for your clothes, I’ll pick them out for you after you finish your lunch. Hehe.”

“I don’t like it when you take a long time to choose my clothes, so I already picked out what I want to wear.”

“No, Mom will pick for you~.”

Ugh… it’s really like hell.

After roughly finishing my lunch, I was dragged into my mom’s fashion show and became a fashion model.

After an hour of being dressed up like that, I ended up wearing the checked dress I tried on first. Why did we have to do this fashion show for an hour if that was going to be my choice all along?


“Oh, the teacher arrived right on time.”

Mom went to the front door and opened it.

“Welcome! You must have had a hard time coming because of the snow today.”

“No, it was close by so I got here quickly. Haha.”

The new piano tutor looked like a college student. And she had a large chest. Oh.


“Oh, hello. You’re such a pretty little princess~. What’s your name?”

“I’m Lee Dohee.”

“Your name is so pretty~. Is this little princess the one I’ll be teaching?”

“Yes, she is, isn’t my daughter so cute?”

“Really, really, I want to have a daughter like this later in the future.”

“Hehe, my pretty daughter has been saying she wants to learn piano since last week, so please teach her well.”

“Wow, I didn’t know Dohee wanted to learn first. Then I’ll teach her how to read sheet music today. Where is the piano?”

“Oh, the piano is in Dohee’s room over there. We bought an electronic piano, and I’m planning to buy a wooden one later if she continues to play diligently.”

“Ah, I see. Well then, Dohee, shall we go to your room with the piano and learn with the teacher?”


Even though I could walk alone, I held the teacher’s hand. She’s a pretty college student, so it’s okay. When we entered the room, I sat down at the desk.

“Hi, my name is Jooyeonji. Nice to meet you, Dohee.”

“Yes, nice to meet you too.”

“Okay, for today, I’ll teach you how to read sheet music and the scale before we learn how to play the piano.”

“That’s not necessary. I already studied it on YouTube.”

“Oh, really? You’re only five years old, and you’re already so talented?”

Even though my body is only five years old, my mind is that of an adult, but people always treat me like a child, which makes me uncomfortable.

“Anyway, I want to learn how to play the piano starting today.”

“Then, shall we write the scale on the sheet music that the teacher brought? Writing the scale makes it easier to play.”

“Then, why don’t you write the solfeggio names on the sheet music that the teacher brought? Writing the solfeggio names will also make it easier to play.”

The teacher took out the sheet music from her bag and put it on the desk. The sheet music looked very easy. I wrote the solfeggio names quickly and looked up at the teacher.

“Wow, you really know music notation! Okay, okay, shall we sit in front of the piano now?”

After sitting in front of the piano, the teacher put the music score on the stand.

“Alright, Why don’t I play it first, then Dohee can follow?”

Then the teacher picked me up and sat on the chair putting me on her lap.

“It’s uncomfortable, but you have to play the piano too, so why don’t you sit with me?”

As I sit on the teacher’s lap, my head touches the teacher’s large breasts. As a woman, she can feel a sensation she has never experienced before in her previous life… As I rest my head on the comfort of the teacher’s chest, I feel my body relax and grow lethargic.

Maybe she was lucky to be born a girl.

“Okay, Sensei, why don’t you play first?”

“The teacher was pressing the keys and playing the piano, but I forgot to absorb what she was playing and zoned out, feeling comfortable with the piano and my head against her chest.”

“Now, shall Dohee try it?”

“Can you show me one more time?”

“You still don’t get it? Alright, I’ll play it again for you to watch.”

Watching the teacher’s performance, it looks easy. I think I can do it too.

“Okay, now you play it.”

However, even though it is a simple performance, my fingers do not move as I wish.

“It’s okay. Let’s try playing slowly, one note at a time. Shall we start from the first line?”

To be honest, I didn’t expect to become a virtuoso just because I was reborn. Of course, that’s only natural. However, I won’t give up.

“I’ll keep trying.”

“It’s not about playing fast. Shall we try playing the first verse with only the right hand?”


Learning a new instrument for the first time in both my past and present lives.

As I concentrated and continued to play the piano, I was able to play accurately, if not faster, with one hand.

“You did well. Now how about playing with the left hand this time?”

Since my left hand is not my dominant hand, it takes me longer to play properly than my right hand.

As I focused on playing and repeated the same verse, my teacher called me.

Before I knew it, it was already time for my teacher to leave.

“Dohee, the teacher has to go now. Do you want to get up?”

‘I haven’t even played it perfectly yet..’

My teacher lifted me up from her lap.

As I got up and turned around, I saw that my mother had come into the room.

“My princess is so cute even when she’s focused on playing the piano. Who’s daughter are you?”

Apparently, it seems like my mother was taking a video of me playing the piano the whole time.


