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Chapter 331 – 15 year old Inglis and the Prisma Battle (9-2)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2127 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 894 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad


Raphael, Eris, and Ripple were all stunned into silence. Up until now, the transformation of a human into a humanoid Magic Stone Beast had only occurred through the reaction between Prism Powder and Prisma. In other words, a person had to possess Prism Powder to transform. However, they were about to discover something unexpected.

「Impossible?! It turned even people who have no Prism Powder?!」
「A light that turns humans into Magic Stone Beasts?! It can do even that?!」
「Th-, this is bad, if attacks like that keep coming, everyone will…!」
「Kgh… We need to retreat and get ready for a better chance!」
「We mustn’t, Raphael! We’ve come this far, we must attack!」
「Ah, it’s fleeing.」

Yua was the only one among them who remained calm and noticed the movement of the Prisma. While Raphael and the others were still reeling from the attack, the Prisma unfurled its wings and took off into the sky. Despite its massive size, it was incredibly swift in flight, and even the fastest flygear would be unable to catch up to it.

The Prisma maintained its momentum as it circled back and faced them. Then, with a powerful leap, it soared into the air before descending rapidly and slamming its massive body onto the ground. Its enormous beak was thrust directly into the earth.

The Prisma’s immense size and momentum caused the ground to crack and a colossal crater to form upon impact. The force of the impact produced a deafening sound, and a massive cloud of dust rose into the air.

「What is that Prisma doing?!」
「I-, I don’t know…!」

Soon, their question was answered as a wall of rainbow-colored light rose from the dust cloud. The wall was so massive that its height surpassed even the outer walls of the city of Arlman, and its width was wide enough to engulf the entire city. The wall of light, crawling on the ground at a high speed, was coming towards Raphael and the others.

「Go up! Evade!」
「Yeah! We’ll make it!」
「It’s okay, everyone! Keep calm and evade it!」

Their command was in vain, however, as some were unable to avoid the huge wall of light.


And the next moment, their bodies transformed into humanoid Magic Stone Beasts.


The light that had turned people into Magic Stone Beasts before, the same light that had been launched from its mouth, was now traveling under the watchful eyes of Raphael and his comrades. It passed through the trees and rocks effortlessly, without knocking them down, rendering all obstacles meaningless before it. The vast reach of the rainbow-colored light was gradually approaching Arlman, ready to engulf the entire city in its glow.


The expressions on the faces of Raphael, Eris, Ripple, and everyone else were frozen in terror. The consequences were clear. Many Knights were still fighting in Arlman. In fact, there were more Knights in Arlman than those who joined Raphael’s squad in the suicide mission to defeat the Prisma on flygears.

The prospect of all the Knights in Arlman being transformed into Magic Stone Beasts by the approaching wall of light was terrifying, and there seemed to be no way to stop it.

「I-, it can’t be!!」
「N-, no…! NO, NOO!」

The ground trembled, but everyone’s attention was fixated on the imminent doom of the wall of light that was about to consume the city of Arlman. The sight was overwhelming and terrifying, evoking a sense of despair and hopelessness.

However, the next moment brought a sudden change as the wall of light was blasted high up into the sky.


The sight was just as they had witnessed. The wall of light was forcefully propelled upward, along with the ground on which it was traveling.

A loud, thunderous noise accompanied the blast of air that followed.

The flygears were jolted by the force of the blast and shook in the air.

The land ahead of the city of Arlman erupted in a sudden burst as if something had gouged out a large chunk of it all at once. The rainbow-colored light wall that had been crawling on the ground was not spared from the eruption, caught up in it and blown away. It was flung higher than even Raphael and his companions, exploded, and vanished completely.

「What incredible power! Did it miss?!」
「That tremor is massive! W-what just happened?!」
「I-I’m not sure, but it seems like it missed the city!」

As Raphael, Eris, and Ripple were still trying to process what had just happened to the wall of light,


Yua suddenly pointed in a direction. However, before they could even turn to look, a deafening and peculiar sound of a blow echoed through the air.



And the massive Prisma was sent flying into the distance with a screech, bouncing on the ground two or three times before leaving behind small ruts in the earth.

「Why is the Prisma…?!」
「Blown away?!」

And in the spot where Prisma had been, there stood a new figure—

「Ah, Boobie Girl!」

It was a stunning woman with her hair fluttering in the wind, holding a sword that towered above her in size.


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