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Chapter 1 Age Five(1)

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It has already been 4 years since I was born as a girl. I am now 5 years old. It feels like this is a parallel world, not the Earth of my past life.

I confirmed the differences in the details of this parallel world while reading history books, although the broad historical framework is similar.

“Did my princess wake up?”


At first, I tried to ignore the fact that I was called a princess, but I’ve somewhat resigned and adapted to it since my parents always call me princess.

“Daddy already went to work. You should eat breakfast too, Princess.”

“What’s for breakfast today?”


Even when I tried to sit on the dining chair to eat, my height was too short to lift myself up, and my mom, who thought I was cute, took pictures of me instead of helping me sit. I sighed as I looked at my mom.

“Hurry up and help me sit down.”

“Just a moment, Mom needs to take a picture for SNS.”

My mom smiled as if I were cute, and after taking all the pictures, she finally helped me sit on the chair. Even eating was difficult with my mom’s burdened gaze and her taking pictures every time I took a spoonful. I felt like I was going to get exhausted every time I ate.

“Stop taking pictures.”

“Who does my daughter resemble to be this beautiful?”


“My princess, why are you pouting again? Mommy is sad.” Sobbing.

My mom pretended to be hurt and crying.

“Ah, Mom, I look pretty because I resemble you.”

“Oh, Really? Hehe.”

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Finally, my mom smiled and fed me. It was true that I was born pretty because my mom and dad were beautiful. I was prettier than any babies I had seen in my past life, so I didn’t mind being born as a girl.

“Mom, I want to learn piano.”


When I was born again, my first thought was not about my gender. The things I regretted in my previous life, my goal in this life was to live without any regrets in this life. And at the end, before dying, the last thought that came to mind was becoming a perfect person worth admiring by others. One of the things I had admired was someone who could play an instrument, having been impressed by kids who were good at playing instruments in school. Even in my 20s, I had wanted to learn an instrument, but I never even had the chance to read music sheets because of my job. It might not have been too late even then, but it had felt like it.


“You’re too young to go to an academy, hmm… Should I look for a private tutor instead?”

Fortunately, my dad works for a large company, so there should be no financial difficulties for my education.

“Then, you’ll start learning the piano from next week, but in exchange today you’ll have to go out with mom, got it?”

I don’t like going out with my mom, but I reluctantly agreed.

“Yeah, okay.”

After finishing my meal, I have to prepare to go out. The reason why I hate going out with my mom, firstly, is because she insists on washing me. It would be nice if I just got washed, but even when I’m being washed, my mother’s excessive fussiness doesn’t stop. Her playful touches are the second reason, followed by my mom’s fashion show that starts after I finish washing up.

“My princess, should you put on this or that?”

It’s a cycle of taking off and putting on clothes. At first, I kept expressing my dislike for the cute clothes she picks out, but now I’ve given up and wear whatever she gives me due to my mother’s stubbornness.

“My princess looks beautiful no matter what she wears. It’s hard to decide.”

After an hour-long fashion show, it seems like my mom’s preparations are finally over. I’m wearing a pink t-shirt, blue overalls, and a headband. Finally, we’re going out.

“Where are we going today?”

“Today, we’re going to meet mom’s friend who recently moved nearby. She’s been a close friend since high school, so we have to greet her politely, okay?”


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“Oh, and mom’s friend also has a friend who is your age. Do you get along with her?”


The scenery outside the car that I’m riding in brings back memories of a distant past, resembling a nostalgic street. If I had to describe that in my previous life, it would be like the early 2010s.

Arriving at my mom’s friend’s house, it was a single family house and looked very expensive at a glance. Wow, a single family home in Seoul. A woman who appeared at the door seemed to be her mom’s friend when she rang the doorbell. Beautiful people really do stick close to each other as my mom’s friend was also a beauty.

“Joohee, why are you here?”

“Minha, it’s been a while.”


When I greeted her the woman looked at me and seemed surprised, and her eyes widened as if she was taken aback. She tried to hug me, but I avoided her because I didn’t want to be hugged and hid behind my mom.

“What a doll. She’s even prettier in person. Unbelievable.”

“My daughter is pretty because she takes after me. Hah.”

“Let me hold her just once~”

“My daughter doesn’t like to be held, she won’t even let her dad hold her.”

“Aww, okay. You must be tired from coming all this way. Come in quickly~”

Upon entering and looking inside the house, it was clearly a wealthy household to anyone’s eyes.

“Really, how can she get cuter every time I see her? She’s more like a doll in real life and even prettier than in the pictures.”

“You know what they say, like mother, like daughter. But my daughter is too cute and lovely, like an elf or an angel.”

“It’s understandable that people who see me for the first time may act that way, but my mother’s enthusiasm has never stopped once since I was born.”

“Would you like to become my daughter? Dohee? I’ll take good care of you.”

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Oh, by the way, my name in this life is Lee Dohee. It was made by taking the ‘hee’ from my mother’s name, Kwon Joohee, and the ‘Do’ from my father’s name, Lee Dohyeok.

“I don’t want to.”

“Daughter wants her mother, so there’s no way~”

“Not, really.”

“Ah, then should we make you our daughter-in-law? Your aunt has a son your age. Should I wake him up and bring him here?”

Then she went to fetch her sleeping son.

“I may be okay with being a daughter in law, but I won’t marry a man, even if I’ve accepted that I’m a female.”

