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Chapter 72: Multitude of Other Worlds

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 637 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

When Luthors and Grana began eating the rice cooked in the rice cooker, the two raised their voices in admiration.

“That tool is really amazing. So you only have to wash the rice, add water to it and it’ll automatically cook?”
“It’s also way more efficient than a clay pot, that’s even more amazing than my magic. With this, you can feed a bunch more people.”

Luthors admired the rice cooker, while Grana wolfed down on his fourth serving beside her while praising its flavor.
It was apparent the two valued the rice cooker quite highly.
Schenna then beckoned Petra to come from the corner she was standing in and served her a bowl of rice.

“You don’t have to stand so far away like that, come eat with us.”
“Don’t worry… I’m a god! So I will be fine…”

As Petra became flustered while rejecting the food, her stomach began to rumble.
It was already obvious from Grana, but gods also had to eat the same as humans.

“I’m sorry…can I accept it after all?”
“I used to be involved in the middle management of the knights’ order, so I somewhat understand how you’re feeling. But no need to force yourself.”
“Thank you very much! I’m sorry you have to do this for someone like me.”

Petra bowed deeply, then sat at the table and began to eat.
It was probably her personality that made her act so humble even though she was a god.

“Is it good?”
“Yes! I was very surprised to see a rice cooker in this world.”
“You know about rice cookers?”
“I know a thing or two about the civilization in the world you used to live in. As the god in charge of reincarnating people, I got to obtain bits and pieces of information from different worlds.”

That was a god for you, Schenna thought.

After that Petra continued talking in an excited tone, apparently there were many more other worlds that had a blooming civilization in them. And it was pretty common that many got scientifically developed like Schenna’s past world, or magically educated like their current one.
So Schenna decided to ask if there were science fiction worlds like the ones she used to be interested in during her past life.

“Are there worlds that got more scientifically developed than my past life?”
“There weren’t that many, but I can confirm that a couple of them did.”

Apparently, they did exist.
Though Schenna and Kishana were the first people she was having direct contact with after coming from her realm, so Petra’s knowledge was limited to the development and information from the other worlds.

“In Schenna-san’s world, there are many useful tools like that cooker, right?”
“Yeah, we had vehicles faster than horse carriages and vehicles that could fly through the air.”
“Heh… Then it must have been easy to travel to other faraway continents overseas.”

Luthors had been listening to Schenna and Petra talk about Schenna’s past life, and her interest was perked up by their scientific discoveries. Seeing how she had already reacted to the rice cooker and the freezer, they almost wanted to let her try riding a car or a plane as well.

“Do you want to see how they are? Though I can only project images of them.”
“You can do something like that?”
“Yes, I can. I can’t make you experience the actual thing, but at least I can show you how it looked.”

Petra then stood up from her seat, then took what looked like a staff on her right hand and began chanting something.

At the same time as Kishana served stir-fried vegetables on a large plate and placed it on the dining table, the nostalgic sound from car engines clearly rang from all the walls in the restaurant.


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