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Chapter 331 – 15 year old Inglis and the Prisma Battle (9-1)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3162 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 833 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

「Understood. Rather, that’s what I wanted to do anyway!」
「Ooh, Yua! How dependable!」
「Saving hotties is justice!」
「Haha. You sure like the looks, Yua~」
「I won’t deny it!」
「E-, everyone…! I don’t think this is the time to be fooling around!」
「We’re not fooling around! We are serious, dead serious! We need to make use of everything available! If any of us try to be reserved with each other, we can’t cooperate well even if you try to wield us!」
「She’s right! We must fight with smiles on our faces! Please, Raphael! Listen to our selfish wishes!」
「Lady Eris, Lady Ripple…!」

That was when Yua leaped off Raphael’s shoulders and landed lightly on a nearby roof. From there, she continued jumping to other roofs, steadily approaching the Prisma with each leap.

「You talk long, I’m going first!」
「Eh……?! M-, Miss Yua!」

While Raphael was distracted by Yua, Eris turned to the Knights and shouted.

「Listen up, everyone! We’re going to launch an attack on the Prisma! We must take it out with a single strike to prevent any further emergence of Magic Stone Beasts」

Following Eris, Ripple added,

「We can’t use the same attack twice, or it will adapt and nullify it. That’s why we need to make one single, sure-kill strike, and we all need to work together!」
「Raphael will lead the way, so please follow us!」

In response to Eris’ final call, yells erupted from the surrounding area.

「I will follow your lead, Lady Eris!」
「Let’s do this! Staying here won’t do any good anyway!」
「I owe my life to sir Raphael, I will risk it for him!」

Each voice fueled Raphael’s determination.

「Let’s go, Mr. Raphael!」
「I will do everything I can to help as well!」

Miliera and Silva, who had arrived on flygear, also joined in the effort.

「Everyone… I understand! Let’s do this! Our target is Prisma! Fly past the small fries, and attack all at once! Get each flygear equipped with as many personnel as possible! Everyone, after me!」

Raphael soared at full speed, picking up Yua in front of him, and headed straight for the Prisma.


A thunderous roar followed in his wake.

Raphael and his squadron of flygears led the Charalian army as they charged towards the Prisma in the sky. To the Knights watching from the ground, it would have appeared as if a massive bird was about to attack the Prisma. However, the newly born Magic Stone Beasts did not stand idly by; they swarmed towards the charging army.

「You okay?! GUOOOoooohh!」
「Leave them! Go ahead! Crush the Prisma!! AAAAahhhh?!」

As the army launched its attack, they abandoned any form of defense, resulting in inevitable casualties. Numerous flygears and the Knights aboard them were knocked to the ground.

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「Kgh…! Of course, our enemies would swarm us en masse!」
「That also means we are dividing their ranks apart! Just keep your eyes forward!」
「Eris is right, Raphael! Our target is the Prisma!」

Although sacrifices were inevitable, the Magic Stone Beasts did not manage to completely annihilate the army. Raphael and his troops were getting closer to the Prisma, just a short distance away.

「We’ve made it this far! Everyone, prepare your strongest attack!」

At that critical moment, Raphael gave his order, and the movement of the Prisma suddenly changed.

The Prisma shifted its focus towards the leader of the charge, Raphael, and opened its mouth wide, unleashing a vortex of rainbow-colored brilliance.

Surprisingly, Raphael did not feel any hostility or malice emanating from the rainbow-colored light. However, it was evident that the Prisma was aiming to fire something at him.

「——! Spread out! Evade that attack, then attack all at once!」
「Kgh! Scatter, everyone!」
「What is that attack?! Hurry up and disperse!」

Suddenly, a swirling beam of rainbow-colored light burst forth from Prisma’s mouth.

「Kgh!! Miss Yua! Hold on tight!!」
「A bliss!!」

Raphael narrowly dodged the attack, which almost grazed his nose, before making a sharp turn.

「So fast! But…! This much is nothing!」
「There’s no way Hyrule Menaces like us will get done in!」

Eris and Ripple also made a sharp turn with their flygears to avoid the attack.

「Principal! Forgive me for the rough handling, are you all right?!」
「Y-, yes! I am… but… what is happening?!」

Miliera’s gaze fell towards the people who were unable to evade and were swallowed by the rainbow-colored beam.


Their screams continued, indicating that they were still alive and able to vocalize. Miraculously, Not a single flygear had crashed, and as the beam of light passed, the same held true.

「Wh-, what……?!」
「Nothing… happened?」

The Knights who were hit by the light looked at each other, puzzled… But, the very next second, they turned into humanoid magic stone beasts.

(This chapter is provided to you by Re:Library)

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