My teacher got up, smiled at my mother and then took something out of her bag and handed it to me.

“Here, before I go, I’ll give Dohee some homework.”

It seemed like it was a piano workbook.

“You need to study this so you can play right away while looking at the sheet music. Dohee, do you think you can finish solving these five pages from here to here today?”


“Ma’am, I’m going to go now, and I’ll see you the day after tomorrow.”(“어머니 저는 이제 가 보겠습니다. 모레에 뵐게요.” ????)

“Okay, thank you for your hard work. Goodbye and be careful on your way.”

After my teacher left, I went to my room and opened the workbook she had given me. It looked easy since it was made for children, but it seemed like it would take a while. I should start solving it now. There’s no need to procrastinate until tomorrow. After a while, as I worked on the workbook, I heard the sound of the front door.

‘Dad must have come home from work.’

Even though I solved more than the five pages my teacher assigned, it doesn’t matter. I heard the happy footsteps of my dad coming towards my room. As soon as I opened the door, my dad approached me with open arms to hug me.

“My princess, dad’s here but she didn’t even greet me. I’m feeling sad, boo hoo.”

He says it’s because his daughter is so pretty that he can’t help it. Sigh

“Daddy, you’re home. But before you hug me, please wash your hands first. They’re dirty.”

Dad washes his hands and then hugs me. Sigh, he’ll just play with me for a bit and then we’ll have to eat dinner.

“What did you do today, my princess?”

“I practiced piano today.”

“Oh, really? You’re such a good girl.”


“Hey, do you want me to show you what you learned on the piano?”

“Yes, yes! Show me quickly.”

I sat in front of the piano and played today’s learned piece with great effort. It’s still lacking, but it seemed like a decent performance, wasn’t it?

“Wow, my princess is so amazing. You played so well.”

Although it’s a praise filled with dad’s affection, it makes me feel a little embarrassed. If I become good at playing the piano in the future, I’ll be much happier than this.

“I’ll play even better from now on, so you have to buy me a wooden piano, okay?”

“Sure, sure. If my princess plays the piano, I can’t resist. If you work hard Dohee, I’ll buy you a beautiful piano.”

I could hear my mom’s voice from afar. It must be dinner time.

“Honey, Dohee, dinner is ready. Come here quickly and eat~.”

Finally, my dad played with me enough, so it’s time to eat.

I wait for him to put me on my chair at the table.

As always, my mom takes a picture of me before I sit down. She must be planning to upload it on social media as a series.

Sigh, I need to grow up quickly and sit on my own.

“Hurry up and upload it! Stop taking pictures!”

It’s difficult to even have a meal every time. Today, I ate a balanced meal to grow taller and then go to my room to study. I solved my English studies with YouTube internet lectures, but it’s not easy to study other subjects without any study materials. I feel like I need study materials, but how do I tell my mom and dad… I’m afraid to tell them because I don’t want them to think that I am a genius and be disappointed later.

‘Well, I can’t just do nothing… I should go out and talk to them.’

I open the door and walk up to talk to my parents, who are eating fruit and chatting.

“Mom, I want to study elementary school subjects in advance.”

“My mom and dad are looking at me like I just dropped a bomb on them. I feel uncomfortable because I’ve always pretended not to be too smart, fearing I might receive unwanted attention. From now on, I need to show my true abilities more.

“My princess, mommy wishes her princess hasn’t done anything like that already. You must have been learning on Youtube. Mom just wants her daughter to grow up healthy and beautiful.”

“It’s not that, I just want to do it.”

“Dad also wants our daughter to grow up healthy and happy while playing. Do you really want to study that much?”

“Yes, I want to be good at studying to be smart. That’s why I studied multiplication by myself on YouTube.”

At this, Mom and Dad laugh at how my claim of studying multiplication by myself sounds like a lie.

“Oh really? Then what’s eight times seven, my princess?”


Mom and Dad were surprised that I knew the answer.

“What’s 4 times 9?”

This time, it’s my father who asks the question.


“Wow, you really did study on your own didn’t you? Our daughter has been so smart since she was young, taking after me. She must be a genius.”

“So she really is a genius because she takes after us?”

Again, the two of us are chatting idly together. After all… why couldn’t I have had a relationship like that in a past life?

“Anyway, that’s why I want to have study materials.”

“Okay, my princess dad will buy study materials. But if you don’t feel like doing it, you don’t have to force yourself, okay?”


Fortunately, my mom and dad seem to accept it without any particular suspicion. I can naturally move on to studying middle and high school subjects. Now that the study materials are taken care of, I should do some jump rope and stretching. Come to think of it, I can also include piano practice in my daily schedule starting today. After finishing my workout, I’ll play the piano and then go to bed.


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