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Chapter 332 – 15 year old Inglis and the Prisma Battle (10)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2739 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1197 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

「It’s her!! She made it in time!」
「Inglis! Nice, very nice!」
「Th-, thank goodness… had it reached the city, all of our allies would have been wiped out.」
「There’s no better reinforcement than her! Inglis does have a track record of defeating a Prisma, after all!」

While everyone was watching her, Inglis had her eyes open wide, sparkling with glee.

「Amazing!! As expected of a full-fledged Prisma!」

With her last attack, the Prisma was blown far away. In other words, all it suffered was being blown away, despite the fact that she had her Ether Armor active and had slashed at it with her dragonscale sword.

When Inglis activated Ether Armor, her ether permeated the blade, transforming her attack from a mere physical one to an attack that could actually injure Magic Stone Beasts.

The embedded Ether, along with the innate power of the sword and the sharpness of its blade, was sufficient to defeat the juvenile Prisma that Inglis had fought before with a single sweep.

Even Vufailbane the Dragon God would have had his super-durable scales ripped and wouldn’t have emerged unscathed from such an attack.

In other words, this Prisma packed more sheer physical strength than Vufailbane, which was obvious. It was the greatest and strongest threat to the world, and Inglis had been aiming to face it since she was a child.

Moreover, it was a perfect adversary who wouldn’t evade fighting Inglis, unlike Black Mask, Abel, and Vufailbane, who had become Mecha Dragon God after swallowing the Highlander.

It was time for Inglis Eux to put the culmination of her training to the test. In other words, she finally had an opponent in front of her to challenge herself against!

It appeared that Raphael was still alive and well, and the dangerous attack that had threatened to engulf the city of Arlman had been thwarted, resulting in no major damage. In other words, Inglis had arrived just in time.

Now, it was time for the long-awaited showdown with Prisma to commence.

「—This is what I’ve been waiting for. Ever since the day I met you here in Arlman, I have been longing for the day I see you in action, did you know that? Ufufu, ufufufufufu…」

Inglis turned her radiant smile towards the Prisma she had just blown off into the distance.

That was when a single flygear descended towards Inglis. It was the Star Princess unit, piloted by Rafinha.

「Glis~~! Is it okay now?!」
「Yeah, Rani. I’m sure it’s fine now. Look, that’s Big Brother Rafa and everyone else. They look fine.」

Inglis pointed toward Raphael and the others in the sky.

「Yeah. Thank goodness!」
「You’re right. It would have been a disaster if we hadn’t made it in time because of the detour. And from now, fufufu… from now, I’ll do whatever I want!」
「W-, well, I’ll allow it for this occasion… but we have work to do first! Come on, get on!」
「You’re right, we do. We need to make sure no one gets in the way.」
「Phrasing! Evacuating everyone, that’s what we’ll have to do!」

As Inglis boarded the Star Princess unit,

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「Rani! Glis!」

Raphael descended towards them.

「Ah……! Big Brother Rafa!」

Rafinha jumped to Raphael as fast as she could, pushing Yua off his shoulder in the process. However, Inglis was able to catch Yua as she fell and took her with her onto the Star Princess unit.

「Wah…?! Rani?!」
「I’m glad I can see you again! Thank goodness!」
「—I’m sorry, Rani. I made you worry, didn’t I…」
「Hics…! You did! I really, really, reaaally am worried! I was so worried I can’t even eat!」

Despite Rafinha’s brave and determined facade, the moment she laid eyes on Raphael’s face, her courage faltered, revealing her true emotions. She was a pure, compassionate, and still immature girl, and that was what made her so endearing to Inglis.

「Forgive me. Rani… I sure made you worry.」
「Mhm…! Mhm—!」

The scene between the siblings was truly heartwarming, and Inglis was there to ensure that the moment wasn’t fleeting and would end with a smile. However, there was one thing that she wanted to comment on — it was an exaggeration to say that Rafinha couldn’t even eat.

「Inglis! We’ve been waiting!」
「You’re also the one who deflected Prisma’s attack, right?! Thank you!」
「Yeah, yeah! How did you do that?」

Eris and Ripple came rushing to Inglis.

「No, it’s nothing much. That wall of light seemed pretty dangerous, but fortunately, it was traveling on the ground, so I simply cut the ground apart and send it away.」

She then tapped her dragonscale sword.

Instead of trying to cancel out the attack with the power of her Ether, physically cutting away the ground and sending it away would be less draining on Inglis’ strength and quicker to execute.

All she had to do was thrust her dragonscale sword into the ground with her Ether Armor active and run along the wall of light. Then, she could run towards the Prisma, unleash her slash at it without killing it, and marvel at its strength for surviving her attack, which was her current position.

「I see… Well, that’s amazing enough, if you ask me…」
「Isn’t it… You literally turned the table in a split second!」

Eris and Ripple gazed in utter bewilderment at the enormous scar of destruction that had been carved into the ground as if an empty moat wider than the city had suddenly appeared.

「Before that, I apologize for being late. I’m sorry I kept you waiting.」

Inglis offered a smile and bowed to them both.

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「Also, thank you very much, for leaving such a delicious game for me. Fufufu!」
「Hahaha… Uwah, quite the pretty smile you have there~…」
「W-, well, I feel like now is not really the time for small talk, but… what’s with the dress?」
「Ah, yes. This is only a temporary measure for this situation, but His Majesty the King has appointed Rani and me as two commanders of the Imperial Guard Order. The uniform is proof of that. I heard the design is appropriate for the culture and traditions of Charalia… well, Rafinha is the chief commander, I’m just her assistant.」
「「Eeh?! Commanders?!」」
「Yes. And, upon the Royal Decree, we are to exterminate the Prisma!」
「Big Brother Rafa, look!」

Rafinha jumped over to the Star Princess unit and lined up with Inglis, turning around so that everyone could see the crest on their cloaks.

「Th-, that coat of arms! Indeed, only His Majesty has the authority to assign that…」
「Y-, yeah… I guess that means Inglis can do whatever she wants now?」
「Indeed! And the king is by no means a poor judge of character… Perhaps he is thinking the same thing we are.」
「And, because the king’s order is absolute, I deeply apologize for suddenly intruding, but may I tell everyone here about our secret plan and ask for cooperation?」

Inglis held up a finger to her lips, smiling softly.


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