The boy that Aunt Minha brought along resembled his mother and was handsome even though he was four years old.

‘I wish I had been born as a handsome man like him, but he looks like a dog. Ugh.’(기생오라비 what does this mean)

“This is my son, Baekhwi. Should we say hello to Dohee?”


The little boy kept glancing at me shyly.

“She’s really cute, isn’t she? Do your best to seduce her, okay?.” (무조건 꾀어서 엄마 며느리로 만들어 줘야대?”)


‘Who do they think they are, continuously calling me their daughter-in law?’

“I’m going to live with my mom for the rest of my life.”

“Oh, I can’t believe my daughter would say something like this. Mom is so touched.”

“No, I’m going to live alone for the rest of my life.”

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“Awww why~? Our princess will live with her mom forever~.”

I pushed away my mother who was annoyingly clinging on to me and went to the little boy’s room to play.

“I’m going to sleep, so play by yourself.”


I felt sorry for the little boy who was crying, so I decided to give him some advice as his senior in life.

“Hey, kid.”

“I’m not a kid! I’m Baekhwi.”

“Okay, okay, so what do you want to do when you grow up?”

He looked at me strangely and blushed.

“Um… I want to get married.”

‘Ehh, he’s already interested in girls. This is going to be troublesome. Why is he staring at me like that?’

I said to the little boy, while pinching his cheeks.

“Listen to me, kid. People need to look cool first and foremost. It’s not just about having a good-looking appearance. You need to find what you want to do and become the best in that field, like a national expert in that field, okay? Don’t regret not working hard later on and engrave it in your mind.”

I knew he probably didn’t understand anything since he was just a kid, but I wish I had been born as an attractive alpha male from a wealthy family like him. Sigh*

“Also, studying is a must, and it’s good to know a few foreign languages and play at least one musical instrument. You’ll also need to exercise and take care of your body so you can marry the girl of your dreams. Got it?”

“Uh… I’ll do my best.”

Even though he is just a young 5-year-old kid, I envy this kid who was born as a handsome boy in a wealthy family.

Even though he’s just a kid, I feel jealous…

“Ah, I’m going to bed now. Leave me alone.”

And I lazily lay down on the sofa and fell asleep. When I woke up, I was already in the car heading home.

“Hey, Dohee, wake up. We’re almost home. Your dad is waiting for us.”

“Yeah, why didn’t you wake me up on the way home?”

“My princess was sleeping, how could I wake her up~. Your mom carried you while you were asleep. Did you have fun with Baekhwi?”

“Oh, I gave him some advice that will help him in life.”

Then, my mother looked at me from the backseat with a puzzled expression.

“Dad is coming now, so let’s go eat.”


When we arrived home, my dad’s shoes were already at the door, indicating that he had already come home from work.

“Is my daughter home~?

My dad enthusiastically ran to the front door and gave me a hug.

“Let go of me, it hurts.”

“Aww, give a kiss to daddy.”

“It’s my dad who hugs me tightly and shakes me around. When he hugs me like this, he won’t let go until the end if I don’t give him a kiss, which can be annoying. Let’s just give him a kiss…

“Okay, done. Let go now.”

Finally, he let go of me. This time, it’s my mom who is hugging me.

“Why don’t you do it for me? Hurry up and do it for me, too.”

Ugh, even though my body is only five years old, my mental age is thirty, and this is bothersome to do.

“Mwah, okay, let go of me now.”

Now, it’s mom and dad kissing each other over me. It’s nice to see them happy, but I wish they could go somewhere else to do it.

“Princess, wash your hands and feet quickly and eat.”

“Okay, I’ll go wash myself.”

Despite my words, Dad picks me up and insists on washing me himself. Ugh, let go of me.

I escape from my dad’s annoying touch and take a break to watch some YouTube before eating. It’s a brief moment of peace and relaxation that I can enjoy alone.

I start by watching success stories of people from various fields, including finance, management, stock trading, entertainment, sports, and professions. They all have one thing in common, they have been working hard since they were teenagers.

Warren Buffet, for example, started studying and investing in stocks at the age of 11. I admire their stories and vow to never regret my life again. It all starts with taking care of myself, and then finding what I want to do.

After finishing watching the video, I head to the dinner table. Sigh… My mom is taking pictures instead of sitting down at the table again.

“Please upload it quickly, it’s annoying.”

“Okay~ my princess, hehe.”

After sitting at the table, I looked at the table. Dakgalbi, spinach salad, and white rice.

“Mom, please make brown rice for me tomorrow. They say brown rice is good for growing taller.”

“You need to grow taller so that you won’t be looked down upon by men. You should at least be 170 centimeters(5’7).”

Oh my, our daughter is looking for brown rice. Okay~, now let’s start eating.

While eating, I ignored my mom and dad’s playful gestures and quickly finished my meal before running to my room. Inside, I focused on studying materials that I will need for school in the future. My goal is to be in the top 10 students in my school from elementary to high school. After studying, I exercise by doing jump rope to grow taller and doing stretches to maintain my body. Since I’ve gained some control of my body it has been a routine I do before going to bed. After finishing my workout, my mom washes my face and hands, and then I go to bed. It’s a bit of a hassle, but I know that if I keep doing this consistently, I will be rewarded someday. Next week, I am planning to learn to play a musical instrument… I need to go to bed early to grow taller.


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