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Chapter 3 Age Five(3)

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Two days have passed, and today is the day the piano teacher comes. After playing the piano continuously for two days, I can now play the first piece I learned without mistakes using both hands. While playing, my mom and dad kept teasing me about being a piano prodigy, but I feel quite proud when I play a complete piece. I think I’m learning faster than other kids my age.

“It wouldn’t be good if I was slow as I have the mind of an adult.”

After finishing my morning routine before the teacher arrives, I continue practicing the piano. By the time the teacher came, I realized they must have come while I was practicing. My mom calls me to come out.

“Dohee, the teacher is here. Shouldn’t you come out and greet them?”

“Yeah, I’m coming.”

As I leave the room, I see the teacher standing at the front door.

‘Wow, they look impressive.’

The teacher is wearing a tight fitted sweater today. It’s a garment that suits well in winter. Not only in winter, but it also fits well on the chest… The big breasts that stand out even when wearing just a T-shirt are on the verge of exploding when wearing a sweater.

The teacher who sees me greets me by waving their hand.

“Hello, Dohee~ So you’ve been continuously playing the piano, huh? Oh, how admirable.”

Just by waving her hand, she makes my heart race even more.

Wow. I can’t believe how that chest can drive someone crazy. I should hurry up and play the piano. That way, I can lean against that chest.

“Teacher! I’ve already finished all the exercises you gave me. Let’s play the piano quickly!”

“Oh, you’ve finished your homework? How impressive.”

“Yes, yes, let’s go play quickly.”

“You’ve been practicing for a while, but you still want to play more? It seems Dohee really loves the piano. So should we check your homework quickly and then play?

“That’s right. She has been playing the piano a lot for the past two days, she really seems to enjoy it. It’s probably a good idea to look into getting her a good piano.”(probably Dohee’s mom speaking)

“Oh, really? Then, Dohee, why don’t you go to your room and check your homework first?”

The teacher insists on holding my hand as we go to the room. She has such delicate hands. Hehe… When I take out the textbook from the bookshelf and I showed it to the teacher.

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“Here you go.”

“Oh my, you’ve already finished the homework?”

While checking the homework, the teacher said in shock.

“Huh, you’ve finished not only the homework but the whole thing from start to finish?”

“Yes, since I had time left, I just finished it all.”

“Even so, it couldn’t have been easy. Dohee, you’re really smart.”

“Yes, yes, so let’s go play the piano quickly!”

‘Boobs, quick boobs!!’

Seeing me eagerly wanting to play the piano, the teacher smiles.

“Alright, let’s sit down at the piano.”

The teacher lifts me up and sits me on their lap in front of the piano. My racing heart instantly at the thought of her chest, and calms down as I lean against her chest.

‘It’s so comfortable, even more so than with my mom…’

“Now, Dohee, shall we play?”

“Umm… Just a moment…”

“It’s okay, don’t be shy about showing me what you’ve practiced for the past two days. Tell me when you’re ready?”

I thought I was nervous about showing the teacher what I’ve practiced… But it’s just that your breasts… your breasts… are an unbelievable paradise.

“Phew… I’m ready now. I’ll play.”

The teacher looks surprised as she listens to my performance.

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“Wow, Dohee, are you really only five years old? You’re a prodigy.”

If it’s been two days of practice, I should be able to play even a beginner’s sheet music.

“Yes, please teach me other songs now.”

“Okay then, shall we try this one?”

This sheet music is a bit more challenging than the first song.

“Okay, let’s start with the right hand, shall we?”


Now that I’m used to the piano, I can easily play with my dominant right hand.

“Dohee, you’re doing so well. Shall we try with the left hand now?”

However, playing sheet music with my non-dominant left hand is still confusing.

“It’s okay. The reason you’re confused now is that the finger numbers are reversed. How about using your index finger here?”

As I continue playing with the teacher, I manage to play with my left hand without mistakes quite quickly.

“Now, shall we try playing with both hands together?”

Eventually, by the time the lesson is about to end, I successfully play a new song without mistakes using both hands. On the first day, I couldn’t even complete a piece during the lesson, let alone play with both hands smoothly. It feels rewarding to have practiced for two days.

“Dohee, you’re doing great. If you continue like this, you’ll become a pianist in no time.”

As the teacher hugs me tightly, I can’t tell if it’s her arms or her chest that I’m leaning against.

‘So soft…”

After the lesson, the teacher gave me new sheet music and asked me to practice a songI want to play until the next lesson.

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“Dohee, these are more challenging pieces than the ones we played today. You can choose the sheet music you want to play and practice. The reason Dohee makes mistakes is because you’re not conscious of the finger numbers, so I’ll mark them on the sheet music. Your skills will improve quickly if you play with the marked numbers.”

“Yes, ma’am. I’ll do that.”

Anyway, I can’t stand it anymore.

“Teacher, I will work hard, so please hug me one more time instead.”

“Ara, you’re so adorable. Come here.”

As I bury my face in the teacher’s chest, I feel an indescribable sensation.

‘I’m happy…’

“Mom, our lesson is over.”

“Oh my, time flies. Teacher, how is Dohee doing? Is she doing well?”

