Chapter 73: Drive

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 634 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Grana deployed subspace magic so that the noises would not be heard outside of the restaurant.
All the windows leading outside turned black from the isolated space, giving the same feeling as being in a movie theatre.

“I will project the images now then.”

When Petra lifted her staff, the image of sports cars was projected onto one of the walls.
Everyone else in the room raised their voices in admiration.

“That’s amazing! Those are Japan’s RX-7, NSX, Impreza, and even foreign ones like Porsches, Chevrolets, Lamborghinis, Bugattis, or even Aston Martins!”

Kishana looked the most amazed as she called every car by their name.
That reminded Schenna that Kishana used to be really interested in cars and bikes in her past life. She had been eagerly waiting for the day she was old enough to get a driving permit to buy a bike with the money she earned working part-time, then go touring with it.

“You know so much about them, it’s obvious you used to be a boy.”
“It feels like a dream to see a car in this world. Do you have any images of them running?”
“Of course I have. I’ll put the camera in the driver’s seat.”

Petra looked pleased with Kishana’s request as she swung her staff again to fulfill it.
The projected image changed, displaying the view from the driver’s seat with the driving wheel and brakes in sight, then the car started.

The car speeded all the way up to 100km/h as it drove on an asphalted road, the speed clearly visible on the changing scenery outside the windshield.
It was then that Luthors stepped closer to Schenna and grabbed her arm, making Schenna’s heart suddenly begin racing.

“Luthors… Are you okay?”
“Sorry I grabbed your arm so suddenly. I didn’t know how fear felt until I saw Grana for the first time. But I got worried if this car thing won’t end up throwing me away at an incredible speed as well.”

It was impossible for the car to do that since it was a projected image, but this probably was the first time Luthors saw the world moving at 100km/h since she had lived in this world her entire life.
The scenery then turned darker, changing to a night scene illuminated by the high-rise buildings from a city.

Kishana’s ears began to sway, standing entranced by the night scene as a happy smile appeared on her lips.
Schenna and Luthors were taken aback by the beautiful scenery as well, as they kept chatting between them while counting the stars.

“I’m glad you all enjoyed the drive so much. And lastly, I will recreate the actual feeling from the wind when driving at 100km/h so please enjoy.”
“Ah! That’s a bit…”

Schenna had tried to stop Petra, but she had already raised her staff and a strong gust of wind hit them.
All sorts of things inside the restaurant were picked up by the wind and thrown around, cooking utensils came falling down and shattering on the floor.
Everyone tried to scurry down under the table to protect themselves while Petra tried to stop the wind as fast as she could, but she flung into a panic when the wind snatched the staff from her hand.

“Now that’s fun… It might be a bit reckless, but I can isolate the wind alone inside a subspace.”

Grana began chanting the subspace magic, shutting the wind away in a separate subspace and the chaos subsided.

“I’m terribly sorry! Did anyone get hurt?”
“No, we’re okay. Just a bit shocked after being hit by the wind so suddenly.”

Petra bowed down to the ground again seeing the mess inside the restaurant, then went to restore all the broken utensils with help of Grana’s restoration magic.


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