“Yes she’s doing really well. It’s not just flattery because she’s cute. I think she is really talented. She learns twice as fast than kids her age.”

“Really? Maybe she takes after someone. Haha.”

“Maybe she got her beauty from her mother and talent as well~”

“Haha, don’t tease me~. You’re so beautiful and play the piano so well.”

The teacher also has a social life so she won’t be lonely. (선생님도 사회생활 하는 게 어디 가서 굶진 않겠다??)

The conversation between the teacher and my mom went on for a few minutes, and I stood awkwardly there.

“So, as long as she continues like this, maybe she can participate in a competition later on.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yes, if Dohee wants to continue playing, I think she can participate in a regional competition this year too.”

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“I see. We should buy a good piano then? Dohee, Mom will buy you a beautiful one.”


“Well then, I’ll take my leave now. Goodbye, Mrs. Lee. Dohee, practice the sheet music I gave you and I’ll see you again in two days, alright?”

“Yes, teacher. Goodbye.”

“Thank you for your hard work, teacher~. Take care.”

After seeing off the teacher, my mom hugged and comforted me.

“My princess, do you want to continue playing the piano?”

“Yes, I want to keep playing the piano and studying about it.”

“I’m so happy because of my princess, but if you ever want to stop, just let me know, okay?”

It seems like my mom was worried that I was doing too many things not suited for a child.

“I understand. Don’t worry, Mom. I’ll only do what I want to do.”

“That’s right, my daughter. Mom will support you.” (“그래 우리 딸, 엄마가 피아노 알아봐야겠다.”???)

“Okay, thank you.”

The topic came up during dinner when my dad came back from work.

“Oh, Dohee, you had a piano lesson today, right?”

“Yeah, why?”

“The teacher said you definitely have talent when she saw you. She said you learn faster than kids your age.”

“Oh, really? My princess is a genius then. Come here, give me a kiss.”

I blocked my dad’s lips with my hand.

“Oh, I’m a genius. But don’t kiss me, Dad. Your beard is uncomfortable.”

“Sob Dohui blocked my kiss sob. Then, Dohee, please give Daddy a kiss on the cheek.”


‘If I don’t do it, he’ll pout and sulk for hours by my side again.’

“Fine, here you go.”

My mom, who was smiling happily at that scene, said, “Anyway, we should buy a good piano.”

“Okay, don’t worry about the money. We’ll buy whatever our daughter needs.”

“Let’s just buy the piano for now. Honey, I’ve been thinking, how about sending Dohee to kindergarten?”

“Suddenly, kindergarten? Didn’t you say you want to be with Dohee until she goes to elementary school? Why the sudden change?”

“It’s just that I want the best for Dohee… Also, Dohee is now five years old, and I think it’s important for her to socialize with kids her age.”

“Well, Dohee should play with other kids too. How about going to kindergarten, Dohee? Would you like to go?”

‘Rather than being surrounded by energetic little kids at kindergarten, Mom’s nagging is much better. I absolutely refuse to go to kindergarten.’

“I want to stay with Mom.”

“Mom also wants to be with Dohee. But now that you’re five years old, I’m worried that you’ll be alone without friends.”

“I like Mom better. There’s nothing to learn at kindergarten.”

“Hehe, it’s so wonderful that my daughter wants to be with her mother.”

“What about Dad…? Do you like Dad too…?”

“Dad is okay, I guess.”

“Sob, please like Dad too.”

“Sigh, just kidding, Dad, I like you too.”

With that one remark, Dad started laughing.

“Hehe. Anyway, let’s solve the kindergarten issue like this. Let’s try a one-day experience at the kindergarten and decide then.”

After hearing Dad’s words, Mom said,

“Are there places where you can have a one-day experience at kindergarten?”

“Private kindergartens, like English kindergartens, may allow a one-day trial, or there’s also the company’s kindergarten.”

“Alright then, Dohee, let’s just go for one day for now.”

Certainly, it would be a concern if a five-year-old only played alone. It’s hard to ignore the worried gaze.

“Sigh, okay, just one day?”

Anyway, if we go for a day and then run away, it’s fine.

“Alright, let’s look into the kindergarten that Baekhwi attends.”

“Sure, let’s do that. Now, let’s have dinner.”

“Okay~, I’ll prepare the food quickly. Hehe.”

“Honey, what side dishes do we have today?”

“Pork belly, your favorite~.”

“What? Come here, I need to give my wife a proper kiss.”

“Aww, I don’t know.”

“Sigh, I’ll go to my room. Let me know when the food is ready!”

Seems like a younger sibling might be coming soon. I wonder if it will be a girl or a boy?

As I entered my room and started thinking, I realized that Mom and Dad were quite worried about me. Well, I suppose even if a 5-year-old child acts mature and doesn’t realize it, I think I would still be concerned if I were in their shoes.

As I grow older, things might resolve themselves, but for now, there’s nothing I can do. I need to show a more affectionate side.

In my previous life, when I was young, I rarely experienced the love of parents and felt awkward about family love. That’s why even now, expressing love feels embarrassing. Even in this situation, when I see Mom and Dad acting affectionate, my face feels hot. But I should try to express myself a bit more.

I won’t have regrets in this life.


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